Among Us MOD APK 2023.7.12 (Unlocked)

Updated 01:07 - 15/07/2023
Package com.innersloth.spacemafia
Version 2023.7.12
Publisher Innersloth LLC
Size 124M
Features Unlocked
Require Android 6.0

Among Us is a very interesting game, because it requires players to have the ability to observe, deduce, understand and interact with the players next to them. Along with that, Among Us also has a lively and funny game context. Surely Among Us will bring players moments of fun entertainment. Now, let’s go with APKDROID to find out what’s so attractive about Among Us? And how will the mod version we introduce help you?

Among Us

About the game Among Us

Among Us is an action game produced and published by Inner Sloth in 2018. The game is inspired by the famous board game Werewolf. The game’s theme revolves around teamwork, faith, and division in a group of space astronauts. Their mission is to launch the spacecraft to leave space. However, there are a few impostors who always intend to destroy them all. So can the crew escape this space? And what will be the fate of the ship?

The setting in the game is the space in the spaceship. Here, the astronauts are trying to start the ship and escape from space. But sabotage by impostors has baffled the astronauts. They seek to destroy the ship, divide or kill people. Therefore, the astronauts must find the impostor to start the ship before it is destroyed.

The gameplay of Among Us

If you already know the game Werewolf, the gameplay of Among Us will be similar. And if you do not know, this is also a game that is quite easy to play and understand. Because to win this game, it is not enough to understand how to play, but you need to be quick to know how to put your trust in the right place. Or you can cheat if you know it’s murder.

Therefore, when you play Among Us, intelligence and flexibility will be appreciated more than skills. If you choose to play Among Us with your friends, this will definitely be a place to bring a lot of fun and help you get to know each other better.

Among Us

Characters in the game Among Us

When starting the game Among Us, the player will choose to become a character in one of two factions. Regardless of which faction you are in, if you want to win, you need to do well with your goals and tasks.

If you’re on the astronaut side, you’ll win when you can chase all the impostors and get the ship started. However, finding the impostor is not easy. Because they hide their identity very well. And players on the astronaut side will spot the impostors when vandalism or murder occurs.

And when these things happen, the astronauts can repair the ship in the damaged location, or they can report it if a corpse appears. In addition, astronauts can hold meetings or secret ballots to find out the impostor. And always keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to find the impostor and start your ship.

And if you play as an impostor, your job is to destroy the entire crew. To do this, you need to distract everyone. Act like you are real astronauts when doing missions or chatting. And then let’s split the crew by causing chaos and vandalism.

Sneak through the vents into the room, then kill the astronauts who are alone. The game will be very difficult when the crew will be more than impostors. However, if you know how to take advantage of the opportunity to divide and kill the key characters of the opposite side, your chances of winning will certainly be very high.

Graphics of Among Us

Among Us has very simple graphics, but it still shows the fun of the characters in the game. However, with the characteristics of Among Us, the images are not so important. Because the image in the game is optimized to the maximum, making the game smoother because it is quite light. This will make the player’s experience perfect, and at the same time, the player will also save battery and not have eye strain while playing.

Among Us

What’s attractive about Among Us mod version?

Mod versions always give players certain advantages. And with Among Us mod, players will get great features such as:

  1.       Unlock Hat
  2.       Unlock Pet
  3.       Unlock skins
  4.       No ads.

Download Among Us mod to experience

Among Us has new and attractive gameplay with funny characters. Surely it will bring players the best entertainment moments. Moreover, you can experience this game with your family and friends to increase the fun. If you love this game, download and experience it right away!

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