Lark Player MOD APK 5.56.8 (Pro Unlocked)

Updated 01:07 - 15/07/2023
Package com.dywx.larkplayer
Version 5.56.8
Publisher Studio
Size 17M
Features Pro Unlocked
Require Android 4.3

Lark Player is a Music & Audio application that many people love. It supports playing music on youtube, displaying and adjusting subtitles. At the same time, it also updates the latest songs. And there are many other great features that make Lark Player a popular and loved application. Let’s Apkdroid find out the great things about this application, and see what the Lark Player mod will give you?

About the Lark Player app

Lark Player is a music player application for Android phones with many attractive features. This app helps users get more amazing experiences than ever. In addition to playing music like other applications, Lark Player also supports better control of the song that is playing. For example, you can adjust the volume, screen brightness, forward or backward. And especially, you only need a single touch. There are many other important features, find out in detail below.

Lark Player owns a huge music store

You get access to a huge library of music available in Lark Player, and it’s completely free for you. You can choose any song you like, from new songs, hot trending music to songs from the 80s of the last century. Here are also available iTunes 100 chart or Billboard top 100. Therefore, you can enjoy the songs with the most views every day.

In addition, you can also view playlists arranged scientifically by genre, artist, singer. From there, finding your favorite song becomes easier than ever. Moreover, you can also create your own playlist of favorite songs to listen to, or Lark Player also suggests you similar songs with your interests for you to reach more.

What’s impressive about Lark Player’s interface?

Lark Player’s interface is quite simple and elegant. It uses many colors to create a live music space, helping you have more chill moments. The interface of the music player will greatly affect your emotions. For example, when you listen to vibrant EDM music, but the music player has only monotonous colors, your emotions will not be sublimated 

Understanding that, Lark Player will allow you to change the interface of the application. Change the colors to suit your mood and the songs you listen to. From there, the time to enjoy the music will be more perfect.Lark Player

Some outstanding features of Lark Player

Enjoy music via Youtube

Instead of just listening to music, you can also watch and listen at the same time. That means you can watch the video you want. Lark Player helps you listen to music through Youtube easily, just like through a 3rd party application. However, you must strictly comply with Youtube’s policies and regulations such as: not downloading videos, not listening to music when the screen is off. And of course, Lark Player also won’t control all the content on youtube.

Lark Player can play all kinds of music files

Lark Player also has the ability to access and search audio and video files on your android device, and add them to a playlist. For convenience in using and listening to music, you can also arrange them into different files.

And more specifically, Lark Player can support you to play most types of audio and video files.

Specifically, with video, it will support playing: 3GP, FLV, M4V, ASF, AVI, MPEG4, XVID, RM, MKV, WMV, TS, MP4, or MOV.

As for audio files, it will play files such as MP3, MIDI, APE, WMA, WAV, AC3, FLAC, and ACC PLUS.

Support playing in hidden mode

This is a great feature of Lark Player on mobile devices. Because if we normally listen to music, we won’t be able to do other things. However, with Lark Player, you can both listen to music, chat with friends, and adjust the songs you want to listen to easily.

Watch videos with subtitles

Do you want to watch videos and learn English at the same time? With Lark Player, you absolutely can because it helps you watch videos with subtitles easily.

Lark Player helps you sing karaoke

You can search on Lark Player for your favorite songs, and choose karaoke mode to satisfy your singing preferences.

Lark Player

Lark Player mod version

Do you know why Lark Player needs a mod even though it is a free app? Since Lark Player operates under the Freemium model, it means that there will be certain paid features that require you to pay to use. And when you use the free version, you can’t avoid the interstitial video ads or the banner ads in the middle of the screen. It is for these reasons that the Lark Player mod version was born to support you.

Features of Lark Player MOD Unlock Pro: You can fully use the most attractive features, completely remove ads to help you enjoy the most complete entertainment moments.


Although there are many different music player applications on the market today, Lark Player still has a place of its own. With the great features that this app brings, you will certainly not be able to ignore it. Let’s download and experience the Lark Player mod right away! Thanks for visiting Apkdroid, and have a nice day.


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