GameGuardian APK 101.1 Download for Android

Updated 03:09 - 11/09/2021
Version 101.1
Publisher GameGuardian
Size 20M
Features No mod
Require Android 4.0

If you are looking for an application to assist you in hacking games on the Android operating system, GameGuardian is a perfect choice. So what are the advantages of the GameGuardian app, let’s find out right now!

About the GameGuardian application

GameGuardian is a game hacking app for Android devices. It was produced by the founder of the same name with the last update date on May 18, 2021. Version 101.1 is 20M in size and runs on the Android 4.0 operating system. When it comes to the use of GameGuardian, you can immediately think of the following scene: You are playing a game, but making money is too difficult for you, or you are not fast enough to complete the challenges, GameGuardian is always ready to assist you. In fact, GameGuardian is not released on Google Play due to strict policy issues and commission sharing. However, many people from outside sites still search and use it a lot.

Based on real stats and user feedbacks, GameGuardian can hack most offline games. Intervention in the monetary system is quite easy, due to the lack of strict control from the issuer and relationships with other objects. You can increase money to buy items or upgrade your character to play better. Of course, hacking/cheating can do more than that. You can move your opponents slower, or even freeze them for easy kills. GameGuardian can also be used for some online games. If you want to learn more about the details and implementation of this app, you can check out the app homepage or the video tutorials on Youtube.

How does GameGuardian work?

Games are programmed, so every action or happenings in the game is generated by parameters like speed, currency, difficulty, skill, strength… If information about parameters changes, the activity of the game also changes. GameGuardian will help you change these parameters to the value you desire, which will give you an advantage. In other words, GameGuardian will continue to change the parameters by injecting code into the game while the game is running.


Is GameGuardian easy to use?

GameGuardian operating staff will intervene and fix many vulnerabilities of the game, covering many different aspects. This makes the hack/cheat process easier and more intuitive for the users of the app. As mentioned earlier, GameGuardian will change the parameters in the game. This part of the deal is handled pretty well at a reasonable price. The value of each parameter (minimum and maximum value) will be indicated, you just need to move the slider, or enter the value in the appropriate area in the input fields to notice the change. In addition, the GameGuardian user interface is also quite detailed. The app icon will appear almost transparent in the top corner of the game. If you want to hack/cheat the game, all you have to do is click on the icon to access the menu, and then what you want will change. Besides, there is also another criterion to evaluate GameGuardian is really easy to use, that is, GameGuardian supports more than 90 different languages. This ensures that most people can access GameGuardian as quickly as possible.

Works well on all types of devices

GameGuardian has had a long development period. And every time it is updated, it becomes more popular and works more stable on many different devices. That means devices with different hardware architectures like x64 arm or x86 chips, GameGuardian can also run on popular emulators like BlueStack, LDPlayer, Droid4X…, or emulators setting up other platforms such as PPSSPP, ePSXe, GBA, GB…

Important features in the GameGuardian app

  • Assist in finding values
  • Hack/Mod the stats in the game
  • Change the number of gold coins in the game, apply to both online and offline games

How to use the game The Guardian Hack

Step 1: Download The Guardian APK game and install it on your stock Android device

Step 2: Start playing whatever you want to hack

Step 3: Now launch this app, and attach it to your game app, click the search icon, and set it to enter the value to ‘automatic’ if you don’t know the value you are looking for

Step 4: Find values like gold, precious, etc. What do you want to get?

Step 5: Increase/Decrease the appropriate amount and take action to change the value.

Step 6: Search for the new value again, and repeat this process until you get the value

Step 7: Let’s change the value by touching it, set it to 999999, or whatever you want. You can hold the game icon button, and enable “speed hack” to slow down or speed up your game to make it easier or faster.

Conditions to install GameGuardian APK for Android

GameGuardian requires memory access to intervene and modify the APK files of the game you want to hack /cheat. However, there are two options here. The first is to root the device, but this is generally not recommended. Therefore, the second option is to set up a virtual environment.

In the past, it can be said that hacking games is very difficult. But now, with GameGuardian, it’s easier and simpler than ever. If you want to get more gold coins in the game or kill monsters at a faster speed, don’t hesitate to download GameGuardian to support you all the way. Thanks for visiting Apkdroid.

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