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Features Unlimited Money
Require Android 7.0

Recently, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is becoming a phenomenon that “to rule the roost”. All over the forums and social networks, people talk about San Andreas as a cult trend. The game is sure to bring to your mobile device a huge open world, covering the state of San Andreas and its three major cities – Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. Now let’s learn about this game with the Apkdroid!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

About Grand Theft Auto: Santo Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It is the third installment with 3D graphics in the Grand Theft Auto series, and the fifth to be played for the first time on handheld devices, and the eighth in general. It was originally released for the PlayStation 2, later released on Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Ideas in the game Santo Andreas

The game is set in an open world in which the player can freely explore and interact. The story of the game revolves around former gang member Carl Johnson, aka CJ – who returns to his hometown after the death of his mother and is drawn into the world of criminal gangs. There, he came into conflict with corrupt officials, rival criminal organizations, and other arch-enemies. Carl’s journey through the US state of San Andreas will be fictionalized based on Nevada and California.

Factual factors

The game involves many elements of real life, such as cities, regions, and landmarks. The game’s plot is also modeled after real events from the early 1990s in Los Angeles, including gang clashes, the cocaine crack problem of the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Rampart scandal, and The Los Angeles riots of 1992. In contrast to the previous installments of the series, San Andreas has many new plot elements that will later be incorporated into the sequels, including role-playing mechanics, the ability customization of costumes and vehicles, a wide range of activities, mini-games, and games of chance.

The plot in the game

The Johnson family lives on Grove Street in Los Santos. Beverly Johnson is the eldest with four children: Sweet, Kendl, Carl, and Brian. In 1987, Carl Johnson witnessed his younger brother Brian being killed by members of a rival gang (ballas), accused of murder by his biological brother Sean Johnson (Sweet). Not wanting to continue a life of dishonesty, Carl left Los Santos to pursue a career. He finds a new life and moves to Liberty Street – a city in the Free State in the world of Grand Theft Auto 4. Five years after Brian’s death, in 1992, Carl became a notorious car thief. He cooperates with Joey Leone – a professional mechanical engineer, a member of the Leone family. One day, he received a call from his brother Sweet about the murder of his mother Beverly Johnson. Carl decides to return to his hometown for the funeral.

Before going home, Carl was taken out of the car by police officer Frank Tenpenny along with Edward Pulaski and Jimmy Hernandez. They threaten to falsely accuse Carl of killing another cop (who has just been killed by them) unless he cooperates to complete the illegal activities. Carl then returns to his old home on Grove Street with his brother and fellow members Ryder, Big Smoke, and OG Loc to reorganize a mighty gang. Smoke began intercepting weapons shipments, waging war against two rival gangs, the Ballas and Vagos, while also reducing the effects of drugs and opium. Carl also helped OG Loc build a music career by undermining rapper Madd Dogg. Carl has also begun to improve his relationships, and gradually he is regaining the respect of his family and allies, especially Sweet.

The road to becoming a Gangster

Not long after a gang war, Carl receives a call from his sister’s friend – the leader of a small Mexican gang “Varrios Los Aztecas”. Cesar shows Carl a piece of evidence believed to be related to his mother’s death along with Big Smoke, Ryder, several members of the Ballas gang, and Tenpenny. Unable to rescue his brother from an ambush, the Police arrested Carl and sent him back to rural San Andreas to kill an FBI agent – who witnessed the threat to Tenpenny and Pulaski. Meanwhile, Ryder and Big Smoke, now openly siding with the Ballas gang, have taken over Los Santos and flooded the city with drugs and opium.

Tenpenny forces Carl to work with a high-grade poppy grower named “The Truth” to discredit a prosecutor. Meanwhile, Cesar asks Carl to help his cousin Catalina during a robbery. Carl then participates in illegal car races. After three races, Carl meets blind leader Wu Zi Mu of the Triads and buys a garage in San Fierro from Catalina. With the help of The Truth, Carl is turning this garage into a place to dismantle stolen cars by hiring mechanics and electronics experts. On Tenpenny’s orders, Carl infiltrated the Loco Syndicate, the drug factory for Smoke and Ryder. In the end, Carl killed the leaders of the Syndicate, destroyed Ryder, and blew up his opium factory.

Carl also helps Ngo defeat a Vietnamese gang in San Fierro, the Da Nang Boys (Xian Gang Boys). Zero called to inform Carl that the owner was selling his shop. Carl can choose to buy back Zero’s store to save Zero’s business, or help Zero wage war against the enemy. One of the leaders of the Syndicate – Mike Toreno (James Woods), turns out not to be dead and contacts Carl to reveal he is a government agent and promises to release him. Sweet will get out of jail if Carl helps. Carl meets The Truth again, this time The Truth asks Carl to perform a series of 2 missions related to national secrets, such as breaking into Special Zone 69 to steal jetpack engines and stealing some kind of technology from the train…..

Carl’s journey will continue to be full of fun, download the game and discover for yourself!

Style play

San Andreas has a similar structure to the two previously published titles, Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The game contains elements from racing games and third-person shooter games, at the same time offers gamers an open-world environment to explore. This is also the first time that the character can swim and climb. As a premise for the development of GTA 4, and GTA 5 mobile later.

Racing and shooting

Players can control a variety of vehicles, including buses, trucks, bullet trains, planes, helicopters, trains, tanks, motorcycles, and bicycles. The non-linear open environment allows players to freely explore and choose how to play and use. While you must complete quests to progress the story and unlock some content, this is optional so you can do it at any time. When not on duty, the player is free to roam and enjoy the scenery around the city or wreak havoc by attacking or even killing the citizens in the city. However, if you destroy a city or destroy vehicles and other objects, you may attract the attention of security forces.

You can also do various side quests to increase the crime rate and generate more income for your character, including side quests from previous games like getting passengers into taxis, putting out fires, transport the injured to the hospital… Besides, new missions include robbery, prostitution, transporting goods by truck or train… Certain tasks must be completed. And similarly, in the early part of the game, the player can only explore Los Santos and its suburbs. Roads to the remaining cities will be opened as needed to complete them. However, players can still get to these cities by a few tricks such as: swimming across rivers, seas, driving on bridges, or using cheat codes. But remember, when a player enters an unopened area, they can get a 4 star wanted.

Role-playing elements in character creation

Rockstar emphasizes the personalization of the main character by adding a variety of RPG elements, clothing, accessories, hairstyles, jewelry, and more. All tattoos can be purchased by CJ, and it will affect other people’s reactions. Especially in the first part, players can choose to date a girlfriend. The respect that gang members have for CJ will vary based on the character’s appearance and actions, such as his relationship with his girlfriend.

Players also need to feed and educate CJ to keep him healthy. Because the balance of diet and physical activity affects appearance and personality traits. San Andreas has mastered areas such as driving, shooting, endurance, and lung capacity. All these skills will improve as you play. CJ can also learn 3 fighting styles like boxing, kung fu, and Muay Thai at each city’s gym. In addition, CJ can talk to pedestrians on the sidewalk. According to the information provided, there are 4,200 lines in the game.


There are a total of 211 vehicles in the game compared to 85 in GTA 3. New vehicles include a variety of bicycles, garbage trucks, seaplanes, trailers, etc. San Andreas uses a variety of vehicles. Features are similar to the Midnight Club racing game series, including upgraded planes, engines, nitrogen controls, and user interface tweaks.

Different vehicles are available for different purposes. All-terrain cars perform better in tough environments while racing cars are better suited to the road. Airplanes are fast, but often require a runway for landing and engines. The helicopter can land almost anywhere, it is easy to control but slower. While previous Grand Theft Auto titles had only a handful of model planes that were difficult to operate, in San Andreas, up to 11 planes and nine helicopters played a larger role in the missions. The player also has the option of parachuting out of the plane. In addition, different types of motorboats have been added with different modes of operation.

Characters in San Andreas

The characters that appear in San Andreas are diverse and related to the cities in which they live, and they are also related to other installments of the Grand Theft Auto series. This gives the game unique attributes. Its history and setting are much richer than that of Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Here, players will control Carl – a member of the Grove Street Gang. The main character in the game is African-American. The levels in Los Santos revolve around the confrontation between the Grove Street Family gangs, the Ballas and Vagos gangs for territory and respect.

There is an East Asian gang in San Fierro, consisting of the Triads, a Vietnamese gang (the Da Nang Boys), and a group of Spanish thugs working for the Loco Syndicate. There are three gangsters and a trio in Las Venturas. Like the previous two GTA titles, the voice of San Andreas includes famous characters such as David Cross, Andy Dick, Ron Foster, Samuel L. Jackson, James Woods, Peter Fonda, Charlie Murphy, Frank Vincent, Chris Penn, Danny Dyer, Sara Tanaka, Frost, MC Eiht and The Game, as well as various musicians such as George Clinton, Axl Rose, Sly and Robbie, and Shaun Ryde… According to the list of games with a record number of voiceovers Guinness World Records, this game ranked highest with 861 people.

The sound

The music system in San Andreas has an improvement compared to previous titles. Instead of just repeating a single audio track of songs or announcements in a fixed order, San Andreas creates individual streams and then shuffles them randomly to play songs that relate to the plot presented in the broadcast. The Xbox and Windows versions include an additional radio station that allows players to download the songs they want. However, this feature is not available on PS2 or when playing games on Xbox 360.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’s MOD APK version

With the San Andreas mod apk version, the MOD feature is unlocked to allow players to own unlimited money. After installing the MOD version, open the game and select Resume to load the game with unlimited money already available.

Above is interesting information about the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Hope they will bring you useful knowledge. If you have any questions, please contact Apkdroid for quick and accurate answers.

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