Basketball Stars MOD APK 1.43.2 (Menu)

Updated 12:07 - 02/07/2023
Package com.miniclip.basketballstars
Version 1.43.2
Size 69M
Features Menu
Require Android 4.4

Basketball Stars is an attractive basketball game for people who love sports games. The game has many game modes, and the ability to customize players is very delicate. It can be said that Basketball Stars is a super product launched by Miniclip. This is also the publisher of the game ‘The great fish eats the small’ – blockbuster attracting millions of players to participate. What is so attractive about this game that so many people love it? Let’s Apkdroid learn about Basketball Stars and its mod version together.

Basketball Stars APK + MOD (Menu)

General introduction to the game Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a basketball game with impressive 3D graphics. The game is released by Miniclip, it not only impresses players with its graphics but also with its flexibility with many game mechanics and player upgrades.

Up to now, Basketball Stars is arguably the best basketball-themed game for phones. The game is completely free for players to download and experience. However, it also has IAP packages for gamers to upgrade and experience other great features.

Basketball Stars has beautiful characters and attractive 3D graphics

Basketball Stars’ basketball theme is not new, and the gameplay is not much different from other similar-themed games on the market. So why do so many people love and appreciate Basketball Stars so much? This is thanks to the deep and detailed rendering with meticulous 3D graphics. You can clearly see this meticulousness from the contours of the player’s face, the rolling muscles, or the smooth and rhythmic polishing activities. It’s completely like real-life basketball games.

Currently, on the market, there are many basketball games for smartphones. Therefore, the competition to have a position in the market is very fierce. However, with breakthrough steps and meticulous attention to detail for its products, Basketball Stars currently has a certain foothold in the market that is hard to match with any other game.

Basketball Stars APK + MOD (Menu)

Change your favorite team outfit

Coming to Basketball Stars, players can freely choose the outfit for their team. Therefore, choose and build a professional image for your team, worthy of being a top team. You can see a lot of specialized basketball apparel, accessories, and gear. However, there will be many options that are dimmed or starred, which means you need to accumulate a lot of points to buy gold, from which you can use to buy items for your team.

Basketball Stars will use two currencies to trade, that is gold and money. With gold, you will use it to level up players and gain experience points. As for the money, you use it to buy the items you need. When players have a lot of money, the skill of the team will increase, and they will have the opportunity to participate in major tournaments. When your team grows to a certain size, you can go head-to-head with the big names in basketball. At that time, if you win, you not only help your name stand out, but you also earn a lot of money.

The gameplay of Basketball Stars

According to player reviews, Basketball Stars has more highlights than other games in terms of gameplay. With Basketball Stars, there are two ways to play according to each person’s preferences:

First, attack – defend: This is the way you often play in basketball games. Players will run across the field, win the ball, then lose the ball again, and so on until one of the two teams gets the maximum number of points before the game is stopped.

Basketball Stars APK + MOD (Menu)

Second, sprint racing. This mode has the same gameplay as the first mode. However, each match will have an allotted time. When this time is over, whichever team gets more points, that team wins.

In addition, between these two game modes, there are also a few other small differences such as how the ball is launched, how the score is calculated each time the ball enters the basket, or how to win the ball from the opponent… However, you are not always also choosing the gameplay. With special matches such as when you are challenged, the gameplay will be determined from the beginning and the player cannot refuse.

What’s attractive about Basketball Stars mod version?

Although Basketball Stars is a completely free game for players to download and experience. However, there will be many features that force you to upgrade to use. Therefore, through this article, we will send you the Basketball Stars mod version with many attractive features such as Lucky Ball, Perfect Shot, Backboard Hit, and Dumb BOT.

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