Arena Of Valor MOD APK 1.50.1(Hack Map)

Updated 03:05 - 15/05/2023
Version 1.50.1
Publisher Level Infinite
Size 304M
Features Hack Map
Require Android 4.1

Have you ever heard of the game Arena of Valor? In addition, Arena of Valor also has another name, Realm of Valor (Thai version). Surely for gamers who love the MOBA genre, they are no longer strangers to Arena of Valor. And for those who want to learn about this game, please follow the article below for Apkdroid.

Arena Of Valor MOD APK (Hack Map)

About Arena of Valor

MOBA is an action game genre that attracts a large number of gamers around the world. People who love this game genre often have large gaming communities, along with tournaments held regularly to serve gamers. Because of that, since its launch, Arena of Valor has been the center of attraction for gamers. It can be said that this game is the most popular game that attracts a large number of players to participate.

Arena of Valor impresses players with diverse and deep gameplay. In addition, it also has beautiful graphics and new updates to please gamers. It is considered to have many similarities with the famous PC game League of Legends. However, this is the mobile version, so the convenience and attraction of players will be much greater.

Style play

If you’ve played League of Legends, Arena of Valor has similar gameplay. Players will control generals and troops to engage in combat with the target, and destroy the opponent’s main house. Players can only win when they destroy the opponent’s main house. Therefore, you should not focus too much on fighting, because when you kill a lot of troops, you can still lose. The game is attractive because it not only focuses on individual skills but also emphasizes teamwork. It has absolutely no plowing elements like other games.

Arena Of Valor MOD APK (Hack Map)

Arena of Valor game mode

Arena of Valor has many different game modes, allowing gamers to choose to experience the game in the most perfect way. For example, the ranking mode, where the player will join with 4 teammates to fight 5 vs 5 team fights. And if in that battle you win, you will get 1 star to accumulate and increase rank with a gold number. However, on the contrary, you also lose 1 star and get less gold.

Arena of Valor’s ranking system will be hierarchical from low to high: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and finally Master. When fighting, people of the same rank will fight with each other. Therefore, the personal factor will be very important. Along with that, to win, the team factor cannot be ignored. After each season, your reward will correspond to the rank you have achieved.

In addition, when coming to Arena of Valor, you can also choose other game modes such as 3 vs 3, solo, hook, chaos, or life and death battles…

You have many choices of generals for yourself

Generals are a core element of Arena of Valor, and each general will have a different role. Therefore, in order for players not to be bored, the publisher has regularly updated new generals with different skills and storylines. Along with that, the game also has assassins in the jungle, helping you take advantage of the jungle’s resources and support your teammates at the right time. To get favorite generals, players need to have gold to buy. However, if you don’t want to wait, you can use cash to own what you like. Rubi is also an important thing in the game, you can use it to buy items like X2 gold cards, try X2 EXP, treasure tickets, or open more gems.

Arena Of Valor MOD APK (Hack Map)

Various equipment

In the game, there is much different equipment such as an attack, defense, magic, speed, etc. You can choose to match the attributes and roles of each champion. This will give your champion more power. What’s better than in League of Legends is that you can kill monsters and minions, as well as upgrade equipment instantly without going to the main house. And the fact that you create a suitable rune for each champion also increases the power significantly. In addition, in each match, you can also choose to bring additional spells with each champion such as Punishment, flash, or explosion …

Great graphics quality

Compared to mobile games, Arena of Valor has impressive graphics and better quality. It can be said that this is the MOBA game for mobile with the most advanced graphics. The generals are meticulously designed from costumes, weapons, running, surfing, In addition, skills are depicted realistically and clearly. The sound also helps the game become more intense with beautiful combat.

What features does the Arena of Valor mod version have?

  1. Hack Map
  2. 60fps
  3. Drone View


Surely there will be no need to argue much about the appeal of the Arena of Valor game anymore. Because the community of gamers playing Arena of Valor has spoken of its attraction. Do not hesitate any longer, download the Arena of Valor mod and experience it right away.

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