Amazon Kindle APK for Android

Updated 03:10 - 26/10/2021
Publisher Amazon Mobile LLC
Size 61M
Features No mod
Require Android 5.0

Our lives are constantly changing. Therefore, if people do not update their knowledge every day, they will gradually become backward and fall behind the strict requirements of society. Since then, people’s demand for reading books has increased.

Understanding that situation, content producers have launched the Amazon Kindle reading application, so as to help people improve their reading culture more and more. So why among hundreds and thousands of reading applications, users are willing to use and trust Amazon Kindle? Find out with us right now!

About the Amazon Kindle App

Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular online reading apps in the world. And the biggest benefit that the Amazon Kindle application brings to users is thousands of books, novels, scientific magazines, fashion magazines, comics, … of many different genres. The interface is quite simple to make it easy for users to use.

The app platform on Android may vary by phone, but on iOS, it will run on platform 12.0 or later on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

App size: varies by phone (Android), also 146.3 MB on the IOS platform.

Amazon Kindle will be the type of app: Books and references published by: Amazon Mobile LLC (Android) or AMZN Mobile LLC (iOS. )

It is no coincidence that many people believe in using the Amazon Kindle online reading platform. Today, let’s find out why Amazon Kindle is so hot today.

Amazon Kindle MOD APK

Experience reading convenient books

If you’re a book lover, you can use your spare time on the bus or before bed with your Amazon Kindle, in order to directly read a chapter of your favorite book in just a few easy steps. And no need to be entangled with high prices, just have Amazon Kindle on your smartphone, all knowledge of life is right at your fingertips.

Design your own reading interface

In a few simple taps, you can design the reading interface to your liking, by adjusting the text size, font, alignment, and choosing how to scroll the page from left to right, top to bottom, or continuously. Background color and brightness are two factors that you can also change, so as to protect your eyes when reading during the day or at night.

Find and highlight words instantly

As a dedicated application for reading English books, Amazon Kindle will support tools to search and highlight words, so you can save words when you read. That makes it possible for you to read and understand the content, as well as expand your vocabulary.

Save your favorite quotes

When you read a book and come across a favorite passage, you will definitely want to save it to read over and over again. The Amazon Kindle app understands that mindset. It will support the tool to save your favorite quotes in “My Notebook”, so you can read it again immediately when needed.

Amazon Kindle

This app syncs the devices

After reading each book, Amazon Kindle will suggest books of the same genre for you to read and refer to.

The Amazon Kindle app syncs the page numbers you’ve read, bookmarked notes, or notes across all devices from your phone, tablet, or e-reader. Therefore, you can continue reading anytime and anywhere.

Join the community of book lovers

The ‘Goodreads’ community on Kindle allows you to search, write reviews, comment, and recommend books to share your experiences. Together read books and get into the habit of reading every day.

Many kinds of English books are sold at quite high prices, and they are often not available in the Vietnamese market. Therefore, if you’re looking to read these books for half the price and watch them right on your electronic device, download Amazon Kindle right now for the ultimate experience! Thanks for visiting Apkdroid!

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