VivaCut Pro MOD APK 3.3.0 (Unlocked All)

Updated 01:07 - 15/07/2023
Version 3.3.0
Publisher VivaCut professional video editor
Size 134M
Features Unlocked All
Require Android 5.0

Viva cut Pro is a great Video Players application, for those who are looking for a quality video editing application with the latest style.

With a wide range of outstanding editing tools, you will be able to unleash your passion. You can create a video with the best shooting angles yourself. It is a work that contains personal creativity, keeps every moment true and gives viewers unforgettable emotions. With just a phone in hand, you can practice editing interesting videos and share on Facebook, Twitter… to prove you are a sophisticated social media user.

About Viva Cut Pro

If in other popular photo editing tools, the video editing segment is quite limited. Most are editing software on PC.

To meet the needs of young people’s activities on social networks, Viva Cut application was launched. This video editor on the mobile phone is second to none. Users will be able to use many professional features like PC to create impressive videos for their Profile.

Professional editor

VivaCut – Application to edit videos and cut video clips

Keyframe Animation: this feature is too familiar to those who have used Adobe After Effects. If you do not know it, Viva Cut Pro is the place for you to get acquainted with this feature.

Users can edit deeply into each frame. This creates product continuity.

In addition, Viva Cut Pro also provides many convenient features such as splitting, cutting, and merging videos. You will start by selecting each video in the library, then set the display time of each video. To make the work more perfect, don’t forget to use the adjustment feature. It helps you to adjust the brightness, saturation, or contrast of the video. Choose a color filter to change the landscape to your liking such as classic, cool tones…

Moreover, Viva Cut Pro thoughtfully provides some sample video tutorials for your reference. These are all pretty cool ideas for you to try.

Blue screen: This is a colour lock feature for you to synchronously combine 2 videos into one. All movements will be controlled synchronously on a single screen. People and objects are automatically marked, and they can work together on a green background. It sounds complicated, but actually, you just need to select two videos, then arrange them and fill the background with blue.

Excellent quality

It’s great to have a video editing tool with full HD quality that is not inferior to the PC application.

Pixel-by-pixel image reproduction technology is applied. Therefore the image is full HD, even with 4K resolution. This amazing quality is difficult to achieve with mobile editors. But Viva Cut has made it possible for users to render and export to devise media.

This is also the top factor for customers to trust and choose Viva Cut Pro.

Animation effect

This effect allows you to adjust your video: zoom in, zoom out or pan during playback.

You can also add another video or add background music to a certain timeline. From there, your video will become a lot more interesting.

VFX Effects

In Viva Cut Pro, the design of several VFX effects is available. VFX effects are like filters, they can change some of the original work. You can add colors and frames to make them move.

Colors will change according to different frames. Space can also be turned upside down to create some dynamic effects. As a result, the videos will come to life, continuously transitioning between real and virtual.

Easy sharing

Your work is easy to show off to your friends with just 1 click. Viva Cut Pro is already linked with a number of popular social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok… Meanwhile, the video quality is still guaranteed. They do not break or fade.

If there is no network, the information is still saved and connected as soon as the internet is available. In addition, users can share instantly via Bluetooth.

What’s attractive about Viva Cut Pro Mod Apk version?

This is an application that you can download and install for free. However, the free version is still limited to many attractive features and filters of the Pro version. But with Viva Cut Pro Mod Apk version, you can use all the most attractive features completely for free.

Viva Cut Pro mod apk features

Unlock Pro version features:

Filters are unlocked without sharing.

Download Viva Cut Pro

Viva Cut Pro will help you edit professional videos with the same quality as a professional designer. Even though you don’t have many skills, you can still use Viva Cut Pro to create your own work. With the Viva Cut Pro Mod Apk version, more advanced features have been unlocked. It is very quick and convenient to use them without having to do many complicated operations. Download this interesting app to experience it right now guys! Thanks for visiting Apkdroid, and have a fun game.


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