Geometry Dash MOD APK 2.211 (Unlocked)

Updated 08:06 - 10/06/2022
Package com.robtopx.geometryjump
Version 2.211
Publisher RobTop Games
Size 85M
Features Unlocked
Require Android 5.0

Geometry Dash is a series of music-based video games developed by Swedish developer Robert Topala, also known as RobTop. The first game, simply called Geometry Dash, was released on August 13, 2013, on iOS and Android operating systems. In Geometry Dash, the player controls the icon’s movement and navigates along with music-based levels, while avoiding obstacles such as spikes that can instantly destroy the icon when touched.

Geometry Dash MOD APK

Geometry Dash has unique gameplay that definitely attracts gamers from the first experience

Geometry Dash currently includes 21 official levels. Geometry Dash is well known for its extensive level creation system where players can create their own custom courses, share them online, and play courses designed by other players. Over 71 million custom levels have been created. In addition to the official levels, certain user-generated levels have been introduced in the in-game content, such as map packs, gauntlets, halls of fame, daily demon levels, row demons week, and search bar. In-game currency such as stars, secret coins, user coins, energy orbs, or diamonds can be obtained from chests or official levels (where only secret coins can be obtained) ), and users of created levels (in which only user funds can be received).

Geometry Dash’s gameplay

You can play Geometry Dash using a touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, or controller (depending on the platform). Players use the jump function to control the movement of their symbols. To jump, the player can tap the screen on touchscreen devices, press the spacebar or up arrow on the keyboard, left-click with the mouse, or press A on the controller. In addition, players can hold down the jump button to continuously interact with certain obstacles.

Geometry Dash MOD APK

Geometry Dash offers attractive challenges for players to conquer

The goal of the game is to complete a level by reaching its final level. Notably, if the player crashes into an obstacle, the game will restart from the beginning, with the only exception in practice mode. The user cannot control the movement speed of the icon. The timing and rhythm of the music in the game are the most important parts, and they are often interrelated.

The challenges all have a certain difficulty that requires players to be patient to overcome

In the game, the player’s icon has a different shape in each game context. In the default cube form, the player taps to jump from the ground and holds to perform repeated jumps. In the train, the player holds to move up and releases to move down. With the ball, the user taps to transfer gravity from the ground. In UFO, the player taps to jump in mid-air. With waves, the player holds to move up diagonally, and releases to move down diagonally. With the robot, the player holds to perform a long jump from the ground and releases to stop the jump. With the spider, the player taps to flip gravity and teleport to the nearest floor or ceiling. The player’s movements are further complicated, as portals allow the player to shift between vehicles, reverse the direction of gravity, change their size, or mirror the direction of their movement. Furthermore, the pads and orbs give the player the ability to jump automatically or mid-air.

Geometry Dash has many challenges to conquer

There are 21 official levels in the full version of Geometry Dash. On completing each level, the player will have a reward containing 3 secret coins, which are used to open three locked levels. As for the official levels from RobTop, the levels will gradually increase in difficulty and they are classified into 6 levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder, Insanity, and Evil. Players can also earn achievements to unlock bonuses like symbols or colors. In addition, players can also use three shops, where they can spend an in-game currency called an “energy ball”, which is obtained through playing and completing levels. Each game in the series features a practice mode that players can use for any level. Practice mode allows players to restart manually or automatically set checkpoints, rather than having to return to the starting point.

Geometry Dash MOD APK

Geometry Dash allows players to create content

The game also has the ability to upload and download user-generated levels, although this is not possible in Geometry Dash Lite or spin-off games. However, players must complete their level with all the coins set by the user (to make sure they can get the user’s coins) in normal mode, so as to ensure that they can really complete the level before it can be uploaded. Some custom levels have difficulty determined by Topala. The creator of a certain level, players, and game moderators can edit and change this level.

Geometry Dash MOD APK version

Currently, the Geometry Dash version with the MOD APK feature is supported. With Geometry Dash MOD APK, you will experience the unlocked version of the full game.

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