Puffin Browser Pro APK for Android

Updated 05:04 - 23/04/2022
Package com.cloudmosa.puffin
Publisher CloudMosa Inc
Size 22M
Features No mod
Require Android 4.4

Although Puffin Browser Pro is not as popular as other browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera Mini, or Mozilla Firefox, it continues to attract thousands of mobile users. This browser is integrated with practical features that provide the full functionality of a web browser.

Besides, Puffin Browser Pro is also a browser that has a very simple user interface and high performance. Today, let’s Apkdroid learn about this impressive web browser right away!

Puffin Browser Pro about

This application is a browser released by content developer CloudMosa – an American technology company. In addition to the paid version of Puffin Browser Pro, the publisher has also launched a free version with almost full functions. For the paid version, the browser will integrate an ad blocker function. Puffin Browser Pro was first released in 2010. After its release, it quickly gained many uses and attracted a certain number of users.

By using a cloud server, multi-level data encryption, and intelligent data compression algorithm, this browser can make surfing the Internet faster and ensure more confidentiality and privacy. In addition, Puffin also has advanced features such as portable data storage, the latest Flash integration, gamepad, and trackpad support to improve Internet surfing and gaming.

The outstanding advantages of Puffin Browser   

Surf the Web quickly

There is one benefit of Puffin Browser Pro which thousands of users appreciate, that is the ability to browse the Internet quickly and smoothly. According to benchmark test results, Puffin has more impressive results than current web browsers. In fact, Puffin Browser Pro can load web pages faster than Safari and other popular web browsers.

According to Shioupyn Shen – the owner of the company that developed Puffin Browser Pro, all the features of this browser are superior. Because they tested encrypted cloud technology to create the Puffin web browser. This gives a pretty big performance like never before. Puffin can load pages, display content and multimedia files faster than normal browsers. Only when surfing the internet, the user’s IP is the cloud IP. Unlike Chrome users, you will never have to worry about RAM consumption problems if you use the app.

This is a benefit you can consider when downloading that web browser and using it in place of your current web browser.

Easy to use interface

If you used to use popular web browsers like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, now getting used to Puffin Browser Pro is really easy. This browser does not try to make a difference, so the user interface is similar to other popular mobile browsers. This is really beneficial for users when switching to an app from another browser. When their device is not connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data, the app will simply display a simple “No network” message and a search bar at the top.

If you want to use it, you must have an Internet connection. Only then did the browser change and switch to the full user interface. The Speed Dial section gives you quick access to the websites you visit frequently. Under the News Feed bar, the latest news articles will be updated continuously. The three dots in the upper right corner of the screen are designed almost like other browsers. Here, you can reopen old tabs, open new tabs, use incognito tabs, or access other browser functions.

High security

Security is always the biggest concern when users use the Internet. Sometimes, users are using a familiar web browser, and they do not want to switch to another browser due to fear of the new web browser. They worry that the new browser will contain useful information or malware. However, Puffin Browser Pro is considered completely safe. Data is encrypted before transmission, preventing the intrusion of spyware that steals the user’s personal information. This application will ensure the security of your device even when you access areas with unsafe Wi-Fi connections.

When the user uses the browser, an exclusive session is created. If you exit your browser or disconnect from the Internet, this section will be deleted. Thus, users can be absolutely sure that no malware or viruses are present.

Gamepad and trackpad compatibility

Puffin Browser Pro is compatible with Adobe Flash, although Adobe Flash was discontinued this year due to some security issues. In addition, the browser also supports virtual gamepads and trackpads to help you play games smoothly and easily on Android devices.

Some features of Puffin Browser Web Pro

The MOD APK version of this browser is available. It will help you unlock all paid features such as surf the web without ads, fast page load, fast Javascripts, virtual touchpad and keyboard, and automatically delete version history and cookies when you use the incognito tab.

With some special features and benefits, it can be said that Puffin Browser Pro is a worthy browser for your device. It delivers excellent performance and user experience. This application is developed by leading experts who have worked at Microsoft and Google in the past, they are constantly working to improve this browser with the goal of becoming the number one web browser in the future.

Above is useful information about the Puffin Browser Pro application. If you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest and for visiting Apkdroid!


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