Idle Mortician Tycoon MOD APK 1.0.29 (Unlimited All Resources)

Updated 06:04 - 10/04/2023
Package com.idle.mortician.tycoon
Version 1.0.29
Publisher Yellow Jin
Size 100M
Features Unlimited All Resources
Require Android 5.1

Idle Mortician is a unique game that gives you the job of managing a cemetery. You need to control everything so that it goes right, expand your team and upgrade buildings to earn more money. If you want to learn more about this game, read the analysis of APKDROID right here.

About the game Idle Mortician

Idle Mortician is a game developed by Kaiart. You will become a funeral manager and take care of all the steps. The ultimate goal is to bring the deceased back to the surface safely and quickly. This will bring you great income and tremendous growth.

You need to use many tools and skills when playing Idle Mortician. Please actively upgrade the quality to bring satisfaction to everyone. Best of all, it’s also a great way for you to accomplish your goals.

Idle Mortician Tycoon MOD APK

It is easy to see that simulation games are often built in the direction of breeding, construction and care. However, coming to Idle Mortician, you will see the boldness of the developer. Accordingly, what you need to do is run a thoughtful funeral program.

The game realistically and accurately simulates the work in a funeral home. However, it all creates fun, but not as gloomy and boring as many people think. If you have never experienced this genre, quickly download Idle Mortician to feel it.

Accordingly, customers will come to you when their loved one dies. Most of all, they are in a time of sadness, pain and not being able to do anything. Therefore, you should help them complete the most solemn funeral to receive commensurate benefits.

Perform facility upgrades to become the first choice

Your staff will carry out the work of bringing the deceased to their final resting place. To improve productivity, you should constantly upgrade your office to be more and more modern. Thanks to that, the procedures take place quickly and still ensure the expected effect.

Initially when joining Idle Mortician, your facilities are still very limited. The space there is quite cramped, still wild and not beautiful. However, after actively collecting items and building facilities, things should get better.

The game allows the player to make some upgrades to the building to become more spacious. You need to unlock the luxurious and elegant new office. At the same time, receiving documents and signing contracts are also fully integrated.

Work at the funeral home is quite hectic, so you can’t do it alone. Therefore, hire more employees to share those burdens and hardships. When productivity increases, that’s when you get the ideal profit.

When offering a good funeral service, many customers will know you and they will not hesitate to choose. Players need to continue to do a good job to become the optimal solution of all gods.

Perform important tasks

If you want to maximise your income, you don’t just meet the needs of your customers. Besides, players need to perform the tasks listed in the daily list. By performing that task, you will gain great benefits and become rich by your own strength.

For missions with high difficulty, there will be rewards of diamonds. This is also fully commensurate with your efforts, so that the source of income continues to be guaranteed.

Idle Mortician Tycoon MOD APK

In addition, with this source of currency, you also quickly achieve the necessary upgrade conditions. Thereby, you will have a much greater development than before. In particular, the quests are constantly renewed every day whether you do them or not.

In addition, the game Idle Mortician has a booster feature to help you get the job done quickly. Use them if you want to speed up the burial and manoeuvres. In general, the game will give you an interesting feeling never seen before.

Although there are a lot of tasks set out in Idle Mortician, the game will give you the tools you need to get it done. At the same time, you also quickly upgrade countless new buildings and expand the cemetery to meet the needs of customers.

Find stimulating experiences when participating in the game

You may think that joining Idle Mortician is very simple. However, it is not easy to develop a funeral home. Because the game forces you to think through to find effective management.

During the game, you always have to observe everything and make sure to make the right decision. Idle Mortician is a challenging game that attracts anyone to join for hours on end.

Idle Mortician is easy to play, but not easy to win. You need a certain amount of time to master the mechanics. All bring interesting challenges, and attract you in a very natural way to stay away from boredom.

Well managed areas in the funeral home

Idle Mortician has 3 main buildings with separate functions. You need to manage them so that everything goes smoothly, harmoniously and towards the highest work efficiency.

Idle Mortician Tycoon MOD APK

  • Embalming Area: The place where bodies are prepared for burial.
  • VIP lounge: You should invest in this area for customers waiting for their turn.
  • Reception: People come to your funeral home in distress. Therefore, you need a seating area for them to relax and remember their loved ones in peace. Make sure it has comfortable seats and a quiet atmosphere.

As you progress through Idle Mortician, upgrade existing structures to make them more effective. All choices depend entirely on you. The game is now compatible with many devices, fast download times do not keep you waiting.

Download now the mod version – Unlimited Money for better cemetery management

In fact, to upgrade the cemetery and create premium services, you need to actively collect items and accumulate currency. However, this process makes many gamers feel bored leading to a less than perfect experience. Don’t worry because that’s when you don’t know the mod version – Unlimited Money.

The above mod version gives players unlimited money. Thanks to that, you will have abundant financial resources to easily unlock levels and complete tasks quickly. At the same time, you don’t have to care about anything, just focus on managing and building a better cemetery.

Idle Mortician has beautiful graphics and quality sound to give players memorable experiences. If you are looking for a unique game, do not hesitate to download it today. Surely the outstanding features and compelling storyline will not let you down.


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