Epic Raft MOD APK 1.0.16 (Unlimited Money, Free Craft)

Updated 02:09 - 11/09/2021
Package com.rmg.raft.ocean.survival.last.day
Version 1.0.16
Publisher Lightcore
Size 109M
Features Unlimited Money, Free Craft
Require Android 5.0

If you love adventure games, you will definitely want to find a game that can meet your requirements. You love the adventure of discovering and conquering tough challenges in current game platforms, but you haven’t found the right game yet. You have heard the story of Robinson on a deserted island, and you wish to experience that feeling once. We would like to introduce you to one of the most popular role-playing games on the market today. It can be said that Epic raft is an adventure game that players will definitely love it.

Epic Raft MOD APK

About Epic Raft

The plot of the game is built on a true story from the unexpected survival of Robinson, which we all know for sure. Players will take on the role of a character that accompanies his friends on a train at sea. Unfortunately, this train crashes again and you are washed up on an uninhabited island. You are the only survivor and no one can help you.

From here, you have to find a way to make a living alone to fight the dangers lurking around. You will know the character’s condition through the food and drink stats recorded through the display. If this stat is zero, it means your character will die, the game is over. Or you will also be prey to the sharks that are always lurking around your little raft.

This genre of survival game is like a newcomer to the online game market, and it has also achieved a lot of achievements.

Work in the Epic Raft

When you are alone, you will be free to explore the vast ocean and find ways to survive here. Look for things left floating on the water, maybe you will get useful items. For example, a small hook can also help you get the amount of fish to survive on a deserted island. Starting is always difficult, but don’t be discouraged, collect everything you can such as metal sheets, dry branches, small pieces of wood… because if you put them together, you can have a lot of space for your wooden raft.

Keep in mind the things the game asks you to find, and prove you’re a super finder and crafter.

In addition to gathering resources, remember that you also need to survive first. Look for food from the system to sustain life, although initially, food will be available to you. But surely this source of food will be exhausted if you do not earn more. Go fishing, catch the animals in the sea, get the meat of the crabs…and of course, you have to find a way to cook them. When there is food, of course, there must be water to drink. However, living in the middle of the ocean, you can’t drink that salty water. The only source of fresh water that can help you survive is rainwater. Prepare large containers to store water when it rains and you will have a reserve of water.

Epic Raft MOD APK

Go fishing

The source of fish food is endless, so make the most of it. You just need to buy a rod and you can fish the vast ocean out there. These fishing rods are not provided, but you have to make your own from materials found in the game such as wooden rods, ropes, and iron hooks. Let’s put them together, then go to the edge of the raft and choose the fishing mode. Your job is just to wait, when the fish bites, the fish icon will appear, and you have to quickly pull the rod. If you miss this time, you will lose that fish and have to drop the rod from the beginning.

Protect the house and food

Although this is just a game, you will find that survival is never easy. In this ocean adventure, you need to be on the lookout for dangers from wild beasts, sharks, or natural disasters. Beware of aggressive sharks, because they will destroy the raft that you have worked so hard to assemble. And your food is noticed by the seagulls in the sky out there. As long as you make a mistake, these thieves will steal your food right away.

Not only that, the wild animals will destroy your shelter if you do not protect them carefully. Without shelter, you will have to live in harsh weather, and your energy will be depleted quickly. Try to become a survivor and complete the tasks that the system requires to have a chance to level up quickly.

Epic Raft MOD APK


It is undeniable that the graphics that the publisher uses have made the game receive more positive reviews. In addition to having an interesting storyline, the beautiful graphics system is also an advantage of this game. High-quality sharp 3D graphics with bright colors have made users sympathetic from the first time they see them. The publisher’s smart combination in creating cute character images has inspired players when participating. In addition, the action sounds are also paired together, creating a flexible and coincidental combination when the character performs.

Join the famous survival game Epic raft and you will definitely have an extremely interesting experience. Discover a new life on the desert island and become the hero of this game. You just need to join the game, but first, make sure you have downloaded the Epic raft game to your device. Thanks for visiting APKdroid!



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