About US


Apkdroid.io is a non-profit website founded and developed by a group of young people who love games and technology. We hope this is a good place for you to find useful knowledge and connect with people of the same passion.

Building a technology community

A few years ago, we were young people with a strong passion for technology. At that time, we were still lack of knowledge and thinking. We had a hard time finding a game or application on the Internet. Or simply extremely headache when could not find solutions to fix common errors during gaming time. After continuous efforts, we gradually perfected and developed our programming skills to understand this field. All success must start from zero, which is why we set up and developed this website to share our little knowledge with the community. Hopefully, this is also a useful playground that can connect people with common interests.

Sharing for passion

The content on the website has been carefully censored before sharing it with readers. You will find that the number of articles on the website is not as many and abundant as other application markets. However, the games and applications have been tested on our devices. Besides, the team always aims at useful content, popular applications, and games that receive great attention from users instead of rampant writing without direction. Quality is sometimes incomparable with quantity, but we make every effort to update new content on our website every day.

Free Forever

Many websites require you to register for an account or requires you to unlock the download link by buying coins, buy a VIP account with real money, but we never do so. Apkdl.io always puts the interests of users first. We do not collect any fees from visitors. You can download everything and use them without paying any money. Sharing free content is a guide from the outset, and we will never change it.

Join us, why not?

APKDROID needs you! We always welcome new members and encourage contributions to common development. With the original goal of creating a great community for games and technology enthusiasts, we are confident that we can achieve this common goal. However, it will certainly take time because we have many things to do. So why not join us to quickly make this dream come true. As long as you are a lover of writing, passionate about technology, you can completely show it at APKDROID. There will be no rules or restrictions.

Do not hesitate to contact us to become part of this wonderful project. If you want to go fast, you can go alone. If you want to go far, we should go together.