Bad Piggies MOD APK 2.4.3368 (Unlimited Money)

Updated 01:07 - 01/07/2023
Package com.rovio.BadPiggies
Version 2.4.3368
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Size 72M
Features Unlimited Money
Require Android 5.0

Bad Piggies is a puzzle game whose main characters are funny pigs. These are also the characters who appeared in the game Angry Birds. But when it comes to Bad Piggies, the green pigs will make their own stories. And Rovio Entertainment Corporation has been very successful in building this story for pigs. Bad Piggies has a combination of simple gameplay and special elements. Players need to implement strategies to help the green pigs reach the finish line.

In addition, in this article, APKDROID will introduce to you the Bad Piggies mod version. Just like the mod versions of the apps and games that APKDROID has introduced, there will always be special features for you. Now, let’s see if the Bad Piggies mod is interesting or not.

Bad Piggies Mod Apk

About the game Bad Piggies

Angry Birds is an extremely attractive game, it attracts players of all ages. Therefore, it has been very successful when it has received billions of downloads from players. The journey of Angry Birds and the companionship of Piggies inspired Rovio to create other games such as Angry Birds Go!, Angry Birds Math. However, it would be unfair without a game about the journey of the main character Piggies. Therefore, the publisher released Bad Piggies.

The journey of the Green Pigs Piggies

In Angry Birds, we will see that the main content of the game is mainly about attack and destruction. And Bad Piggies will talk about the elements of peace and construction mainly. When coming to Bad Piggies, the player’s task will be to build a car for the green pigs, so as to help them move from the original position to the destination in the safest way. Car pairing will be done using the materials that the game has prepared for you.

Bad Piggies Mod Apk

And when the car is assembled, it will automatically move. Your main job is to assemble the equipment that a vehicle needs such as a chassis, parachutes, boosters… to get the pigs to the finish line. On the move, players can also use the equipment they have prepared to push the car to the finish line at will. However, if the green pigs fall before reaching the finish line, you will be the loser. In case your car is destroyed but you can still get your pigs to the finish line, you are still considered the winner.

But you must not forget the main task of the Piggies, which is to steal the eggs of the Angry Birds. Therefore, you need to collect enough eggs if you want to achieve a maximum score of 3 stars for each challenge.

Bad Piggies has 200 levels with 40 special levels

To conquer Bad Piggies, players need to overcome 200 puzzles, corresponding to 200 levels of the game. If you can complete a certain number of levels with a maximum of 3 stars, you will have the opportunity to unlock 40 more special levels in Bad Piggies. When participating in Bad Piggies, you will be able to choose from 2 different game modes, Groundhog Day and When Pigs Fly. If during the game you can’t get through a certain round at Ground Hog Day, you can switch to practicing at When Pigs Fly to relax your mind.

At each level, the player will have to use a limited number of pre-prepared equipment to use. Therefore, you need to do exactly what the game requires to achieve the maximum score.

And at Bad Piggies, there are definitely levels that keep you stuck there for a long time. And this is what makes players so frustrated that they can smash their phones.

Does the Bad Piggies game have any help?

To prevent the player from breaking the phone, Bad Piggies will have help when the player cannot solve the puzzle. The game will guide you to assemble so that you can get a standard vehicle and the maximum score at that level. In addition to 3 free supports provided by the game, of course, in the following turns, you will have to pay with money to get help. Therefore, you should use this help when you really need it.

Bad Piggies Mod Apk
Bad Piggies Mod Apk

Graphics of the game Bad Piggies

The design of the game Bad Piggies is quite similar to other products of this manufacturer. 2D graphics are very beautiful, vivid, and colorful. The gameplay is similar to the cute and funny cartoons. Therefore, Bad Piggies is suitable for all ages to participate.

Bad Piggies mod version

With this version of the Bad Piggies mod, you will have unlimited money to use. Use as much as you like.

Download Bad Piggies mod game for Android phones

When participating in playing Bad Piggies, most players commented that Bad Piggies is a pretty easy game to play. However, it is not easy to win 3 stars. So have you tried it yet? If not, try downloading Bad Piggies right now to experience it.

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