ibis Paint X MOD APK 10.1.5 (Pro Unlocked)

Updated 01:07 - 15/07/2023
Package jp.ne.ibis.ibispaintx.app
Version 10.1.5
Publisher ibis inc.
Size 46M
Features Pro Unlocked
Require Android 5.0

If you love drawing Manga, Anime, or cartoon characters, you should not ignore the application ibis Paint X. This application will provide users with great tools such as color mixing mode, Manga tones, line smoothing stabilizer… Therefore, you can unleash your creativity to achieve amazing works. Moreover, there is now an ibis Paint X mod apk version on the market. Let’s explore the attractive features of this application right now!

ibis Paint X

About the application ibis Paint X

Vietnam is one of the countries that have a large number of people reading and loving comic books in the world. Stories like Doraemon, Conan, or Lucky Luke are no stranger to many people’s childhoods. Because of the love for picture stories, many “Animators” were born. And if you are such a person, or you simply love to draw Manga and Anime, let’s download and start right away with the ibis Paint X application.

This specialized application for drawing Anime and Manga will provide you with a lot of great features. If before, you needed to have a pen, paper, brush, ruler, shelf frame, season, reference palette, scanner… Now you just need to use the ibis Paint X application to help you do it all. To get used to this app, new users only take 1-2 days to operate it simply.

Great Support Tools in ibis Paint X

Smooth and sharp line gauge set

When using ibis Paint X, it provides you with a set of straight, smooth and easy-to-use line rulers. You don’t need to spend too much time aligning much. Because it has high accuracy, and it is also not affected by other factors such as light source, eye condition, or ruler material.

This set of rulers is rich in different shapes, sizes, or units of measurement. Therefore, it will support you to the fullest to help you create beautiful sharp lines with just a few simple steps.

ibis Paint X

Professional layer division tool

The layering tool of ibis Paint X is considered very professional with high quality. It will help you to own photos with depth and layered color patches. The strokes of each layer are also very tight to create realism.

Those who have learned about drawing cartoons, all know that the layering technique is very important because it will determine the depth as well as the truthfulness of the picture. When you do this on paper, you will have to calculate the appropriate color division, especially with pictures with shadow elements. But when you use the ibis Paint X app, you just need to give it a guide, the next strokes until the end will be created exactly as your request. For sure, it will be a beautiful shimmering picture.

Mixing colors also causes many difficulties for any student when they want to find the right color. But when you experience ibis Paint X, you will find that it has many color modes that are not inferior to specialized drawing software. These colors are sharp, and the color-coding is unmistakable. Therefore, users will not make mistakes like when they draw by hand.

Manga coloring function

Manga is an indispensable color for Anime pictures. And in ibis Paint X, there is a function called “Draw Manga”… With this function, you will have yourself a vivid, interesting and true picture of “Manga”. It will turn professional even if you are not a professional artist yet.

And finally, when you’re done drawing, you can completely save the picture as a Soft copy. In addition, you can send it to email or save it on the drive easily. You can even share your paintings on social networking sites with a few simple taps.

Mod apk version of ibis Paint X

If you have tried using ibis Paint X, in addition to the free version with many limitations, you will have to pay to use many important features of this app. Because of that, ibis Paint X mod apk was born.

Features of ibis Paint X mod apk

  • Unlock Pro/Prime

Download ibis Paint X mod apk for android

With the support of apps, today you can own beautiful pictures in Anime, Manga-style in a much simpler and easier way. In addition, you can unleash your passion for painting as you like. It can be said that ibis Paint X is one of the best applications to help you do that. Let’s download and experience ibis Paint X mod apk completely for free, and create beautiful pictures together. Thanks for visiting Apkdroid and have a nice day.

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