Sleep Cycle MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Updated 10:06 - 15/06/2022
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You may be surprised to learn that our human sleep is divided into stages, and waking up at the right time will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable. However, not everyone knows exactly when to wake up. Therefore, users will definitely enjoy this wonderful Sleep Cycle application. And if you want to learn more about this application, you can read the following article of APKDROID!

Sleep Cycle APK + MOD

About Sleep Cycle

Are you frustrated because every morning you wake up, you are stressed by the loud noise of the clock (you can’t wake up without noise), or do you realize that your health is declining due to poor quality sleep? Immediately install this Sleep Cycle MOD APK application on your phone. This app will bring you quality sleep and help you wake up in the most relaxing condition!

Sleep Cycle is the app that brings quality sleep

Sleep Cycle is one of those rare mobile apps that is highly recommended by leading newspapers like CNN, Wired, and The Wall Street Journal. It arose from a very simple but very necessary need. One of the things that few people realize, or admit, is sleep quality.

When it comes to health, things like your diet, exercise schedule, and daily routine should be the first things that come to mind. Therefore, when your health is in trouble, people often assume it’s a bad thing for these reasons. But sometimes, it is the seemingly simple underlying causes that lead to all the health and psychological instability you have: sleep.

The harm of not getting quality sleep

If you sleep too little, you will be very tired, stressed, and in the long run, can be debilitating for the body. Staying up too late and sleeping disorderly leads to physical and mental illnesses. Even a small element of sleep, or waking up in any state, degrades the quality of your work and mind all day long.

Young people under the age of 30 are often the ones who take sleep lightly. Between the ages of 40 and 50, you begin to see more deeply the importance of sleeping on time and waking up scientifically, but this is what matters. Then, change any unhealthy sleep habits they have. Staying there for decades can become too difficult. After the age of 50, sleep can be such a luxury that no matter how hard you try, it can still be difficult to sleep comfortably. Therefore, sleep is extremely important no matter what age you are.

Sleep Cycle APK + MOD

That’s why Apkdroid recommends downloading Sleep Cycle immediately to your device. Sleep Cycle is a smart alarm app for mobile devices, as it can analyze sleep and suggest the duration and time of sleep during the day to develop better habits. But with an extremely beneficial feature, Sleep Cycle will help you wake up in the most positive light state, and help you start a new day with peace but full of energy.

The benefits Sleep Cycle brings to you

First, Sleep Cycle tracks and summarizes your current sleep cycle based on the motion tracking of the phone’s accelerometer. Based on each person’s individual cycles, Sleep Cycle calculates a sleep schedule according to recommended international scientific standards and standardizes and personalizes it perfectly for you.

This way you will know: when should I sleep, when should I wake up, what sleep problems I might have, or what should be done to improve them? The graph will display information about your sleep cycle during the night, according to the timelines corresponding to each state: Deep sleep (deep sleep), Sleep (normal sleep), and Awake (temporary awakening). Below the graph are lines of information such as In bed (sleep time), Sleep quality (sleep quality), Time in bed (total sleep duration), etc. All are available in this in-depth analysis app.

Quiet and efficient alarm function

The Alarm feature is a unique and rare feature that is only available in Sleep Cycle. Every sleep is different, so the sleep cycle alarm ensures a specific time. After a long tiring day, you will wake up in the most comfortable and healthy way to prepare for a long day.

Specifically, it works on the following parsing mechanism. Each night, each person goes through several complete sleep cycles, and each cycle lasts about 90 minutes. One is a light sleep phase that tends to wake up. This is followed by non-REM rapid non-blinking sleep, when you are fast asleep but not dreaming. Finally, there is the rapid eye movement stage of sleep, when you will have dreams that sometimes you remember and sometimes do not.

Sleep Cycle APK + MOD

In each stage, the body will have different movements to create acceleration. Sleep Cycle has an accelerometer and microphone built into the phone, allowing it to track your movement and sleep sounds on each person, and calculate the specific duration of each person. With a few more uses, Sleep Cycle will better understand your sleep cycle, help you sleep deeply, and be ready to wake it up in a light kissing phase.

The MOD APK version of Sleep Cycle

MOD feature

Premium Unlock: When using the MOD APK version of Sleep Cycle, you will get the features of the Premium version without spending any money.

Download the Sleep Cycle MOD APK application for Android

With simple and useful features, Sleep Cycle allows users to track their overall sleep habits day and night. Here you can really study your sleep patterns to improve your sleep experience. You can download the Sleep Cycle MOD APK for the Android application HERE.

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