Lordz.io MOD APK 1.16 (Unlocked)

Updated 12:01 - 05/01/2023
Package id=fr.spinbot.lordzio
Version 1.16
Publisher Spinbot
Size 42M
Features Unlocked
Require Android 4.0.3

Lordz.io – real-time strategy multiplayer io game

Lordz.io – real time strategy multiplayer io game is a game that helps you entertain, as well as train your ability to calculate and manipulate. Many people consider Lordz.io as a professional barracks that has many thrilling but interesting and attractive challenges. Do not hesitate anymore, let’s find out about this game right away!

About Lordz.io – real-time strategy multiplayer io game

Lordz.io is known as a game that allows you to transform into a virtual army. You can test your strategy and tactics as you compete with online multiplayer in this game. Collect gold and experience, at the same time expand your stamina when fighting your enemies.

You can complete in-game missions with friends and other players, joining your huge army of knights, soldiers, gunners, mages, and dragons. Then on the battlefield, you have to fight 20 real players from all over the world to see who is the last one standing.

Features of Lordz.io – real-time strategy multiplayer io game

Real multiplayer in strategic time

In the game Lordz.io – real time strategy multiplayer io game, there will be online multiplayer to test your strategy and tactics. Besides, the competition in RTS games is quite high, and you have to fight against thousands of players all over the world. In addition, the PvP game has many participants, up to 20 opponents in the same server, which contributes to the excitement of the participant’s experience. Finally, the pacing of the RTS is very fast.

You can create a very large army

Lordz.io game – real-time strategy multiplayer io game allows you to recruit elite soldiers of the army, including knights, gunners, mages, and battle dragons. Therefore, you must have the best strategy and tactics to beat other players. You can pay attention to the strategy of dividing the army to move faster or defeat other words.

Protect your hero

You absolutely must be mindful of defending the hero at the center of your army. If you distract him and make him die, you will lose all your troops. In addition, the game will help you build a great base to protect the kingdom and the army.


With the task of collecting gold and gold mines from all over the map, you can become rich quickly. The more gold you have, the stronger you are, the more new soldiers you can buy. But with wealth, you must know how to manage resources to have a higher chance of winning.

Upgrade and protection function

Lordz.io – real time strategy multiplayer io game allows you to build and upgrade facilities such as castles, mage towers, and houses. Owning and upgrading your buildings will increase your combat power, and your army will become much stronger. Thereby helping you control most of the map and expand your territory or limit your kingdom.

Team function

At Lordz.io – real-time strategy multiplayer io game, you can create or join teams. At the same time, you can also play with your friends wherever you are.

Customize your army

You have the power to customize your lord and army with amazing skins. Integrate and equip cards to upgrade your army’s physical strength and combat power. There is an unlock function for soldiers so you can choose between hundreds of different skins such as elves, dark lords, samurai, and more…


You can play on mobile, optimized for mobile

Lordz.io on mobile can also provide the same great experiences as the hit web games. Now, Lordz.io has integrated completely new controls for touch screens.

Coming soon offline play function

In the process of testing, the offline play function promises to give you surprises as soon as possible. Let’s wait and see!

Lordz.io – real time strategy multiplayer io game MOD APK version

Currently, Lordz.io – real time strategy multiplayer io game 1.16 version has been released on the market. This is known to be the latest and most optimized version. It can fit many different devices. All locking functions are free in this version, and you can easily download the version without registration and login.

Above is useful information about Lordz.io – real time strategy multiplayer io game application. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately. Thank you for reading and caring about this article! Thanks for visiting Apkdroid. Have a nice day.


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