CarX Rally MOD APK 17402 (Unlimited money)

Updated 08:05 - 16/05/2022
Package com.carxtech.rally
Version 17402
Publisher CarX Technologies, LLC
Size 79M
Features Unlimited money
Require Android 6.0

Coming to CarX Rally, you can both immerse yourself in the speed of the racetracks, and enjoy the most realistic natural scenery just through a simple phone game? It can be said that this is one of the hottest racing games currently on smartphones! Let’s APKDROID learn about this game through our article below!

CarX Rally MOD APK 17100 (Unlimited money)

About CarX Rally

Perhaps there is no need to introduce too much, because the name CarX Rally has partly described how this game is. That’s right, this is one of the most popular mobile racing games today. Not only that, the game will take you from the dramatic and thrilling emotions of each turn, to the enjoyment of the beautiful 3D landscape. This is also the “essential” highlight of the CarX Rally.

CarX Rally’s game mode

Just like every other racing game, typically Asphalt, what you need to conquer in CarX Rally is the final destination, where time is your biggest enemy. However, except for the dramatic feeling of suffocation, you will be immersed in the natural space of the countryside and mountains, which is different from the image of a racing track in an urban area full of dust and stuffiness. Therefore, CarX Rally promises to bring a very different experience for those who are passionate about speed.

CarX Rally MOD APK 17100 (Unlimited money)

However, the special feature of CarX Rally is that you will not participate in racing with any other opponent, but you will race against time. When the scene of the track appears, it is time for the game clock to start counting down. The challenge that you have to overcome now is the limit of your driving skills, as well as the limited time. The sooner you reach the finish line, the higher you will get on the game’s global leaderboard.

Abundant amount of cars

Similar to other racing games, CarX Rally will let you choose vehicles and tools on your way to the championship of speed. However, the game will be so meticulous that all vehicle parameters such as Max Speed, Weight, Engine Power or Torque are clearly displayed, which makes it easier for players to choose. In addition, players can completely “customize” their car depending on the color and sticker to match the racing scene.

CarX Rally MOD APK 17100 (Unlimited money)

Various maps

A special feature of CarX Rally is the extremely diverse number of maps. Not only encapsulated in the familiar street races, the scene in the game is opened with the beauty of rich nature. This helps you somewhat forget the stress, but completely immerse yourself and experience the game to the fullest.

However, do not be so absorbed in the scenery that you forget you are racing against time. On the way to the finish line, you will encounter countless difficulties, such as obstacles, sharp turns, difficult mountain roads, etc. These will be obstacles that cause you trouble and not reach the finish line on time as you want.

The difficulty increases gradually

In the game, gamers can optionally choose a short or long track. Even so, no matter the distance to the finish line, it’s all about one goal: winning time.

All operations in the game CarX Rally are relatively simple, as most of the control keys are basic like any other racing game, and it is completely familiar to fans of the racing game genre. On the right is the accelerator and brake pedal, and on the left is the steering wheel. In addition, the screen also displays basic functions such as map, vehicle speed and countdown time.

In addition, CarX Rally really brings fun when the difficulty of the game increases gradually. Initially, the game will take players to relatively easy roads and obstacles. This is also a way for the game to help you “warm up”. And once you have really “stabilized the wheel”, the game will be really difficult.

There is no other way, bravery and stability are the factors that help you cope with this challenge. The higher the level, the more your skills will need to be upgraded, through experiencing the game over many hours of play. In addition, the beauty of the game is that the small map only shows a short distance of the road ahead, making it impossible for you to know what difficulties you will face.

Unlimited racing game

Since this is a time racing game, CarX Rally has no fuel limit. In addition, you will not have to worry about upgrading your car at all. If you want to change to another car, you just need to accumulate the amount after each race, then unlock the car you want.

Graphics and sound

For those who are passionate about racing games in general, they will find that the sound of CarX Rally will be somewhat rough because it has no background music. However, the plus point of the game is that the natural scenery on both sides of the track is really beautiful. In addition, the design of the car is also relatively similar to real life. The dusty exterior and racing stripes made by the developer are extremely realistic.

Download CarX Rally APK & MOD game for Android

In order to experience CarX Rally more fully, you can download the MOD version of the game specifically for Android. With this MOD version, you will have an unlimited money feature, which means you will be able to own any car in the game. To experience CarX Rally APK & MOD for Android, please download HERE.


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