Cooking Mama MOD APK 1.79.0 (Unlimited Money)

Updated 01:02 - 17/02/2022
Category Simulation
Version 1.79.0
Publisher Office Create Corp.
Size 72M
Features Unlimited Money
Require Android 4.4

As a child, surely each of us had a dream to become a talented super chef to cook all the best dishes in the world. Whether you can do it now or not, when you think about it, you just click your tongue because it was just a kid’s dream. However, today I will introduce to you a game for you to relive those wonderful things. That’s Cooking Mama, this game will definitely take you from one great thing to another. Let’s Apkdroid explore together.

Cooking Mama MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Style play

Have you ever realized that you have a talent for cooking? Are you always excited to be in your kitchen? Or at a higher level, you want to become a super chef in the future as well as own your own restaurant. This is absolutely not wishful thinking!

Coming to Cooking Mama, the player will become a little daughter of Mama and Papa. And on a beautiful day, the little girl wants to go to the kitchen and show off her cooking skills, under the dedicated guidance of Mama – the family’s super chef. Meanwhile, your Papa is looking forward to his daughter’s cooking.

You will start cooking under Mama’s guidance from simple tasks such as peeling tubers, slicing onions, washing vegetables, frying beef, or making fish… Regarding standard recipes, you won’t need to worry, because the game system will give you the recipes of famous chefs. Therefore, you can freely choose without fear of running out of dishes.

Coming to Cooking Mama, players will cook the dishes they like, and the implementation process is like you cooking in real life. You will have to do it from even the smallest steps. So can babies play? The answer is yes because the operations in the game are just touching and swiping on the mobile screen. In case your baby can’t read yet, you can play with them, read the instructions and work with them. The game can be suitable for children from 4 years old and up.

Cooking Mama MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

In each job, each small stage will have a name for players to easily imagine. Each stage will be limited by time. When you complete the job within the allotted time, the time bar will turn green with the Finished message. In addition, each stage will be rated with stars, and there is a maximum of 3 stars for each stage. This will depend on the ingenuity of each player. And finally, after being processed, the dish will be presented on a plate, decorated, and your family will enjoy your food together.

After enjoying it, papa will be the one to give points and attractive gifts to her little daughter. With the points and stars you get, you will use them to buy new ingredients or new recipes. The more ingredients and recipes, the more delicious dishes you will be able to make.

Motivation in the game

Unlike role-playing, adventure, and sight-seeing games… the motivation of this game is trophies, scores, upgrades, or unlocks…As for Cooking Mama, the accumulation of points and the number of stars is also a great motivation for players. However, the greatest joy of the game is the feeling of completing the dish perfectly and beautifully. This is the feeling you get when you make delicious food and people love it in real life.

Cooking Mama offers Single player mode and competition mode. With the competition mode, you can challenge other super chefs in the game. If you are the winner, you will be listed on Cooking Mama’s community leaderboard.

Cooking Mama MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

What does Cooking Mama bring to players?

It can be said that Cooking Mama is a Simulation game that not only brings ordinary entertainment, but it also has a high educational meaning. Especially in modern life, when young people don’t know what to cook. They can’t even boil eggs or peel vegetables because they’ve simply never done it. Therefore, Cooking Mama has both entertainment meanings because it is a game on smart devices, but it is also a source of inspiration for you to go to the kitchen. Put the recipes and instructions that the game brings into practice to have delicious dishes for the family.

Therefore, to prepare the best luggage for babies before entering life, parents should let their children learn the most basic cooking methods or knowledge. And Cooking Mama is like a manual to help you learn many delicious dishes, teaching you to do even the smallest steps to get your favorite dish. Along with that, you can easily put what you learn into practice. From there, you will definitely become a good cook. Or at least you can cook delicious and nutritious food for yourself and your family.

Graphics and sound

Cooking Mama is designed with 3D graphics, thereby showing all the images and movements in the game well. Everything from ingredients, dishes to cooking utensils is created beautifully and attractively. Along with that, the game also creates extremely beautiful effects such as heart eyes, a mother’s smile, or glowing ingredients after processing.

Cooking Mama MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

What’s attractive about the Cooking Mama mod version?

This mod version of Cooking Mama will give players unlimited money. You can use it to buy all the ingredients for cooking and serving your dishes.

Download Cooking Mama mod game for Android devices

Cooking Mama gives players a fun and lively game with a very high educational effect. Therefore, parents can download the Cooking Mama mod apk completely free to help their children learn and play at any time.

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