Air Battle Mission MOD APK 1.0.2 (Free Rewards, No ADS)

Updated 01:10 - 23/10/2022
Package id=com.mobirix.abm
Version 1.0.2
Publisher mobirix
Size 100M
Features Free Rewards, No ADS
Require Android 4.4

Air Battle Mission is an engaging flight action game. If you are looking for new and amazing experiences, don’t miss this game. Before downloading, you should update the details coming from the APKDROID below.

Air Battle Mission MOD APK

About the game Air Battle Mission

Air Battle Mission is developed by Mobirix. This company has published many other games such as World Soccer League, Fishing Hook, Pro Billiards 3 balls 4 balls or One Finger Death Punch… All of which have been welcomed by many gamers.

Following those successes, Air Battle Mission is definitely a game worth trying for you. Here, gamers will have the opportunity to experience shooting skills on planes or perform military missions.

You will collect different planes and participate in many fierce battles. After each level, you will upgrade your heavy missile weapons and face bigger challenges. In addition, gamers can also challenge other pilots to destroy the Jet Boss.

Have you ever participated in any game that roamed the sky and set foot in many different places in the world? Find something new by playing Air Battle Mission now. I believe you will find that  your choice is not wrong.

Very new aerial shooting game

Shooting games today are often built on the ground. However, participating in the Air Battle Mission, you will immerse yourself in the air of combat in the sky. This game was born for those who love army fighting machines.

When participating in the game, you will have to control the planes to destroy the enemy. This is also a noble task for you during the battle journey. You should learn how to use the tool buttons that appear on the screen to drive the vehicle as you want.

Normally, the button to move the plane will be located on the left side of the screen. At the same time, the built-in bullet firing function on the right gives you flexibility in combat to give a timely direction when in battle.

During the battle, you will observe the entire aircraft in control. Above all, the surrounding enemies are also within your sight. Therefore, do not worry when you do not see the opponent, because they will quickly appear and challenge you.

To complete the mission in the fierce battle, you need to control the plane well. This game offers players more than 20 different types of fighters. However, you can’t use it all, only when you unlock it, you can easily use it in the upcoming battle.

Create conditions for gamers to show their skillful aerial shooting skills

In addition to choosing a good aircraft, the skill of the gamer is also an important factor in determining success. How you will drive vehicles and shoot guns will directly affect the outcome of the match.

In addition, you also have to fully equip ammunition and missiles with the aircraft. Prioritize those with the most destructive power before entering the battle. Otherwise, the opponent will defeat you quickly, leaving you unable to react.

Air Battle Mission MOD APK

The ammunition and guns will be mounted at the top of the aircraft. To equip powerful weapons, players must constantly collect resources and upgrade equipment.

In particular, you can also challenge other pilots to fight in the vast sky. The strongest person will always survive to the last minute to receive a lot of gold coins for the upgrade process.

All of the above features are intended to create conditions for gamers to show off their aerial shooting skills. If you want to present yourself as a true marksman, do not hesitate to join the game right away. Who knows, you will fall in love with this brand-new game?

Beautiful graphics and careful investment

Right from the first minutes when participating in the game Air Battle Mission, you will be extremely impressed by the explosion effect or the bullets invested in detail by the publisher. Thereby, giving gamers the feeling that they are fighting on a real plane.

Not only that, the sky is always wide open in the eyes of the player to bring a voyeuristic view. Above is the bright sun, and below is the deep blue sea. All the exciting fighting takes place ahead with the relentless efforts of gamers.

Graphics in the game Air Battle Mission are built on 3D effects. You will observe the image in three dimensions: vertical, horizontal, and deep. Above all, each aircraft has a fairly long view and a flexible flight speed that gives a very chill feeling.

The scene in the game also changes diversely. Gamers will experience the blue and fresh air, sometimes rainy and snowy weather.

The sound in the game is realistic and military. Typically, the buzzing of the plane, the engine roaring, the sound of rain falling, a loud explosion, etc.

In addition, the game interface is optimized with a neat layout. Therefore, you do not find it difficult at first but quickly integrate into the game.

Game genre for those who love fighting

Throughout the entire game is the bombardment and shooting down of many other aircraft. If you want to become a true air hero, you must experience the Air Battle Mission right away. The gameplay is quite simple and easy to control, allowing you to easily dodge and attack the enemy.

Air Battle Mission MOD APK


The game offers you up to 20 different types of aircraft. However, you need to actively collect in the game and use it properly. Because each device will have its own advantages and functions. Not stopping there, you can choose from 3 modes in the game such as:

  • Time Attack: Time to attack.
  • Story: The plot.
  • Multi Player: Multiplayer.

In each mode, players will have different emotions. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the fierce air battle to become the ruler of the sky? Own a powerful fighter by downloading the game today.

MOD version – Unlimited Money

The game Air Battle Mission requires players to continuously collect gold coins to upgrade planes, bullets, and missiles. However, to do this, you just need to immediately download the Unlimited Money version. The above feature gives gamers unlimited money to shop, upgrade and become powerful.

Once equipped with advanced weapons, you are not afraid to bombard any weather conditions. Because the difficulties of heavy rain or darkness will be nothing when guns and rockets are full. At the same time, you will become a terror to the enemy because the destructive power is too great.

Air Battle Mission has a simple gameplay and integrates many outstanding features. Therefore, this will be a game that promises to bring many interesting things and experiences to you. Go to battle and show your extraordinary bravery today!

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