FEI Equestriad World Tour MOD APK 1.56 (Free Purchases/ Full Cache)

Updated 03:08 - 29/08/2022
Package com.gogallop.equestriad
Version 1.56
Publisher GoGallop Studios
Size 977M
Features Free purchases
Require Android 8.0

Have you ever had any fascinating experiences with lovely horses? Have you ever done dramatic horse races with the horses you have? Come to the FEI Equestriad World Tour, find yourself the most powerful horse, and participate in many exciting races. Let’s check out this interesting game through the post below of APKDROID!

About FEI Equestriad World Tour

FEI Equestriad World Tour is an extremely realistic and exciting game in which you can become a jockey and ride a horse. The essence of this app is to participate in various competitions on horseback. You can overcome obstacles in show dancing, as well as participate in performances in training. A strict jury will evaluate each of your performances. Dozens of other participants will compete with you. Make as few penalty points as possible to get a spot on the podium.

FEI Equestriad World Tour MOD APK

Choose the best and most promising horse. Take care of it, feed it, wash it and clean its hooves. Improve your horse’s skills to make it faster and have more endurance. Try to pass the competitions included in the FEI Equestriad World Tour and reach the Grand Prix finals, where only the strongest compete against each other. If you love horses and their games, then download the FEI Equestriad World Tour.

Participate in horse racing competitions

This will be the best space to start your horse racing journey. Do you think horse racing is just a race of speed between horses and see who finishes first? The FEI Equestriad World Tour is by no means trivial, and this game will open your eyes to world-famous horse races. An equestrian competition usually lasts about three days with three basic laps. For each day, you and your horse perform tasks such as dance performances, cross country runs, and even costume contests.

Master your own skills to win

You start as a newbie and work your way to the top in this horse racing game. Players will start the game by practicing the necessary skills to be able to enter the qualifiers smoothly. If you successfully complete the challenge in this round, the dream of the championship is not too far away. When you step into the ring, you go through a rigorous assessment of everything from your riding ability to your riding skills.

Choosing a good horse  

At the beginning of the game you have to choose one of many horses. It is worth noting that horses differ in color and potency. You can choose black, white, brown, beige horses. Any horse will be free for you, so make the right decision.

FEI Equestriad World Tour MOD APK

Also, each horse has a parameter like potential. It allows you to understand to what extent in the future the animal will be able to thrive. There may be a horse with low potential, but excelling at the start. The others are quite weak in the beginning, but who knows, it will shine again later? However, the decision is up to you.

Take care of your beloved horse

Pet care enthusiasts will surely appreciate the FEI Equestriad World Tour. In the game, you can feed, wash, brush, and clean their hooves. All this is done in the form of mini-games, while for each mini-game there is an expanded functionality of objects and tools. You can feed your horse bananas, apples, other fruits, vegetables, and more, and same with brushing teeth. Initially, you can only use one brush, but later users will unlock many other devices. By the way, all of this takes place in the stable that you own.

Train your horse

Your fans are all over the stands, so don’t let them down in any way. Let’s focus on training the horse to make it tame its best and transform more skills to appear on the stage of the FEI Equestriad World Tour. Not only that, for your horse to be in the sights of fans, it is indispensable for beautiful costumes and splendid accessories.

FEI Equestriad World Tour MOD APK

Lots of game modes for you to experience

The explosion of horse racing talent in solo format has attracted the attention of fans. It is also an opportunity for you to show your talent when controlling the horse to complete the challenge and win. You can also form a team to compete with friends or gamers around the world. Combine the best of everyone to defeat the opposing team.

MOD APK version of FEI Equestriad World Tour

MOD feature

Free purchase: With this feature in the MOD APK version of FEI Equestriad World Tour that Apkdroid offers, you can freely shop for any item you want.

Download MOD APK version of FEI Equestriad World Tour for Android

As can be seen, FEI Equestriad World Tour is an extremely interesting horse racing simulation game with a gameplay that allows gamers to experience the life of a real-life horse racer. If you love this game, download it HERE.

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