Nvidia Geforce Now APK 5.42.30496836 free for Android

Updated 03:10 - 26/10/2021
Package com.nvidia.geforcenow
Version 5.42.30496836
Publisher NVIDIA
Size 43M
Features No MOD
Require Android 5.0

Nvidia Geforce Now is an application that provides cloud gaming services. Previously, GeForce only provided services for PC, but now you can experience Nvidia Geforce Now gaming right on your android mobile device. So what’s so attractive about this app? And what are the advantages of the Nvidia Geforce Now mod apk version? Let’s find out together through this article.


About Nvidia Geforce Now

Nvidia Geforce Now is a brand of Nvidia that provides users with a cloud gaming service. The first version was released in 2013 as Beta. When you want to use this service, you will have to use a subscription service, which will give you unlimited access to the game library hosted on Nvidia’s servers. There are also some items that allow users to buy and play. However, in 2019, the Beta version was discontinued, and a new version was released to help Shield users play their own games.

In 2017, Nvidia launched the Geforce Now app for Windows and Macintosh. This version for Europe and North America is completely free. With Geforce Now, you get access to a virtual desktop. Here, you can install your favourite games from the digital distribution platform, and you can play them completely remotely. More specifically, in 2019, you can use Geforce Now for Android phones and other devices such as Windows iOS, macOS, Shield TV, Chromebook.

Features of Nvidia Geforce Now

Geforce Now owns a network of servers located in data centers in Europe and North America. It hosts and allows players to play games in Geforce Now with members in that region. In March 2021, Nvidia announced the opening of two more data centers in Montreal, Canada, and two more in Australia.

The server uses Nvidia Tesla graphics, so it can stream games at very high resolutions up to 1080p at 60 frames per second, sometimes up to 120 frames per second.

In addition, the server system is also constantly being upgraded to improve the ability of the streams, helping players have the best experience. However, for a better experience, the manufacturer also recommends that you have an internet connection of 50 Mbit/s.

Game Library on Nvidia Geforce Now

It can be said that Nvidia Geforce Now can provide players with most games. Prior to 2016, the app contained just over 80 games. But from 2016 onwards, Nvidia has cooperated with Warner Bros and Sega, that’s why they have owned a huge game store.

Geforce Now supports gaming through Steam, Uplay or PC launchers. It will fetch the games available in its library. And you need to buy the game through Steam or elsewhere to be able to play it. You can’t play games you didn’t buy, but you won’t have to pay Nvidia for them.

There are a large number of services that require a subscription if you want to use them. However, there are also some games that exist as “Buy and Play”, so when you want to play, you need to buy that title to get access.


What are the requirements when using the service?

To use Nvidia Geforce Now, there are no requirements too complicated, but it also has some basic requirements that you must meet:

First, you must have a good internet connection, the connection speed must be at least 12Mbps for 720p resolution, corresponding to a frame rate of 30fps. And if you want to own 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second for frames, the minimum internet connection speed must be 25Mbps.

Second, you need to have an actual device connection using an Ethernet cable, or you can also play using a wireless device if the wireless router connection is 5GHz. This means that you cannot play on Geforce Now when accessing public wifi if the router is lower than 5Ghz.

When you play games on PC, there are no special requirements. You can play on any kind of screen, and your Ram doesn’t need to be at least 16G. But when you play on an Android device, it requires your device to have more than 2Gb of Ram and Android 5.0 or higher, in addition, it requires OpenGL ES 3.2 or higher support.

Nvidia Geforce Now mod version

When playing games through Nvidia Geforce Now, you not only have to pay for the service, but you also experience some other inconveniences such as advertising. Therefore, the mod version of Nvidia Geforce Now was born with many attractive features.

Features of Nvidia Geforce Now mod

  • Nvidia Geforce Now fully unlocked
  • Contains no ads
  • Nvidia Geforce Now Full Premium
  • Completely free when downloading Mod files and Apk files


When you don’t own a set of computers with terrible configurations, Nvidia Geforce Now is certainly a great application for gaming. And even better with the Nvidia Geforce Now mod version, you can play the game here completely free. Download now the Nvidia Geforce Now mod version to experience many attractive games. Thanks for visiting Apkdroid, and have a fun day.

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