Comics Bob MOD APK 1.3.3 (Unlocked, No Ads)

Updated 01:05 - 15/05/2023
Package com.playstrom.bob
Version 1.3.3
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Size 144M
Features Unlocked
Require Android 5.0

Comics Bob Mod is a puzzle game that opens up a fun cartoon world. The game is a combination of adventure and puzzle. It is implemented in a feedback selection fashion. It revolves around the story of Bob and his girlfriend in the Stone Age. Along with exciting activities mixed with humor, this will definitely be a game not to be missed. Let’s check out with Apkdroid!

Comics Bob APK + MOD

About Comics Bob

Comics Bob MOD APK is a game mixed with a funny cartoon genre, in a fun simple question-answer gameplay, that makes you laugh without a way out. A cute guy named Bob with messy hair and a simple mind that you have never seen. Play anytime, anywhere, and laugh a lot.

Have you heard of the Stone Age people, who all hunt and collect fruits for food? Have you also heard that people at that time had a very strong matriarchal tradition? And there are hundreds more “heard of” things. You will find all the answers in the fun game of the same name with the main character: Comics Bob, of course, our character is named Bob.

How do prehistoric people love?

Bob is a cute, silly, stone-era boy with a beard that can’t be messier with the catchphrase🔥 Yabadabadoh! He fell in love with a sexy stone age girl, whom he always calls “My Queen”. Bob has found all ways to flirt and conquer her, from giving flowers, giving food, and helping 1001 things in the world unconditionally.

As long as she smiles, Bob is already happy. The thought is that love will come very quickly and nothing can stop the couple, but no, the world they live in is not peaceful, in a very wild and ancient way.

Anything can become an obstacle to love: wild tigers roaming in the woods, wild monkeys annoying her house, some sly pterodactyls waiting to steal things, hordes of men of the neighboring tribe, and the aliens of unknown origin also intend to bring her away.

They accidentally created Comics hero Bob, some of whom wanted to score points in the eyes of the girl. Led by love, our sassy Bob has gradually become a true hero saving the hot girl from dangers.

Comics Bob APK + MOD

A stone Age love story

If everything ends smoothly, they will love each other like never before, passionately and contribute to creating future generations. But if you’re unlucky to choose the wrong path too much. I hope you say goodbye to your beautiful lover and return to your birthplace in the form of a miserable failure.

Do you think I’m envious or something in describing a love story like this in such a joking tone? I think I’m serious, but if you try to download the game and play, you’ll probably laugh. Love in this game is rudimentary, primitive, and very simple love, just like the school days of many young people. Love is giving flowers, receiving flowers, when you don’t like them, then rejecting them harshly. Kind of like that.

Wacky and extremely funny gameplay

It’s wacky because it’s so simple. It is beyond your imagination. The challenge is always in the form of a question and the system gives you 2 choices, True – False, and has question blocks. Of course, life, as always, is a series of decisions. The first mistake can lead to the nth wrong, and the last person to suffer the consequences is yourself.

To follow the right path, you must always remember that you are a prehistoric man living in prehistoric times and you must act in the way of the ancient people. Don’t act on your feelings. Deeper down, it is the difference in thinking and instincts between us and prehistoric times that is the winning or losing factor in the game

Comics Bob APK + MOD

And at the same time, it’s also a fun element. Because sometimes the answer is confusing in very unexpected ways. Play Comics Bob and you’ll be like me, often amazed when Bob uses the tool he’s just chosen to perform an unrelated action, making it counterproductive because, at the time, Bob didn’t even understand if his choice was right or wrong.

Experience extremely refreshing entertainment moments

Finally, another funny element is the setting or the graphics of Comics Bob in general. The scene around Bob, his lover, and everything turns out to be simple to a boring level. But thanks to that, the outstanding details are clear and concise. Not to mention the story-telling animation style that is fully utilized in this game will surprise you because every drawing looks very funny, and weird, but full of emotions from Comics Bob players. 

Because of these wacky and silly graphics, it can be said that Comics Bob is suitable for all types of players, young and old, young and old, men and women can play. And once you’ve played, you can’t be stopped.

MOD APK version of Comics Bob

MOD features

  • Unlocked All Levels
  • No Ads

Comics Bob MOD APK version will help players level up faster. And besides, avoid the annoyance of having to watch too many ads.

Download Comics Bob APK & MOD for Android

Indeed, Comics Bob is an entertaining game that can’t be better after a long day of studying and working. And if you want to get the most complete gaming experience, you can download Comics Bob APK & MOD for Android HERE.

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