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Updated 07:06 - 21/06/2023
Publisher Rockstar Games
Size 20M
Require Android 7.0

If you are a true fan of American action movies, surely you will not be able to ignore the famous game GTA (Grand Theft Auto) – Rockstar’s series of games with the ultimate street robbery theme. And GTA 5 mobile is the game that the world gaming community voted as the most successful version of this series.

Gta 5 mobile for ANdroid

About GTA 5 mobile

Setting a record of 1 billion USD in revenue worldwide after only 3 days of launch, GTA 5 did not disappoint gamers. Along with other “powerful forces” such as Assassin’s Creed, The Witcher, Metal Gear Solid,… GTA 5 has created a golden era of “open-world” games. Above all, it is praised by fans as a “king without a throne” in the field of “Open Word”.

How to play GTA 5 on mobile

Set in the state of San Andreas in the 90s with a bloody war between gangs and criminals, you will transform into an unknown gangster, and you are on a journey to build your position in the world of gangsters through the completion of assigned tasks.

The underworld always has extremely cruel and fierce competition, so becoming a tycoon has never been easy for players. You will participate in many exciting robbery missions, and experience the intense chase between criminals and police.

To complete the increasingly difficult challenges, you need to practice top-notch racing skills like in “Fast & Furious”, or the ability to shoot marksman like James Bond. In addition, you also need to have a quick mind to flexibly use the right weapons for each different situation. The point that makes this version different from the previous two versions of GTA 3 mobile and GTA 4 mobile, is that when not on duty in GTA 5, you can freely explore the large open world. You will have quiet moments to relax after the struggles full of “sweat, blood, and tears”.

Gta 5 mobile for ANdroid

Attractive features of GTA 5

Extremely realistic real-world simulation

There is one thing that makes gamers always fascinated with GTA 5, that is the world context is simulated exactly like real life down to the smallest detail. The state of San Andreas is a fictional place built on parts of California and Nevada, consisting of 3 main cities: Los Santos (Los Angeles), San Fierro (San Francisco), and Las Venturas (Las Vegas). The skyscrapers and majestic mountain peaks are all meticulously drawn to every detail by Rockstar’s graphic design team. You can completely freely drive to explore the famous places of Las Vegas while walking in the game.

Diverse quest system

The plot of the game is based on real events in Los Angeles in the early 1990s. That time emerged with bloody confrontations between gangs, and cocaine trafficking became hotter than ever. Therefore, the missions in GTA 6 also become more realistic and in-depth. The quest system of Franklin, Michael, and Trevor is many, but they are always linked together to create a healthy and clear plot. In addition to the main mission system, the tasks in Grand Theft Auto V are also very diverse such as racing entertainment, robbing banks, and interacting with NPCs to increase fitness and stats in the game.

Open world

The open world is one of the highlights of GTA V. The difference in Grand Theft Auto V’s open world lies in the player interactions and events that take place in Los Santos. Rockstar always adds events to the game to increase its attractiveness. In GTA 5, players can freely do everything they want such as driving and participating in races, starting a business to get rich, and robbing banks to do missions, …

Play Online, do quests with friends

GTA 5’s online system is the reason why this game is always at the top of the best-selling games. It is updated monthly with lots of new content added, as well as new missions and challenges for players to conquer. It would be a waste to only play a single game with the splendid city of Los Santos and beautiful nature like this game. The game’s online system allows you and your friends to explore the vast city of Los Santos, or together do unique missions that GTA 5 brings to players.

In-game currency

Money in the game will be a reward for you when completing tasks or missions “robbing the bank”. In GTA 5, there are many things to spend with money, you can buy a house, buy a car, buy new costumes, or you can invest in factories that smuggle “forbidden goods” to develop in the online game section. As for offline, you can invest in stocks to get rich.

How to install GTA 5 for your Android phone?

To start installing this game, you need to prepare your devices well. The capacity of the game will be quite large, so you will need a phone with large memory. You will then start downloading the game’s files to your phone. Next, start by following our steps to install and run the game on your Android device.

1, Copy the game data file you downloaded to the folder

Android / OBB of the memory card. Unzip the file.

2, Install the game’s APK file

3, Start enjoying the game.


Although GTA 5 does not have an official mobile version yet, we always have mobile-specific apk versions to satisfy your expectations for this hit game. Do not hesitate anymore, immediately download the GTA 5 mobile APK version to your phone and immerse yourself in the extremely impressive gangster world. We will update the download links regularly. If you have questions about this game, please leave a review below. Thank you for visiting Apkdroid! Wish you have a nice day!

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