Drill Evolution MOD APK 5.24.1 (Unlimited Money)

Updated 02:06 - 19/06/2023
Package com.puropuro.drill
Version 5.24.1
Publisher Puropuro
Size 53M
Features Unlimited Money
Require Android 4.4

Drill Evolution is a fun treasure hunt game. The gameplay is simple and suitable for all audiences, so it has captured the love of many players. If you want to discover detailed information about the game, read the latest analysis from APKDROID.

Introduction to the game Drill Evolution

Drill Evolution is developed by Puropuro. Right from the early days of its launch, the game has been addictive with simple gameplay and is suitable for all audiences. Do you want to be the discoverer of treasures and collect gold coins? Join the game now.

Drill Evolution Mod APK

Join Drill Evolution, you will be transformed into a drill. Your task is to dig deep to find the treasures deep in the earth. Be active, diligent, and hardworking to get the rewards you deserve.

At first, the drill is small and weak, so you need to invest as many resources as possible. You should actively improve the equipment, focusing on the skill and quality of the drill. In this way, players continue to penetrate deep inside the earth to reach an admirable record.

When you win, you also get very rare and high-value items. It could be minerals or special bonuses. Actively collecting the above helps you to constantly grow and rank up sooner than you intended.

The game also displays the most other opponents with a specific score. Looking at it, you can identify individual capabilities as well as enhance competitiveness. Be the best here by digging deep into the earth.

Do drill missions to collect many items

As you know, the main task when participating in the game is drilling. This will give you all kinds of valuable things like bonuses or precious items. The deeper you go underground, the more treasure boxes you discover.

Each treasure box will contain a different item. According to the experience of many gamers, you need to upgrade the drill by using reasonable items. Thanks to that, you will easily dig deep to complete the task in a short time.

The deeper you dig, the slower the drill becomes. Don’t worry, you can use many functions to make your device work better. At the same time, you also find the opportunity to explore the depths of the earth.

The gameplay is simple, calm, and relaxing

Drill Evolution does not require players too much skill and experience. All you need to do is just dig deep and drill until you reach the ends of the earth. In the process, do not forget to collect items, and actively upgrade the drill with the items obtained.

Drill Evolution mod apk

Overall, Drill Evolution is a very fun casual game. You don’t have to rush through the task, just take it slowly one step at a time. Thanks to that, gamers are not stressed but always find relaxation during the participation process.

Not only that, but at each depth, you need to change the type of drill to suit. Since the device is weak at first, it will be difficult for you to complete the task. Quickly replace the drill with an iron or diamond to discover many other amazing items.

If the above advantages make you feel excited, join the game right away. Who knows, you will find moments of extreme entertainment that exceed your expectations.

Beautiful graphics and fun sounds

Graphics in the game Drill Evolution are built based on 2D images. You will be delighted to see the blue sky, white clouds, and bright tones on the ground. However, the deeper you drill down, the more obvious the dark underground with the dominant brown color.

Scientific game layout, many items

The game layout is scientifically designed right on the screen with simple function keys. Typically menu, free ruby, event, auto drill, auto open. Thus, players can easily use the functions at will.

In addition, you easily control the game with specific parameters on the screen. Specifically like:

  • Collect a number of golden keys.
  • Green key.
  • Diamond.
  • How many meters is the drilling depth?

When drilling to a certain depth, you will encounter items. Each thing contained in a wooden box has different functions and tasks, for example:

  • Hole rock – hole rock.
  • Empty bottle – Empty bottle.
  • Clear Bead – Clear Bead.
  • Paper plane – Paper plane.
  • Animal bone – Animal bone.
  • Wizard doll – Witch doll.
  • Slime Trail – Slime Trail.
  • Burned Book – Burned Book.
  • Breath of Angel – Breath of an angel.

There are many other interesting items waiting for you to drill deep and explore. Remember that they all have their own uses, actively collect as you play Drill Evolution.

Drill Evolution mod apk

Funny game sounds

What impresses gamers about Drill Evolution is the fun sound. You will leave all your worries behind, focus on drilling deep and unlocking the items you can get. With each level of play, the drill will change to become powerful and optimal in function.

The important thing to remember is to drill straight from the top. Don’t be impatient because the item is always integrated somewhere right here. The deeper you drill, the more valuable gifts fall into your hands.

MOD version – Unlimited Money

Do you want to become a talented driller and actively evolve through the levels? However, the process of joining the game makes you collect a few items. Therefore, the drill upgrade process will be interrupted. Most of all, players feel frustrated because they can’t complete the task.

However, when you download the MOD – Unlimited Money version, you will enjoy the unlimited money function. At this point, players are free to buy valuable items to upgrade the drill quickly. At the same time, you also conquer new depths and set epic records.

This is also an outstanding advantage to satisfy all gamers. You don’t need to search far, quickly download the game to fully enjoy the above great features.

We usually spend most of the day studying and working. Therefore, it is difficult for each individual to avoid stress, fatigue, and feelings of depression. You can dispel that negative energy by playing Drill Evolution right away.

Anyone can join Drill Evolution because the gameplay is simple, idle, and does not require complicated tactics. Are you ready to explore the underground world? Quickly download the game to find out many other interesting things, guys.


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