Typhoon TV MOD APK 2.3.9 (Ad Free, No Forced Update)

Updated 07:10 - 22/10/2021
Version 2.3.9
Publisher TyphoonTV
Size 8M
Features Ad Free
Require Android 4.3

Do you love good TV shows or movies that are being shown? It would be great if, on a rainy day, we could stay at home and watch it. However, you also need a good service to do this. And today we will introduce to you a good application, which is Typhoon TV. You can’t find this app on Google Play or App Store, because they infringe copyright. But you do not need to worry, through this article, Apkdroid will guide you on how to download and install Typhoon TV. But first, let’s find out if it’s any good.

Typhoon TV

About Typhoon TV

Currently, Typhoon TV is considered one of the most popular apps to stream live TV shows and movies on Android devices. It is available on other platforms like Chromecast, Android TV, Windows. Here, you can watch a lot of different blockbuster movies, TV shows or other entertainment content. Typhoon TV is different from premium TV movie watching apps like HBO or Netflix because it’s completely free.

Typhoon TV was born after the demise of Terrarium TV along with many other alternative applications. It first launched in 2018, then quickly gained appreciation from users. And Typhoon TV is rated as the best application in aggregating TV shows and movies from many different sources. It also has a very smart way of working when there is no need for a server to host, you can use resources from the source web itself.

Moreover, with Typhoon TV, you can search for your favourite movies. Movies are automatically added with subtitles or you can also set them manually.

Main features of Typhoon TV

Typhoon TV is an application that has many attractive features of a mobile movie application. However, it is very light, only about 12MB, so it works very smoothly on most Android devices. Here are some outstanding features of Typhoon TV:

  •       You can watch unlimited movies or TV shows online.
  •     Typhoon TV will bring you a huge data warehouse that is taken from many different sources around the world. When you use the application, it will automatically detect your IP to provide the appropriate video source, giving the highest playback speed. In particular, the content on the application is completely free so you can watch unlimitedly.
  •       Right on the home screen, you can watch the popular movies that most people watch. Typhoon TV also provides users with many filters so you can find the content you love the most. For example, today’s broadcast schedule, early movies, the most popular, the latest programs … Along with that, the movies are also provided with detailed information for your convenience to follow their content.

Support subtitles and simple search

When you are looking for a movie, you just need to type keywords in the search box, Typhoon TV will return results quickly. The smart suggestion engine will help you find the content you love without having to remember the exact name. The result will be in two forms, a movie or a TV Show.

In addition, Typhoon TV also provides users with convenient subtitle support tools. Just open the video and choose to open with subtitles, the application will automatically switch the list of available subtitles for the movie.

Download and watch movies online

Typhoon TV allows you to download and save videos so you can watch them without the internet. The job is simply to choose your favourite movie, choose the quality of the video and then download it. Videos on Typhoon TV range in resolution from SD to Full HD, there are also some videos in 2K quality. Therefore, you can watch movies with very good quality, almost without interruption.

TV Schedule

Typhoon TV has a tv schedule feature, it will help you know the broadcast schedule of a movie or a certain program. From there, you can follow the broadcast schedule to watch easily. To use, you just touch the icon in the upper right corner of the screen and change the date. Despite having an extremely large database, Typhoon TVs will not miss any program or content.

How to download and install Typhoon TV?

As I mentioned above, Typhoon TV is not available on Google Play. Therefore, you can only get it by downloading the APK file. Currently, a lot of websites provide Typhoon TV Apk files. However, you should also be careful because these files can contain malicious code that damages your device.

In this article, I will send you the latest Typhoon TV apk. It is completely safe because we have installed and tested it thoroughly. Therefore, it works very well. As for installing this application, you can do the following:

  •       First, you need to click on the Typhoon TV APK file download button. And once the download is done, you can find it under the “Downloads” section.
  •       Go to Settings, go to Security and choose to turn on Unknown sources.
  •       And finally, open that APK file and install it as usual.


Currently, there are many applications similar to Typhoon TV on the market. However, not many applications are free and good enough to help you enjoy movies right on your mobile device. If you love an application with many great features like this, download and experience Typhoon TV right away. With a huge data warehouse that is regularly updated, it will surely satisfy you.


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