Honkai Impact 3rd MOD APK 6.7.0 (Increase Damage/Defense)

Updated 12:07 - 02/07/2023
Package com.miHoYo.bh3global
Version 6.7.0
Publisher miHoYo Limited
Size 579M
Features Increase Damage/Defense
Require Android 5.0

Honkai Impact 3rd is an action game that makes a very good impression on players, thanks to its extremely beautiful and attractive Anime graphics. The context in the game is when the evil forces attack and control the earth. Then, you will become Valkyrie warriors to fight against evil forces and protect our planet. So what is attractive about this game? Together with Apkdroid find out details in this article. In addition, do not forget to follow the Apkdroid for the fastest updates on the most attractive apk mod apps and games.

Honkai Impact 3rd APK + MOD (Increase Damage/Defense)

About Honkai Impact 3rd

Today we choose Honkai Impact 3rd as the game to introduce to you because this is the game with the best graphics in the anime game genre. Not only that, but the game also attracts players thanks to the story full of humanity. You can play it on both Android and iOS mobile platforms. However, in this article, we will introduce you to the Honkai Impact 3rd mod apk version for Android. If you are a lover of Japanese manga, Honkai Impact 3rd will be a game that you cannot ignore.

The plot of the game will talk about 3 stages in the future when the world is invaded by a strange disease called Honkai. When attacked, people gradually lose consciousness. They become soulless corpses, like zombies who only know how to kill their own kind.

In the context of the world coming to an end, the Valkyries appeared. These are the girls who possess the holy mark and they are immune to the above disease. That’s why they stood up to fight to save this world.Honkai Impact 3rd APK + MOD (Increase Damage/Defense)

Coming to Honkai Impact 3rd, players will follow in the footsteps of rookie trio Mei Raiden, Kiana Kaulana, and Bronya Zaychik to become true Valkyrie warriors. From there, fight against evil and protect your humanity.

The gameplay of the game

Coming to Honkai Impact 3rd, players will transform into the commanding officer of a battleship named Hyperion. Your job is to recruit and fight with Valkyrie warriors. These warriors will have different personalities and abilities. At the beginning of the game, players will be able to choose 3 characters, 3 attributes, and 3 different battle rooms. However, with different game versions, you can choose more to bring an interesting experience.

Honkai Impact 3rd APK + MOD (Increase Damage/Defense)

The operation in the game is not too complicated. Players just need to manipulate correctly, and they will be able to create extremely beautiful battles. The player’s screen will be divided into two parts: right and left. Therefore, players can easily make moves and attacks.

On the left screen will be the Control key, so as for the player to control the direction of the character such as forward, backward, turn right or left.

In the right part, it will be the direction of attack and the use of the character’s skills. Each level will bring different goals. When those goals are completed, the player will win and move on to a new level.

Character development

Honkai Impact 3rd has a very rich character system. Therefore, when leveling up, players will be able to unlock new characters. These characters will have different skills and equipment systems to increase stats. During the game, players can perform tasks to overcome the vice table or collect materials to gain more experience and develop their character. In addition, you can also participate in PVE battles, and join guilds to participate in many other activities.

And you can also increase your friendliness by interacting with the characters on the Hyperion battleship. You can chat or poke fun.

Honkai Impact 3rd APK + MOD (Increase Damage/Defense)

Graphics and sound of Honkai Impact 3rd

It can be said that the sound of Honkai Impact 3rd is really great. The background music is vibrant at each stage of the fight, and the sound can be pushed to the climax, the depth, or the silence. All these levels will blend together to create a very wonderful ensemble. In particular, the Valkyries are voiced extremely lovely and pure, making the game more attractive.

The game’s graphics are divided into 3 main colors with extremely eye-catching shapes. Valkyrie warriors are adorable, and each has its own interesting expressions. The effects of the battle screens are also extremely monumental, and beautiful, and make a great impression on the players. Coming to each level, there will be different tasks and forms of implementation. Thereby helping players not get bored.

What features does the Honkai Impact 3rd mod apk version have?

  1. Increase Damage
  2. Increase Defense
  3. Full gold and diamonds.


With the information introduced above, it can be seen that Honkai Impact 3rd is a game worth playing for players to experience. With attractive graphics, this will definitely be a game that will bring you extremely beautiful effects. Download Honkai Impact 3rd mod apk to experience it right away.


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