Gacha Life MOD APK 1.1.4 (Unlimited Money)

Updated 02:09 - 11/09/2021
Package lunime.gachalife
Version 1.1.4
Publisher Lunime
Size 100M
Features Unlimited Money
Require Android 4.0

Nowadays, we are familiar with many genres of games from role-playing to adventure or farming games. The development of the game market today has helped users experience many different game platforms. If you like an animated game world, this game is suitable for you. This is the place where you can freely design everything according to your ideas. Let’s explore Gacha life and the interesting things it brings right here.

gacha life

How to play Gacha Life

The game uses cute chibi cartoon characters inside an extremely lovable world. The first step when entering the game, players will design their own characters through basic character designs built by the system. From here, you can decorate your character, build actions, and you can even change the appearance if you want. The personality that you want to create for the character will not be limited, so you can rest assured to be creative. When you start the game, you will see a beautiful on-screen driver pop up.

New players who join for the first time will receive 200 diamonds as an incentive gift. Gacha life installs the Talk feature – talk, but you will lose 2 stamina if you use it. If you use the ask feature, you have to pay 3 stamina and lose 5 stamina if you want to give gifts. You can get this stamina when coming to the system store. Of course, if you want to open the gift, you will have to spend diamonds, each opening is 5 diamonds. The gifts that the player wins will be returned to the character’s collection, so you can use them whenever you want. This is a typical feature of Gacha life to help you be the owner of the entire reward collection of this game.

Play mode Gacha Life

In Gacha life, players will experience 5 different game modes displayed on the game’s interface page. Gacha life modes are independent of each other, so players do not need to worry about confusing the order of play between modes. So what are the game modes included in this game and how are they used? Find out below:

Dress up: In this game mode, you can design costumes for cute chibi so that they have their own color. With a system of accessories, equipment, costumes… you can choose freely and you will not be disappointed. With 100 trendy hairstyles combined with the most colorful costumes, players can optionally change the height, skin color, and accessories for their character.


Gacha Life

Studio: This is the game mode in the game’s photo studio, where you can take pictures with the supporting characters. The sub-characters of the system will appear next to you, you can also design them if necessary. The shooting background is diverse with subjects, stories, secondary characters, colors, contexts, and space, which will definitely create a more beautiful photo than ever.

Life: This mode allows you and the supporting character to go everywhere together, explore, and interact with many different NPCs. These NPCs have pre-installed abilities such as talking, asking, answering, and giving gifts. If the player meets for the first time, the player is only allowed to chat with these NPCs.

Minigame: Town of life built 8 different mini-games: Ichi’s math, duck & dodge, narwhal sky, orca sploosh, packet rhythm, ambush candy toss. If players participate in these mini-games, they can get a lot of diamonds, but these games require you to be a little flexible and responsive.

Game highlights

Players can build their own character, change their appearance with the famous anime style, or explore the game through various and interesting modes. The graphics are sharp and have a distinctive cartoon style. In addition, the game is built on many application platforms with high practicality, suitable for all audiences and all ages.

Besides, Gacha life also has no limit on the audience or playing time. There are many mini-games integrated if the player wants to change the atmosphere. Moreover, the game has attractive gift chests, easy unlocking modes, simple gameplay, and mainly focuses on exploiting the free creativity of each player. 100 attractive gifts are waiting for players to conquer, this is the factor that stimulates your curiosity.

Sound and graphics

With the specific characteristics of the 2D graphics platform, the game brings cute shapes to the character line. Because it is a design game, the graphics are also focused to maximize the support for users. The character is still a bit awkward in action, but it basically did the best it could in conveying the character’s emotions.

Be the cartoon game genre, so this game has brought a colorful, fun, and appropriate atmosphere. Gacha life is geared towards relaxation and entertainment, so the music system is also a big plus. Fun sounds have created excitement when playing games for players. In short, in terms of graphics, the game publisher deserves a compliment.

Hopefully, the information in the above article has helped you understand more about this game application. Download Gacha life to actually discover new things in this game. If you love cute chibi cartoon characters, you definitely can’t miss this game. Thanks for visiting Apkdroid!


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