Forager MOD APK 1.0.13 (Unlimited Resources)

Updated 02:09 - 11/09/2021
Package humblebundle.forager
Version 1.0.13
Publisher Humble Games
Size 130M
Features Unlimited Resources
Require Android 4.1

If the traditional online games are too boring that you want to find a new game, we would like to introduce you to the game Forager mods – which combines the element of exploration adventure with Farm care experience. Forager mods is a typical game project introduced into the modern game market that many people are waiting for. Do not hesitate anymore, download this game and explore its outstanding features right away.

Forager gameplay

About Forager mods

Forager mods is released to the market by the game publisher Humble Bundle, and game enthusiasts have received it warmly. Especially, the introduction of the mobile version makes users extremely excited. Overall, Forager mods revolve around the free adventure in the 2D graphic world of the character but also has a combination with farm games.

Specifically, you will be able to role-play any character in the game and freely explore new lands of the system. The game’s world is also intensively developed, with engaging developments that stimulate player interaction. You will be yourself in adventures full of dangers from the environment, enemies, obstacles. But besides that, you will also unlock valuable items.

Simple gameplay

You will play the role of the system’s character, and begin the missions that the system assigns on an unspoiled island. On this island, you are the owner of it, and you can proceed to exploit the resources and minerals here. If you want to renovate your home and build buildings, you have to get a lot of resources to trade. The game does not require too much speed, so that the player can control the time and space, and you will feel comfortable when playing. Therefore, Forager mods aim to relax the user during the game.

Basically, Forager mods is a game based on the open world, so like other games, the fighting element is indispensable. However, it has been greatly simplified to avoid causing discomfort when playing. The diverse design of villains helps to increase the patience and combat ability of the player. In order for your characters to be in the best shape when playing, let them have time to relax to recuperate after tough matches.

Forager build

Adventure in the big world

Building the game in an open world has made the game much more stable and engaging. Here, the character will be able to explore the large open world with exciting adventures. You can also choose to change the direction of the game to adventure, or focus on renovating the farm. Or better yet, you can also leave the previous land, move to a new land and start from the beginning.

The game has many spaces for you to explore, so in each place, you will receive different items. With a system of more than 20 lands built in the virtual world, you can spend all your time exploring. Therefore, try to learn all the fun of this game whenever you want.


Did you know that your reclamation of new land will give you a safe haven and protect a valuable resource? But remember, nothing is easy because challenges always surround you. The monsters are always looking for ways to disrupt the land reclamation journey and steal your resources whenever.

The fixed goal is dungeon battles with 4 powerful monsters, and you will receive item packs to buy back that land. After completing the land acquisition with the system, you can proceed to explore other lands.

The construction of the lands at the discretion of the player is recommended because this is where you can unleash your creativity. Building your own construction items to use will create a lot of excitement for players. Each building will be connected to areas in your protected land or in different remote places. Forager mods is not limited to the player’s construction, but it gives you the freedom to build anytime, anywhere.

Exciting quests

Due to the nature of the game as an adventure, it always has a diverse mission system design. The quests are given on a continuum, helping everyone understand the plot throughout. The game also does not force you to complete all the challenges, but it lets you comfortably play according to your goals.

In particular, a game mode has helped you automatically collect nearby resources without having to do it yourself. The longer you play, the more useful tips you will find to help you play the game faster. At the same time, you can also interact with the game environment such as trees, animals…

The graphic

Forager mod use 2D graphics designed in a classic, simple and eye-catching style. The mechanism is quite simple, but it is not inferior to games with 3D graphic design. The game world is large and beautiful, and the use of special graphic effects in the character’s movements has increased the fun of the game. Rated quite well in terms of graphic design, the game is suitable for many different audiences.

Hopefully, the information about the Forager mod above has helped you better understand it. Together discover the special missions of the game and relax with every exciting moment. Do not hesitate anymore, download this game to your device and enjoy interesting moments while playing. Thanks for visiting Apkdroid.

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