HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online MOD APK 0.37.46 (Unlocked All Items)

Updated 02:06 - 17/06/2023
Package com.hgames.propvshunter
Version 0.37.46
Publisher GS Games Studio
Size 235M
Require Android 5.0

HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online will bring you endless fun through fascinating hide and seek in the White House – The White House of the land of flags. Moreover, you will experience thousands of missions with extremely unique and interesting challenges. Do not hesitate any longer, join this game to enjoy an ideal and fun entertainment space. Let’s explore this game with APKDROID!

HIDE - Hide-and-Seek Online!

About HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online

HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online mod Apk is an action game combining revolving RPG elements produced and published by GS Games Studio. The game is mainly inspired by the traditional hide and seek game, and it has innovation in some aspects to make the new game more interesting. Surely all of us have experienced the feeling of playing hide-and-seek, a familiar game from our childhood. But what do you think when experiencing this game in a new way? Cool, unique and a little more interesting and attractive? Let’s learn about this game with us.

Thrilling and exciting hide-and-seek game

HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online Mod Apk for Android gives you new feelings compared to the usual hide-and-seek game. Do you want to be an avid hunter or a skilled fugitive? Do you want to go through every corner of the Niche in search of an opponent, or are you a “hidden” so talented that even a hunter’s scanner can’t detect you?

The plot of HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online

HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online Mod gives you the opportunity to role-play with two types of characters: one is a hunter, and the other is a fugitive. Because the number of players in each level is 410, you can also invite your friends to play the game to form a party, or in 2 different battle lines depending on your choice. Otherwise, servers will be randomly matched based on the server you choose, e.g. Asian server, European server, Americas server, etc.

HIDE - Hide-and-Seek Online!

The context of HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online (Mod Unlock Menu) is even more special than many other games because it is designed to simulate the room of the White House (Washington, USA). Join the game, you can see the scenery around your White House area in 3D graphic style, but remember not to let your opponent discover your location if you are the one in the process of hiding.

New gameplay

In the mod version of HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online, the tasks of both the hunter team and the escape group have some unique and common points. Both teams share the task of collecting in-game props that the developer has placed in various locations. When any group collects these accessories, they will get corresponding valuable rewards.

The hunter team must always search and carefully observe every nook or cranny that no one notices, even the camera in the building that cannot be reached to find the whereabouts of the hidden team. They are granted limited privileges such as camera access, hints on where to hide props, or the whereabouts of a team member in hiding… 

However, on the hunting team’s ankles, they always have to wear a small bell to make noise. The hiding team, not only need to find the hidden equipment but also has to be careful and sensitive to sense the ringing of the hunting equipment, so that they can quickly change the hidden location.

Complete daily quests

In HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online, every day you will receive any task. However, your task is also really easy and simple: find ways to “tease” the team of guys who are looking for you. Join your teammates to create extremely interesting pranks for the enemy. Then, “run now” and hide from these guys in as secret places as possible. Either way, you can’t let them find you easily. It can be seen that this way, you will get a whole new and much more interesting hide-and-seek experience!

HIDE - Hide-and-Seek Online!

Possessing great weapons

This game contains a considerable arsenal of weapons, with many different types to provide and assist you during the gameplay, for example, guns, grenades, flash bullets, and many more. Take advantage of these weapons for the right purpose and at the right time, not indiscriminately. Moreover, you should learn a few skills of hide-and-seek and teasing, then apply them thoroughly in the levels of HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online.

Impressive graphics create a sense of excitement for players

Thanks to the extremely new graphic screen with colorful images, it can be said that HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online has created beautiful masterpieces that attract the attention and interest of a large number of players. The details are quite specific, and the characters are drawn and rendered in a very lovely way. Each character has a different shape and face to make it easier for players to distinguish. Not only that, they also carry a function of their own. Here, you also have the opportunity to create your own unique matches to enjoy with your friends.

The MOD APK version of HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online

MOD feature

Unlocked Menu/ Unlocked: When using the MOD APK version of HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online, you will get the menu to unlock feature. With this feature, you will experience all the useful features in the game completely for free.

Download HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online Mod Apk for Android

Inspired by the famous traditional hide-and-seek game, since its release, HIDE – Hide-and-Seek Online Mod Apk has received a lot of attention from the gaming community. It can be said that this is an extremely interesting entertainment game. If it suits your spare time, download this game and experience it on Apkdroid right now!

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