Grand Theft Auto 3 MOD APK 1.8 (Money/Ammo/Invincible)

Updated 02:10 - 11/10/2021
Package com.rockstar.gta3
Version 1.8
Publisher Rockstar Games
Size 700M
Features Money/Ammo/Invincible
Require Android 7.0

Grand Theft Auto 3 is one of the popular games that young people love very much. All over the forums and social networks, people often talk about Grand Theft Auto and its interesting gameplay. This action game will surely bring your mobile device a new experience like never before. So today, let’s learn about this game with us!

About Grand Theft Auto 3

GTA 3 is an action role-playing game developed by DMA Design, and the publisher is Rockstar Games. This is one of the famous series game brands with many classic games like GTA 5 mobileGTA 4,  Vice City, and Chinatown Wars... They always have very special ideas to create a strange feeling for gamers. GTA 3 is also a huge success of this company with a record-high number of players. This number reaches tens of millions of copies. It is also one of the best-selling games in the world. The game is set in the fictional Liberty City (modeled after New York City). The story follows the main character, Claude, after being betrayed and abandoned by his girlfriend during a robbery, Claude embarks on a quest for revenge. From there, he is drawn into a criminal world filled with drugs, gang warfare, and corruption…

The world of Grand Theft Auto 3 is fully developed, open, and diverse. There are even unique features compared to what it has shown. You will face a dark criminal world that is full of intrigue and cruelty. They will be uncompromising, use the most fearsome weapons and make you fight or die. Weapons, equipment, and even locations will be made as realistic as possible. Players have to learn everything by themselves without any instruction. A riotous cast of characters from all walks of life will give you the fullest view of a simulated world – where evil is worshiped.

The plot of Grand Theft Auto 3

The plot of GTA 3 focuses mainly on the character Claude. After the story of GTA San Andreas ended, Claude and his lover Catalina moved to Liberty City. At the beginning of the game, both Claude and Catalia teamed up with a notorious Colombian Cartel gang member, the three of whom organized a bank robbery. However, at the last minute of the robbery, Catalina betrayed Claude and shot the ally. Claude is arrested, but he escapes while moving to the prison. At that time, members of the Colombian Cartel ambushed the transport to kidnap another prisoner. Taking that opportunity he escaped. During his escape, Claude befriends the explosives expert and his accomplice 8-Ball. 8-Ball took care of and protected Claude, and 8-Ball also introduced Claude to the Mafia Leone family to work. Claude greatly assists the Mafia in various activities, including winning a gang war against a local Triad group. That achievement earned him the respect of Don Salvatore Leone. After learning that the Cartel is venturing into creating and selling a new street drug to fuel its expansion into Liberty City, Salvatore orders Claude to destroy the drug lab. Claude completes this quest with the help of 8-Ball.


Later, Salvatore instructs Claude to solve a problem, but his wife Maria, who is very fond of Claude, reveals that it was an arranged plan. Maria testifies that she lied to Salvatore about having an affair with Claude to make him jealous, and now Salvatore wants to kill him. Claude fled to Staunton Island with Maria and her friend Asuka Kasen. After assassinating Salvatore to cut ties with the Mafia, Claude began working for the Yakuza, led by Asuka and his brother Kenji. During this time, he also assists corrupt detective and cop Ray Machowski – who he eventually helped run away from the city – and media mogul Donald Love. Donald hires Claude to assassinate Kenji under the guise of a Cartel attack, to start a gang war that will allow Donald to acquire real estate for his businesses. Claude succeeds. In another of Donald’s jobs at a construction site, Claude meets Catalina, now the leader of the Cartel, but she escapes from him.

Asuka blamed the Cartel for Kenji’s death and took over the construction site. The Yakuza captures Catalina’s partner Miguel, and tortures him for information about the Cartel’s activities in the city, allowing Claude to attack them and hinder the Cartel. Out of anger, Catalina murdered both Asuka and Miguel, and kidnapped Maria, demanding her release for $500,000. Claude meets Catalina to pay the ransom, but Catalina cheats and tries to trap him. Claude escapes rescue Maria and kills Catalina by destroying the helicopter she was trying to flee from. As Claude and Maria leave the scene, Maria begins to complain about the kidnapping, but then the screen fades and ends in silence by a gunshot…

The gameplay of GTA 3

Grand Theft Auto 3 is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective. Players must complete missions with pre-set objectives to continue the story. It is possible to play with multiple missions at once, as some missions require the player to wait for additional instructions or events. In addition to the quest, the player is free to roam the game’s world and complete optional side quests. Liberty City consists of three counties: Portland, Staunton Island, and Shoreside Vale. The latter two areas will be unlocked as players level up through the story.


Moving in Grand Theft Auto 3 is simple

Players can run, jump, or use vehicles to control the game’s world. In combat, auto-target can be used to assist against enemies. If the player takes damage, their health can be fully restored through the use of health. Armor can be used to absorb gunfire and explosion damage. When health is completely depleted, the game will stop, and the player will respawn at the nearest hospital. However, they will have to trade it with the loss of armor, weapons, and a certain amount of money.

If the player commits a crime while playing, the game’s law enforcement agencies will display a “wanted” meter in the display (HUD). On the wanted meter, the stars displayed indicate the current wanted level (e.g. at level six stars is the maximum, the following levels will gradually decrease depending on the number of stars received). Law enforcement officers will search for players from the wanted vicinity. The wanted gauge goes into recall mode and eventually retreats when the player is out of sight of the officers.


The game allows the player to control the mute criminal Claude. In the story, Claude will meet many new characters from the gang. As the player completes missions for various gangs and criminal organizations, fellow gang members will often protect the player, while rival gang members will recognize the player and later that shot to death. While roaming freely in the game world, the player can engage in activities such as vigilance, fire operations, medical services, and taxi services. Upon completion of these activities, the game grants the player context-specific rewards. For example, completing the vigilance quest allows the player to bribe the police after committing a crime…etc.

Additionally, Grand Theft Auto 3 has been reworked to allow players to perform side-scrolling shootings in cars. Players can engage in melee attacks, guns, and explosives to fend off enemies. Guns include weapons such as the Micro Uzi, the M16 rifle, and the flamethrower. The game’s three-dimensional environment allows for a first-person perspective while aiming with sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and M16 rifles. Moreover, the combat portion of the game has also been reworked, allowing the player to perform shootouts by turning sideways inside a vehicle. In addition, Grand Theft Auto 3 offers players many weapons to choose from. They can be purchased from local weapons dealers, found on the ground, obtained from dead enemies, or found around the city.

Graphics in the game

Grand Theft Auto 3 scores with high-quality game images. Moreover, the 3D graphics of the game feels extremely realistic. Sharp images with HD resolution (1080p), combined with modern graphics technology, the game has been optimized for mobile devices. In addition, some vehicle and character designs will be improved compared to the PC version.

Grand Theft Auto 3 Mod APK version

Grand Theft Auto 3 MOD APK version launched with many useful features for players. Which includes:

  • Allows users to enjoy the entire GTA 3 game in high definition and HD quality.
  • The game’s visuals have been enhanced to fit the user’s mobile screen. This new functionality will include the character’s graphics, vehicles, weapons, and appearance.
  • The entire game has also been optimized for your mobile device. Simple touch controls will let you enjoy the game easily. Thereby, you will also be able to customize the controls to your liking.
  • Grand Theft Auto 3 MOD APK also fully supports USB and Bluetooth controllers.
  • In addition, you can also experience the game in many different languages. Several languages including English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian…


Above is interesting information about the game Grand Theft Auto 3. Hopefully, they will bring you useful knowledge. If you have any questions, please contact APKDROID for quick and accurate answers.

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