Extinction: Zombie Invasion MOD APK 10.0.0 (Free Shop, Upgrade)

Updated 06:03 - 14/03/2023
Package me.modernator.extinctionzi
Version 10.0.0
Publisher Team Modernator Games
Size 165M
Features Free Shop, Upgrade
Require Android 5.0

Extinction: Zombie Invasion belongs to the genre of extreme shooting games. You will be extremely excited to destroy the Zombies in the city and get the rewards you deserve. Before entering the game, please take the time to follow the latest analysis from Apkdroid right here.

Introduction to the game Extinction: Zombie Invasion

Extinction: Zombie Invasion is a game developed by Team Modernator Games. Your task is to destroy all zombies in the city in every corner. They will become more and more powerful, mutant and pose many challenges.

Extinction: Zombie Invasion MOD APK

Accordingly, you will transform into a lucky character who survived when the zombie virus spread around the world. The current scene is desolate, cold, and devoid of a single person. You can’t let the world perish like that, stand up and fight hard.

The more zombies you kill, the faster you can upgrade your character. There are countless interesting things waiting for you to discover, don’t miss downloading Extinction: Zombie Invasion right away.

Extinction: Zombie Invasion is suitable for teenagers. If you want to find thrills and immerse yourself in the thrilling combat atmosphere, download the game right away. I believe you will not be disappointed with your choice.

On the other hand, the game adapts to many devices because of its light capacity. Therefore, the download process is fast and does not make you wait long.

Discover more than 44 weapons and game modes

Extinction: Zombie Invasion offers players more than 44 different weapons. These are typically pistols, sniper rifles, grenades, rockets, etc. And each type will have its own function.

During the game, you can also perform weapon upgrades. This makes the battle process more efficient and kills more zombies.

Extinction: Zombie Invasio also gives players many different modes. Typically as:

  • Survival mode.
  • Defense mode.
  • Search and destroy.

For each mode, there will be a separate map to help players easily locate enemies. At the same time, you also take the initiative in each table to improve your chances of winning.

No matter which mode you join, you should come up with the right playing strategy. You should not waste ammo in vain, and always have a backup plan. Thus, you will conquer the Extinction: Zombie Invasion game and be ready to overcome all difficulties.

The game has a first-person perspective

Extinction: Zombie Invasion gives players a first-person perspective. Accordingly, everything in the game is shown under your own eyes. This helps you feel like you are immersed in the battle in the game.

In addition, your arm holds the gun like you are holding a weapon in real life. Best of all, you can see all the weapons, the scenery, and the surroundings, but you can’t see the face.

Many gamers choose to join Extinction: Zombie Invasion because of the interesting first-person perspective. At the same time, you also receive practical benefits such as:

  • Concentrate fully on the screen and be less distracted by external factors.
  • There is a better connection with the character, feeling the pain, movement and startling with each gesture.
  • Regardless of the character’s appearance and expression, the battle inspiration should be clearer.

Extinction: Zombie Invasion MOD APK

Share achievements with many other gamers around the world

Extinction: Zombie Invasion has the feature of sharing results with many other gamers around the world. In addition, your achievements will be recorded in a leaderboard to compare with many individuals. This enhances the competitiveness and increases the excitement for the players.

On the other hand, thanks to this feature, you also find a community of Extinction: Zombie Invasion players. Thereby, you will have the opportunity to discuss and exchange enthusiastically to make the process of participating in the game more interesting. With the above advantages, it will be a pity if you ignore this game.

Simple gameplay

Overall, Extinction: Zombie Invasion has a fairly simple gameplay. What you need to do is constantly move, aim and shoot zombies properly. In particular, the use of the right weapon also becomes an important factor to help you complete the mission.

Throughout the game, you will face many different types of zombies. Sometimes they move very slowly but sometimes they run very fast towards you. Throughout the game, you will feel the atmosphere of suspense and fight hard.

The city is deserted, but the zombie army can appear at any time. They have an extremely scary appearance and long life. When your character is exhausted, it will emit rapid breathing sounds. Try to find ways to destroy them or you are the one who dies.

In addition, Extinction: Zombie Invasion also impresses gamers through consecutive shooting phases. At the same time, the image of gore was covered because the zombies were defeated. It can be said that what you discover in this game is difficult to find in other games.

Review of graphics and sound

Extinction: Zombie Invasion has simple graphics. The houses are designed with large walls, and zombies will appear from all sides. Just a little carelessness, you will have to die, so try to destroy all monsters.

And yet, the creepy zombie shape directly affects the player’s feelings. Sometimes, you are really scared because they appear suddenly with big bodies, long teeth, dark eyes, etc.

You can face zombies anywhere from the house to the city. The common point in these places is that it is extremely deserted, gloomy and lifeless. After each shot, a bloody image appears to increase the excitement for gamers.

Extinction: Zombie Invasion MOD APK

The sound is very realistic from gunfire, reloading to footsteps, rapid breathing. In the process of fighting, you have to flexibly use skills from forward, backward, change weapons, …

Overview of Extinction: Zombie Invasion: has scientifically arranged function keys. Accordingly, you can be flexible in the process of fighting and rotate every angle to destroy the enemy. This also becomes a certain outstanding advantage of the game.

Download the mod version now – Unlimited Money

When playing Extinction: Zombie Invasion, you need to accumulate a lot of gold to upgrade weapons. This requires gamers to spend a lot of hard work. Meanwhile, the enemy is getting stronger and stronger, if you do not meet the above criteria, you will lose consecutively.

In order to bring the perfect experience to you, the mod version – Unlimited Money was born. Thanks to that, you will freely upgrade your weapons and fight effectively without being afraid of any zombies.

Are you looking for thrills and want to have moments of extreme gaming? All gathered in Extinction: Zombie Invasion. Experience it for yourself and give an objective assessment by downloading the game right away.


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