Mi Fit APK 6.7.1 Download for Android

Updated 07:06 - 17/06/2023
Package com.xiaomi.hm.health
Version 6.7.1
Publisher Anhui Huami
Size 161M
Features No mod
Require Android 4.4

The Mi Fit application is created to connect with Xiaomi’s health monitoring device. This application has the feature to support health monitoring and sleep analysis for users. To use the Xiaomi health scale and take full advantage of its useful features, you need to download Mi Fit and connect this application to your mobile phone. The following article will show you the outstanding advantages of the Mi Fit application. Let’s find out with us!

About Mi Fit app:

Mi fit health monitoring app is developed by the application maker Anhui Huami Information Technology. This application is compatible with the Android 4.4 platform and above, and with the iOS operating system, Mi Fit is compatible with the update from 9.0. Besides, the capacity of Mi Fit is still relatively light, from only 297.3 MB for the iOS operating system and from 101 MB for the Android operating system.


Mi Fit’s main features:

Rarely is a health monitoring application with outstanding features like Mi Fit. So what are those features, let’s explore.

The Mi Fit app has a health monitoring function

Many people love Mi Fit because it has the function of monitoring users’ health. After connecting to the Mi Band 4 device, this application will automatically display our weight, heart rate, and blood pressure status. For that reason, Mi Fit seems to have become the doctor for everyone. At the same time, Mi Fit also informs you about your daily health and fitness. That will help you change your living habits and improve your health every day.

My Fit has the ability to record outdoor activities

This application is extremely useful because it has the additional function of recording and tracking outdoor activities. This is very suitable for people who are active, energetic and often participate in physical and sports activities. In addition, Mi Fit also sets parameters for the activities you have participated in such as running time, cycling, walking. Other personal activities are also recorded such as sitting up, exercising, climbing stairs … From there, the application will monitor and give results to remind you how to exercise scientifically. In particular, on days when you have signs of inactivity, Mi Fit will remind you!

Mi Fit can track your sleep

It sounds ridiculous, but Mi Fit is really a unique and necessary creation for us today. For most of today, people need deep sleep. Only when you have a good night’s sleep can you start the day with energy. That will help increase learning and working efficiency.

By measuring your heart rate every time you sleep, this app can measure your heart rate and predict whether you are sleeping deeply and with quality.

The Mi Fit app can connect and sync with your smartphone

This will allow the Mi Band watch to show messages, calls,s or some app notifications. From there, busy people can conveniently interact and answer messages or calls, so as to save time, increase safety and work efficiency.


Easily customize reminder notifications

This app provides the ability to customize notifications for other connected Xiaomi products. For example, notifications can be turned on or off depending on your notification settings, making it easy to categorize important information.

Mi Fit with friend connection feature

In addition to the benefits of the above features, Mi Fit also has a number of additional features such as: connecting with other Mi Fit application users to monitor health status together, lose weight together or participate in other outdoor activities. This can be seen as the biggest step forward of the Mi Fit application when this feature allows connecting, sharing, and cultivating closer relationships.

How to connect and use the Mi Fit application with the Xiaomi health scale:

Step 1: Download the Mi Fit app to your mobile device

Step 2: Start the application and register (log in) to your account

Step 3: Enter personal information

Step 4: Pair with the device

Step 5: Get weight information and body parameters

Above is useful information about the Mi Fit health monitoring application. With the above outstanding features, quickly download Mi Fit to your mobile device. Surely this application will help you better manage your physical activities and give you abundant health. Thanks for visiting Apkdroid.


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