Dad’s Monster House MOD APK + OBB 1.0.13 (Full Game)

Updated 03:10 - 20/10/2022
Package com.cottongame.MonsterFamily
Version 1.0.13
Publisher CottonGame
Size 494M
Features Full Game
Require Android 4.4

Dad’s Monster House is a game developed by Cotton Games. This game has an attractive puzzle adventure gameplay that “fascinates” any gamer. If you want to keep up to date with the latest information, don’t miss the detailed analysis coming from Apkdroid right here.

About the game Dad’s Monster House

Dad’s Monster House tells the story of Carlos’ journey after receiving a call from Father. He is an ordinary office worker who has been living away from his father since going to work. Because of his busy work, Carlos did not often visit his father and let him live in an old riverside house in the suburbs.

 Dad's Monster House APK

One night, he suddenly received a call from his father and heard a faint cry. He begged him to come home and was quickly rescued from this captivity. Soon after, Carlos returned to the house, and encountered many small demon characters in his own abode.

The plot is horror but equally attractive. The game is full of horror and fantasy with a thrilling father’s rescue journey. You do not need to be curious, download it now to join and discover new things in this game.

The plot is built according to logic

Dad’s Monster House unfolded in a certain sequence. When you join, you will explore from the outside of the gate to the inside of the house. At the same time, the spaces are also arranged from the living room, windows, tables and chairs, … to the kitchen.

In addition, the bedroom or bathroom is also integrated with puzzles in a flexible way. You should remember that every nook and cranny exists as well as hidden puzzles for players. You should not rush, but slowly consider each problem and give the most accurate answer.

After each quiz, we also understand more about the mood of the producer. It can be sympathy, understanding or criticism of the character. These things bring unique points that not every game gives players.

And yet, to join Dad’s Monster House, you need to know the rules. This game does not have any dialogue, only the diary pages. Therefore, to solve puzzles, you only have to unlock the secret room or find new items.

Step into the process of rescuing father and uncovering the mystery of the house

Join the game Dad’s Monster House, also when you have to solve many different puzzle chains. Your task needs to focus on unraveling and uncovering the mystery inside the house. The game has a coherent progression from the past to the present, helping you understand the “truth of things”.

The game has a discrete narration with ghostly sounds, sometimes making the player “goosebumps”. Most of all, you feel like you are the main character in the heartbreaking story. All to bring back the true image and guilt after discovering the truth.

After each puzzle in Dad’s Monster House, you will discover a shocking secret. Initially, when entering the house, you will encounter monsters that are both scary and cute. Each child carries a mystery, requiring the player to know how to solve it.

 Dad's Monster House APK

Once you have solved the puzzles, you will proceed to collect items and pieces. All will create a picture of the truth for Carlos as well as reveal many interesting things.

In fact, there are questions you don’t need to think too long to find the answer. However, there are also some difficult sentences that require players to observe carefully. Combined with logical reasoning, you will find the right problem.

If you have a difficult question, get help right away

If you can’t find the answer to the puzzle, what should you do? Don’t worry, Dad’s Monster House will give you hints. Thanks to that, you quickly overcome obstacles and perform the task that awaits you.

At each different level, the game also has its own treasure of hints. Above all, use the puzzle pieces you have obtained when solving the previous puzzles in exchange for hints. Although this information does not provide an answer, it will help you towards the fastest end result.

However, the suggestions in Dad’s Monster House are not endless. You can’t abuse them, as the game only allows players to buy a certain amount per question.

Therefore, only in the case of a “deadlock”, you should use it. Try to solve all the puzzles to find clues and discover interesting things. At the same time, it is also a way for you to immerse yourself in the gloomy atmosphere and find out the secret hidden deep in the house.

Unique in-game graphics with hand-drawn lines

It is not difficult for us to realize that the graphics in the game Dad’s Monster House are black and white. Above all, the beautifully drawn 2D images further accentuate the “dark” attribute. This is also the main theme that the game wants to convey to every gamer.

In particular, the overall game is cold, dull and contains many mysteries. Combining the magical music, it adds to the attractiveness and urges anyone to want to participate. Thereby, you also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the ups and downs and true feelings of the character himself.

 Dad's Monster House APK

In addition, the house also has a desolation and lack of inherent human breath. Surely, the father had to live sad days and face many problems in life:

  • The story is emotionally constructed to recreate traumatic memories. This helps players immerse themselves in emotional and love relationships.
  • The game brings fun to help gamers explore the house to understand more about the character’s life.
  • The puzzles guide the player through multiple scenarios or memories with different emotions.

Not only bringing games, Dad’s Monster House also reveals a message about family love. You help the character to find the mystery and rescue the father from it. At the same time, thereby helping us quickly untie the character’s knots.

MOD version – Full game

Dad’s Monster House features a MOD Full game. As a result, players can fully experience the levels in the game, thereby bringing true feelings. At the same time, it is also a way for you to discover each “hairline” of the story.

Overall, Dad’s Monster House is an adventure game combined with sci-fi puzzles. The game offers a unique and fascinating look at each element and moment. Along with entertainment, you also find deep human values.

If you want to unravel the story of Dad’s Monster House, download the game today. Black and white images and ghostly sound will help you immerse yourself better. At the same time, the feeling of excitement and fear intertwined with each other certainly gives players a great experience.

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