Idle Research MOD APK 0.21.7 (Free Purchases, Energy)

Updated 09:11 - 20/11/2022
Package CryptoGrounds.IdleResearch
Version 0.21.7
Publisher CryptoGrounds Games LLC
Size 80M
Features Free Purchases, Energy
Require Android 4.4

Idle Research is an extremely attractive resource management game. Here, you can participate actively and passively to experience the bright colors. To understand more about this game, immediately read the latest information provided by APKDROID below.

Idle Research MOD APK

About the game Idle Research

Idle Research is developed by CryptoGrounds Games LLC. This game gives you idle management tasks and many addictive elements. You will embark on the research and manufacture of colorful vases, tubes, and cylinders.

Through that research, you will gain a lot of energy and earn commensurate rewards. Join the game Idle Research, also the time you become a real Chemist. You need a mix of reagents, objects, and raw materials to get different results.

For each stage, players will discover many new combinations. You will create a workplace to your liking and style. This place is sure to become a great work of research and discovery.

Idle Research is considered an interesting and attractive game. In it, you need to control a multitude of different types of resources to create something. At the same time, you must actively research to come up with new technologies, and store the energy needed to continue your experiments.

Join the game to become a real researcher

Idle Research provides players with many tools. Thanks to that, you can mine and process resources. In particular, gamers also find moments of extreme entertainment through the management and conduct of daring experiments.

In the game, crafting is the main part. Therefore, use pots and tubes of different thicknesses and lengths. Cylindrical tools and more will help you attract a lot of energy.

Besides, the items created will support the industry development process. You can automate most of the available actions and enjoy the game. In particular, gamers can also practice cooking potions and explore hundreds of objects with bright colors.

Idle Research gives players the opportunity to create something completely new. Of course, these remedies are unheard of with amazing uses.

Idle Research MOD APK

The game offers players a multitude of outstanding features

It takes a certain amount of time for you to discover all that is in Idle Research. This game gives players a series of outstanding features. Thanks to that, the experience is more interesting and hard to find in any other game:

  • Do your research and unlock up to 18 different items in a variety of striking colors.
  • Make items that help unlock features and continue to increase the number.
  • Using boosters makes the game run faster. Idle Research integrates up to 62 different accelerators to let you choose from.
  • Use automation right away, so you don’t have to do too much. Instead, it puts you in control of it all.
  • Abundant energy source up to e10000s.
  • Integrate 70 different skills to complete a series of important content.
  • Makeup to 12 different potions brews up to make you a true chemist.
  • The function resets some aspects of the game to speed things up even more.
  • Fight enemies in 7 different zones and endless stages.
  • Improve research speed by mastering items.

As such, Idle Research has a lot of outstanding features. Thereby, we also see the enthusiasm of the developer to bring gamers a good game.

Simple and easy-to-use interface design

Idle Research has attracted many gamers to participate thanks to its modern and simple interface. Even if you are learning about this game for the first time, it is easy for you to enter. Because the function keys are scientifically designed and placed in a conspicuous position, specifically:

  • Local Save.
  • Backup List.
  • Playfab Cloud.
  • Export Save.
  • Join Discord Server.

Idle Research MOD APK

Although Idle Research is an idle game, it is not easy to overcome. You need to collect and craft many potions to collect a lot of energy. This will be used to unlock the next levels.

When playing Idle Research, you will be able to make potions with many different types of potions. Typically, the golden pot, the mysterious pot, the red pot, the fuel tank farming, etc. Consecutive tasks are set to keep the player busy to complete them.

You need to spend a lot of time thinking and making the right decisions. Are you ready to become a brilliant researcher and create unique cures on your own? With your own efforts, you will soon have remarkable achievements.

The game brings cute and colorful images

Idle Research gives players cute images and bright colors. Above all, the 2D graphics work well and display in HD quality. This helps to increase the inspiration of the experience as well as help you become happier.

In the process of playing Idle Research, you also feel the fun. Because the background music shakes hands to help players concentrate fully to avoid being distracted by anything. From there, you also quickly complete the task and unlock more levels.

On the other hand, the background color of the game is designed with dark colors. Therefore, even participating for a long time, does not cause pain and eye fatigue for players. This is also a prominent plus point that not all games have.

Mod version – Purchases, Energy

If you want to create the perfect experience when playing Idle Research, download the mod version – Purchases, Energy now. This feature allows players to buy energy for free. Thanks to that, the task of crafting remedies becomes easier than ever.

Right now you can download Idle Research to play. When you join a new game, you will find endless inspiration. At the same time, the previous stress and fatigue seemed to completely disappear.

Overall, Idle Research is one of the most worth playing games today. If you are looking for a new genre of entertainment, do not hesitate to download it today. I believe you will not regret your decision.

  • Idle Research MOD APK (Free Purchases, Energy) 0.21.7

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