Octopus MOD APK 6.1.4 (Pro Unlocked)

Updated 02:03 - 23/03/2022
Package com.plarium.raidlegends
Version 6.1.4
Publisher Octopus Gaming Studio
Size 15M
Features Pro Unlocked
Require Android 4.4

Octopus Mod is an application that emulates PC tools on the phone, it helps users to perform many different operations more easily. Launched by Octopus Gaming Studio, it provides users with a set of tools, a keyboard, and a mouse on their smartphones. This appears to be a wizard that helps you play the mobile game. To learn more about Octopus, please read the following article on Apkdroid.

Octopus MOD APK

About Octopus

If you’ve ever played survival role-playing games or MOBAs on smartphones like League of Legends, Pubg New State, Free Fire, etc., you will surely see many game control problems. At a high level, these games require many complex operations on a small 46-inch phone screen. Now, Octopus MOD APK will be a very suitable savior for you to have a great and better experience.

Octopus is an application that allows users to connect peripherals to smartphones. Thanks to that, you no longer have to worry about combining too many operations on a small screen. It is developed by Octopus Gaming Studio, a company that is just starting out but already making a name for itself in the market. Common peripheral devices such as mouse, keyboard, controller, etc. are easily integrated and connected to smartphones. The only condition is that these peripherals must have a Bluetooth connection.

Octopus launched and got great success

Immediately upon launch, this application received the support of gamers around the world. If you have ever experienced survival RPG games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, etc., you are probably not surprised by the optimization from the mouse and keyboard. Right in the PUBG Mobile game, the publisher has created a separate version for gamers who use mouse and computer keyboard to play with each other. But now, with just a phone, you can also use the mouse and keyboard to manipulate. This will be a great advantage to help gamers to improve rankings.

Octopus MOD APK

Octopus technology lets you play mobile games with gamepads

Sometimes technology brings us unexpected and interesting things. Two years ago, we were engrossed in GameBoy handhelds, then big-screen gaming consoles, then controller PCs. And until now, you can play games on mobile devices with gamepads (handles).

For those who don’t know, playing on mobile devices (especially later generations with ultra-wide screens) feels great with just a swipe. Everything is so compact and awesome, of course, that you don’t need a bulky PC or shell out hundreds of dollars for a big game. Our phones can still play the latest games in an orderly manner like a true pro gamer.

Easy setup

The operation to download Octopus Mod is very simple, users can go to Google Play to enter the application name. Then select Download and start installing the app to your device. However, users need to prepare a control tool called a gamepad. This is a device that helps you play and control as a joystick.

When the configuration is complete, the user can connect to the mobile phone using the Android mode function. By tapping the plus sign and starting playing, you simply switch to gamepad mode. Moreover, the application not only connects any gamepad but also allows users to connect a keyboard and mouse. Similar to how it was set up above, you can use it in a very simple way.

Octopus MOD APK

Control tool

The gamepad is a portable controller, with the joystick on the left and the combo keys on the right. This is a tool that many people love because it not only brings high efficiency to the game, but it is also easy to use and makes users more interested. Each control button corresponds to a different function. For example, Key helps the app to sync with the game of your choice.

D + Pad is used to move in 4 directions. In particular, the Octopus Mod application can add up to 30 different games. It allows you to live and enjoy moments of entertainment with control tools. In addition, the application can be compatible with keyboards and mice of many brands. In addition, each game has a different control mode, for example, Advanced Shooting, Smart Casting.

Simplicity in connection

This application connects to peripheral devices very easily and seamlessly. Of course, many players also have their own concerns, which is the version that will detect and penalize the use of peripheral software. But with Octopus, that worry isn’t a concern at all, because it doesn’t require root privileges or activate anything. Your task is just to open Bluetooth and connect as usual.

Some other extra features

One of the outstanding and extremely useful features in Octopus is Screen Recorder. This feature helps you to record the happenings in the game with extremely high-quality images. This is extremely suitable for gamers who want to crop and edit highlights.

MOD APK version of Octopus

MOD feature

Unlock Pro version

Download Octopus MOD APK for Android

If you often play games on your smartphone, use Octopus for the best experience. If you love this application, you can download Octopus MOD APK for Android HERE.

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