Idle Army Base MOD APK3.1.0 (Free Shopping)

Updated 01:05 - 15/05/2023
Package com.neonplay.casualidlearmybase
Version 3.1.0
Publisher Neon Play
Size 94M
Features Free Shopping
Require Android 5.0

Idle Army Base is a tycoon game with an army theme. The game simulates a large military base. To be a commander, the chief of a military base, your main mission is to build and develop a platform to earn more money. Although the game is idle, your task is not easy. To know how “difficult” or “idle” the game is, explore the writing below of APKDROID!

 Idle Army Base APK + MOD

About Idle Army Base

Idle Army Base is a military simulation game. It’s never been more fun to explore the activities and disciplines of the officers! This game is not a newly released product. It reached more than 5 million downloads since its release. It can be said that Idle Army Base is very worth playing!

Experience the life of a soldier

Do you want to experience the life of a soldier in the army? Join the Idle Army Base and become the owner of the biggest military base in the world. In Neon Play’s newest idle simulation game, you’ll learn how to direct an army.

Literally, the gameplay of Idle Army Base is of the idle genre. In the game, players only need to unlock, update and expand everything. Then, your unit will automatically work and earn benefits. 

There will be some volunteers at your camp, then you can train them through military missions. It includes individual training of skills and tactics in the training area. The squad leader and platoon leader will work together and support each other in difficult situations. 

Strongly develop the army base

You can see that you can not only experience many things in the military but also understand how an army works. You can use the money you earn to invest in buildings and create activities to attract more volunteers.

 Idle Army Base APK + MOD

Turn this place into a powerful military base with a thriving economy. Although there are many obstacles, as a leader you can overcome them, right?

Overcome countless challenges

Along with training soldiers, you also have to complete many challenges and missions in the game’s system such as managing your army, expanding your territory, training new soldiers, or upgrading weapons and equipment.

Although the game is idle, there is something that you have to do in Idle Army Base. It’s easy to understand because there is no rest time in a military base. If you stagnate or stop training, the soldiers will lose discipline, which is especially important in the military.

Those tasks, in general, are not too difficult. In addition, you will also receive instructions from the Idle Army Base system. Experience and guide your soldiers to complete the challenges.

Upgrade your barracks

With the money you earn from the activities, you can reinvest in your base. First, unlock the available areas in the barracks. An army is not limited to a single square. You can make bombs, armors, and rockets instead of common weapons. The game also allows you to train additional forces such as navy and air combat. 

Increase the total strength of your army across all three territories of land, sea, and air. As you can see, this is not required, but your army won’t last long without any of the above.

If you scale up, the reputation of your military base will increase. This helps attract more new soldiers to your facility to sign up, which makes you busier. You also need good management because you are managing thousands of people, which is not easy. 

 Idle Army Base APK + MOD

Simple but visual graphics and sound

Idle Army Base has simple and visual graphics, which will immerse you in the experience of each training area. The view from the top allows you to watch and record the activities of military barracks.

Besides eye-catching graphics, Idle Army Base also really cares about the sound experience of gamers. The proof is that when playing the game, you can feel the space extremely similar to life at the military barracks in real life.

MOD APK version of Idle Army Base

MOD feature

  • Free shopping: All upgrades and expansions cost 0 $.
  • No Advs

One of the most annoying things about the gamer’s experience is the ads in the game. With the MOD APK version of Idle Army Base provided by APKDROID, players will not have to face those annoying ads. Moreover, the MOD version also offers a free shopping feature, so you can freely upgrade your military base.

Download Idle Army Base MOD APK for Android

Not tactically complicated like other games of the same genre, Idle Army Base promises to bring extremely entertaining moments for players. More specifically, this will be one of the “unique” games, extremely suitable for those who love life in the military barracks. If you enjoy the game, download Idle Army Base MOD APK for Android HERE.

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