Dragon City MOD APK 23.7.4 (One Hit)

Updated 02:07 - 15/07/2023
Package es.socialpoint.DragonCity
Version 23.7.4
Publisher Socialpoint
Size 289M
Features One Hit
Require Android 4.0.3

This is an interesting simulation game, and you will be the caretaker of the lovely dragons. The game gives players the opportunity to own a dragon island with their own designs. Besides, the system has built cute and extremely rich dragons, not only that but they are also renewed every week. You will be able to participate in battles with side quests to unlock attractive rewards. Do not hesitate anymore, let’s discover Dragon city apk here right now!

Unique plot

Dragon city apk is a game about dragons on beautiful islands. With the task of collecting dragons into your dragon collection, you will receive treasures when raising them. This is not only a boring job of raising dragons through the day but in return, your effort will be rewarded with sparkling gold bars. This is a budget to help you upgrade your farm, house, buy food or upgrade dragons with new equipment.

A special point is that you can also breed dragons yourself, but your dragons must be at level 4 or higher. Besides, you can also bring your dragons to the arena, participate in tournaments, and complete quests. With each completed mission, you will receive the most attractive reward, which is the precious diamonds of this game.

The match takes place when you let one of the three dragons fight the opponent’s dragon. Each dragon will have its own attack, damage, and attack ability, so calculate to choose the right ones. The game’s features allow you to maximize the use of dragon combinations in a match, so this will limit their weaknesses and promote their strengths. Try to get a lot of diamonds to give a big advantage.


In general, the game has a gameplay that has many similarities compared to other games of the same type. This is a game that can last forever, so you can build the game endlessly. At each level, there will be new events, new buildings, and new gifts.

Starting like any other game, you will be placed in a small and simple city. From here, you’ll be on a quest to renovate and upgrade. If the initial amount of resources the system provides is not enough for you to use, you can also earn through the arena or by logging in daily. Let’s build a magnificent and modern city with game upgrades when completing in-game missions.

Dragon Collection

In the game, you will admire dragons of all colors, skills, and sizes. This is a huge attraction because not only babies but also adults love cute animals. With such a diverse collection of dragon treasures, you will not be able to find two identical dragons, because they are unique. These dragons will help you become a breeder to create new varieties of colors, skills … to maintain the number as well as upgrade skills.

Play online

The game will help you collect small warriors for online battles with other players, not AIs. This interactivity will speed up the level up in the leaderboard. Get to know your opponent well, and devise a strategy to not be attacked by them.

This mode allows users to match up with anyone in the world when they log into the game. You will no longer feel bored, but instead, you will experience new sensations and gain many other experiences.


Towards children’s age, the graphics are designed to be eye-catching with high-quality 3D technology. The creation of perfectly cute cartoon-style dragons was a big hit when it was released. Graphics always give players an unforgettable impression when they are immersed in the world of Dragon city apk. With a huge collection of dragons without any duplication, you can understand how meticulous the publisher is.

In addition, the sound quality is always at a high level, and the combination of sound with the game’s motion effects always makes players happy. The animal’s ear-catching sounds are always created in accordance with the character’s shape. Since then, the game colors have always had a harmonious and uniform combination, not too colorful but will not be boring. The interface is simple and user-friendly, so it attracts many users to participate in the experience.

The advantages of the game

Dragon city apk is always a game that makes users satisfied when the manufacturer hits the market. Here, you will be the owner, so you can build and own your own floating island with large houses or farms. Take care of dragons to make them grow and train them with skills to increase their strength. In particular, you can be the owner of the dragon book with a collection of more than 600 different rare dragon breeds.

Hopefully, this interesting game information will give you the best choice when deciding which game to join. Let’s download Dragon city apk and experience the fun it brings! Thanks for visiting Apkdroid!


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