Arknights MOD APK 16.9.21 (No SP Cost)

Updated 02:06 - 17/06/2023
Package com.YoStarEN.Arknights
Version 16.9.21
Publisher Yostar Limited.
Size 5.76GB
Features No SP Cost
Require Android 4.4

It can be said that this is a completely new game for you to entertain during this epidemic season. Do not hesitate any longer, let’s download Arknights to experience interesting things. And right now, let’s find out together!

Introduction about the game Arknights

Arknights is a free-to-play mobile game that revolves around the story of tower defense. The game is developed by Yostar Limited, and it is currently available on iOS and Android platforms.

The core gameplay of Arknights is tower defense, with several characters or tower operators. Melee operators can be placed on ground tiles and ranged operators on overhead tiles. The melee operator will defend to avoid enemies dealing physical damage, and the ranged controller will deal ranged damage, heal, or assist the melee operator. The player must place the controller on the correct tiles to prevent enemies from entering the tower. Because on some levels, the strategy will be of high difficulty, so Arknights is also considered a puzzle game.

As the player progresses, the game unlocks more levels. As a result, players will have more resources, while also gaining access to new enemies and gameplay mechanics.

The game also has a construction aspect that allows the player to build towers and appoint people to run them. This helps players increase their resources in the fastest way. In addition, it has a bunch of free gacha mechanics. For examples, daily login rewards, random character purchases through virtual currency by playing games, through events, or optional in-app purchases using actual coins.


The plot in the Arknights

When you wake up, you realize that you have amnesia, and a girl named Amiya saves you. You must begin your journey, and join an organization whose purpose is to investigate the disasters that are ravaging the world. Through various quests, you will harvest many characters and gradually restore your memories.

Arknights characters

In Arknights, there are many beautiful female characters. Each character has a unique look, some are very cute, some are cold, and some are serious. It can be said that the publisher has invested very carefully in graphics and character design effects. In addition, the characters are also arranged in a hierarchy corresponding to their strength in ascending order: 3 stars, 4 stars, and the highest are 5 stars.


The game map is set up as a main strategic base. That’s where all the monsters want to advance to expand their power all over the world.


Monsters of the game

In the game Arknights, there are all kinds of monsters such as buffalo, cow, magician, archer, and elite soldier … Especially, at the end of each level, there will be a boss with great power and destructive power. Therefore, players must be highly focused if they do not want to lose the battle.

Graphics and sounds of the game

  • Sound: The publisher mostly uses anime style to voice the female characters. A series of sounds of fire explosions, gunfire, roars… are all very realistic. In particular, when your character launches a move, the vivid sound effects will make you feel that your character is really strong and special.
  • Graphics: The game interface is simple so that users do not find it difficult to manipulate. The special thing is the combination of 3D and 2D graphics. In parts like opening character profile bags or unlocking champions, the manufacturer will use 3D graphics to make the effect very realistic. 2D graphics will be equipped in the main interface as well as each game level, this creates a familiar feeling like in the Japanese anime that people often watch.

Mod Apk Version

If you are a fan of Arknights and you often spend time playing games with your friends, you should use the Arknights MOD version.

Don’t waste your money buying apps. Why do you have to buy the application when you can completely download the Mod version to use. Currently, the Mod version is completely free of all functions.

Arknights is committed to pleasing everyone, even the most demanding gamers. Let’s download and experience it right now!  If you have any questions, please contact us immediately. Thank you for your interest and for reading this article with Apkdroid.

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