SoundHound MOD APK 10.2.1 (Extra)

Updated 10:11 - 06/11/2022
Package midomiMusicIdentifier.freemium
Version 10.2.1
Publisher SoundHound Inc.
Size 36M
Features Extra

In life, there must be many times when you suddenly hear a certain song, but you do not know the name of that song to listen to again next time. Therefore, so as to make it more convenient when you can both listen to music, recognize songs and create playlists, you should download and use SoundHound right away. This is a Music & Audio application that gives users the ability to search and identify music, by both voice and sound quickly and accurately. In addition, there are many other attractive features. Follow the article below to find out the attractions of this application, and its SoundHound mod apk version as well.

 SoundHound - Music Discovery & Lyrics

Identify music only through singing or sound

As mentioned above, SoundHound has a very attractive feature, it can detect songs with only a very short piece of music. And especially, when listening to the melody, it does not need a very pure environment. That means allowing a little bit of noise, as long as you bring it close to where the melody is. And then it will output the song title quickly and accurately.

With the state-of-the-art technologies included in SoundHound, it can synthesize sounds or voices to detect the tune you’re trying to know the name of. At the same time, it also helps you to know more specific information about singers, musicians …

These operations are quick and easy. When you hear a favorite tune, you want to listen to it again but you can’t find the name, then you will be very upset and regretful. But with SoundHound, you won’t have to ignore any of your favorite tunes.

Listening to music while following the lyrics

When listening to music on SoundHound, you will feel very comfortable. Because it has a very simple interface with two main colors, white and black. When a certain song is played, the screen immediately displays the full lyrics of that song. And especially, the lyrics will follow each melody for listeners’ convenience. Thanks to this feature, you can both sway to the beat of the music and sing along easily with the lyrics displayed.

Listen to the song just discovered by SoundHound via Radio and Spotify

Once SoundHound detects the song, you can listen to it again by connecting to the radio and Spotify. It’s great, isn’t it!

Control by voice

When you want to search and listen to music, you can easily control it by voice. Say the words you want to search or control over the song. SoundHound will recognize and follow your commands. Just to be brief, the system has the ability to eliminate interference and noise, so the accuracy will be very high.

With SoundHound Headlines: discover new music and many exciting features

You can find songs by theme quickly and easily. Not only listening to music, but you can also find out other useful information about the singer and related artists.

Create your own playlist

Since this is a dedicated music player, it has a lot of attractive features for music lovers. In addition to the features above, SoundHound also allows listeners to save and create their own playlists. When you want to listen to music, you just need to turn on the playlist to listen to all the songs you love.

There are iTunes links, videos on Youtube to share

You can share your favorite songs with your friends or post them on social networks easily. Because this application will provide you with full youtube and iTunes video links.

SoundHound’s Mod Apk Version

If you use the regular version and you don’t pay, the ads will cause a lot of trouble. And you also only use this application in the version that limits a lot of attractive features. Therefore, the SoundHound mod apk version was born to help you solve these things.

Features of SoundHound mod apk

  • Full version.
  • Mod with no ads.

Download SoundHound Mod Apk for Android

At this application, you can listen, enjoy your favorite music list, control by voice, or recognize songs quickly. With such extremely attractive features, do not hesitate any longer without downloading SoundHound mod apk to your phone right away. Surely you will be able to listen to any tune you love here. Thanks for visiting Apkdroid, and have a nice day.

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