Klondike Adventures MOD APK2.109.2 (Ad-Free)

Updated 03:06 - 19/06/2023
Package com.vizorapps.klondike
Version 2.109.2
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Features Ad-Free
Require Android 5.1

Klondike Adventures is an adventure to explore the territory of Alaska with two characters, the girl Kate and the guy Paul. Players will build structures, factories and take care of their workers and fields. From there, you will perform quests and create the necessary items for your expedition. The publisher VIZOR APPS has created this game for both Android and iOS operating systems. Now, let’s Apkdroid find out what Klondike Adventures has to offer.

Klondike Adventures APK for Android

The plot of the game Klondike Adventures

Coming to Klondike Adventures, you will return to the time of the 19th century. This was the time when the Klondike gold rush in Canada attracted thousands of workers to come here in search of fortune. With just your tiny screen, you can go back in time and explore this place. However, you will not be alone in your journey. Because the girl Kate and the guy Paul will go with you.

The terrible devastation after an avalanche has severely damaged the north. And in the rebuilding of this land, you will be a very important factor. Your task is to find new land and perfect it.

Quests in the game Klondike Adventures

When participating in Klondike Adventures, the first task is daily production. These are harvesting rice and beans, picking up pine trees, repairing damaged locations such as chicken coops, producing food for animals, and selling harvested items such as cow’s milk, eggs, or sheep’s wool.

By preparing the goods and delivering them to the carriers, you will gain coins and energy. You will use these to develop the city of Klondike. And there is an important task that the player needs to perform in parallel with the production process, which is to build houses for workers, docks, and factories.

Klondike Adventures APK for Android

How to play the game Klondike Adventures

In Klondike Adventures, there are up to 11 consecutive maps. You need to open these maps, however, before that, you need to have enough energy as well as complete the assigned tasks to open it.

In each of these maps, there will be 5-6 different cities along with a small event city. This event city is where special events will take place. Therefore, you should pay attention to the locations that are timed to participate in those events, thereby helping your land to grow stronger.

However, you not only need to care about the development of the city, but you also need to care about the health of the people. The weather in Alaska is extreme, so your people will fall ill at any moment. And when they have a fever, it is you who decide their fate.

With the gold you earn during the game, you can use them to buy factories or houses for your inhabitants. However, the amount of gold you earn is just enough to help you complete the tasks to pass each level, and a little more to maintain essential food sources. Therefore, if you have the money, you can also top up to buy emeralds. This emerald will help you exchange energy and gold. However, their price is quite expensive compared to the amount of gold that you can exchange.

Therefore, the advice for you is to use sparingly the number of emeralds you have. In case you want to continue playing but lack energy, there are also many ways for you to gain energy such as:

  • Use candy and chocolate or what you get through your pets.
  • Exchange honey, fruits, mushrooms through Furnace, you can get this material through the times of cutting bushes.
  • You can also make jam from blueberries. In addition, Grilling meat can also bring you a significant source of energy.

Klondike Adventures APK for Android

As the level increases, the complexity will also increase. However, you do not need to worry too much, you just need to complete the assigned tasks to find the answer for that place. In addition, Klondike Adventures also has orientations to help players not waste energy.

Graphics of the game Klondike Adventures

Klondike Adventures is built on a 2D graphics platform. The images in the game are not too picky, but it is still beautiful and shows reasonableness. The images of people and scenes are also rated as cute by players.

Although Klondike Adventures is a free-to-play game online, it has quite a few ads and players can easily opt-out of those ads. This is the outstanding advantage to help players experience the game in the most perfect way.

Download Klondike Adventures game for Android devices

Above, we have learned together about the game Klondike Adventures. It can be seen that this is a rare game that skillfully combines elements, from item crafting, farm elements to strategy. These elements have created an interesting and fun game. If you are interested in it, try it at least once, I think you will like it.

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