Krita (Early Access) 4.4.5 for Android

Updated 01:09 - 15/09/2021
Package org.krita
Version 4.4.5
Publisher Stichting Krita Foundation
Size 88M
Features No mod
Require Android 4.1

Krita (Early Access) is a great graphic editing software for professional artists or anyone who wants to create their own paintings. The main purpose of this software is to draw digital paintings or animations. Best of all, it’s completely free. Krita has modern and advanced brush tools, with clean lines and easy execution. So what are the outstanding features of Krita? If you are looking to create new artistic photos, follow and learn about this software with us through the article below.

Krita (Early Access)

Krita’s formation

The birth and development of this project is known since 1998 when KDE founder – Matthias Etric demonstrated a QT hack and submitted it to GIMP on Linux Kongress. Later, the idea of building an image editor was passed to KImage, and it was considered part of KOffice. In 1999, Matthias Etric proposed to build software in Corba around Imagemagick. And to avoid duplication with other brands on the market, after many name changes, it was named Krita as it is now in 2002.

From 2004 to 2009, Krita (Early Access) was developed as a general image processing software like Photoshop or GIMP software. And around the time of 2009, Krita was developed to be a digital drawing software. This development has reached a good speed and brought great efficiency. And finally, Krita is a completely free and open-source image editor built for the Linux KDE Plasma desktop. However, you do not need to know KDE or use Linux to access Krita.

Features of Krita

If Photoshop or GIMP has a lot of different functions and tasks, Krita (Early Access) is a more specialized tool. Following are the salient features of Krita:

Krita’s drawing feature

This is a great feature of Krita, you just need to use your mouse to create the most realistic works of art. It will make users feel like they are working with actual works of art. In addition, Krita will provide users with a set of tools with many different ways to draw such as Pencil, Brush, or Pen tools. When using Krita, it allows you to edit presets and save those presets for you.

With the Color Wheel and built-in sliders, you can choose the colors with the highest precision. Layers will make it easier for users to work with Background and Foreground in the order they want. In addition, it also has options like Lasso for you to make changes at a more difficult level.

To get a more realistic view of what Krita can do, you can visit Krita’s website or google for creative artwork. When you enter here, you will feel like you are watching an exhibition with works created by Krita in its own way. From here, you will have more suggestions and inspiration for you to use Krita.

Krita (Early Access)

Krita has a graphic design feature

Not only outstanding with drawing feature, but Krita can also handle logos, create banners or icons. Users can completely create lines and work with many different shapes. Moreover, you can also use tools for word processing, so you can create a poster or book cover as you like.

With the new version, Krita is geared towards more professional graphic designers. This application has updated the vector tool to help users easily switch between Fill, Transform, or Stroke attribute types.

Most of all, the current vector engine uses SVG. Krita’s old version uses the OpenDocument Graphics format, and this format will be for Office documents and it is not very efficient. While SVG is an open standard, users can open or export different types of software, which is great for graphic designers.

Krita has an image editing feature

With Krita’s image editing feature, users may not yet feel its clarity. But when digging deep into the menu bar, users will find there are many attractive functions. For example, the function of cropping, resizing, or sharpening the image. Moreover, it also contains a lot of filters to help users turn a photo into an oil painting, or manually change the color of a certain photo.

Should you download Krita or not?

When you compare Krita with software like GIMP or photoshop, it is not more powerful than this software. However, it is more focused. And there are many interesting things that you can discover from Krita, even if you are not a true professional. Each software will have interesting things and be suitable for each individual audience. If you find Krita suits your taste, download it and try it out right away! Thanks for visiting Apkdroid and have a nice day.

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