MARVEL Future Revolution APK v2.0.3

Updated 02:08 - 20/08/2022
Package com.netmarble.marvelfr
Version 2.0.3
Publisher Netmarble
Size 2G
Features No
Require Android 6.0

If you are a fan of the heroes of the Marvel cinematic universe, you will not be able to ignore MARVEL Future Revolution. This is a very attractive Role Playing game from the perfect story, attractive gameplay to the top graphics and sound. Surely the game will bring you a great experience. Now let’s go with Apkdroid to find out in detail the attractive elements of MARVEL Future Revolution.

MARVEL Future Revolution APK

The fascinating plot of MARVEL Future Revolution

Stories about the universe always bring their own charm. And the story of MARVEL Future Revolution is about a time in the future, when a planet is predicted to collide with our earth to destroy everything. Then, the only solution is to destroy the planet before it enters Earth’s atmosphere.

The person performing this important task is Dr. Hank Pym. However, in the process of implementation, there was a small mistake, the evil Goblins sneaked into the research room to steal the rare energy source to operate the whole secret system. And this is the time when you need superheroes, all big names like: Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Black Windows, Iron America, Captain Marvel…These superheroes will capture the Goblins and return the stolen energy to the system. And since then, Dr. Hank Pym has activated the system and successfully bombarded the other planet.

However, the fascinating story lies behind. The continuation of the story will return to a few months ago, when the superheroes receive a message from the future with the message: “beware of some dark force that will appear and destroy all “. And then, the superheroes of the past read the message, and they were time-traveled by Doctor Strange to a large research center. This is where Iron Man and Dr. Hank Pym research and build Ultron robot.

MARVEL Future Revolution APK

At that time, the superheroes conduct information search, string together and find the truth clues about the dark forces. A little disclosure for you to be less nervous, the dark forces related to the strange planet are rushing straight to Earth.

MARVEL Future Revolution – Where superheroes gather

Not just a game to play, MARVEL Future Revolution also helps players watch the big battles of superheroes. Players will be able to become a superhero, at a different level than the heroes in other games. When playing, you will experience great skills like in the movies. And you can also upgrade and discover your chosen super character. No matter which character you choose, you will own the most modern equipment and outfit weapons.

Coming to MARVEL Future Revolution, players have the opportunity to transform into one of the superheroes like Captain America, Spider Man, Captain Marvel, Storm, Doctor Strange or Iron Man. You will start the war in the present, as well as search for clues in the old time. And who is the antagonist? Not those ugly goblins, these are just pawns on the chessboard. Your real enemy is still in the dark. And he will gradually appear after the information you find.

MARVEL Future Revolution APK

The hero system is continuously upgraded

To find the ultimate villain, you need to use all your weapons and skills to face battles big and small. Destroy the monsters and then the Boss. And you must destroy the Boss to access the next mission.

After each successful battle, depending on the opponent you defeat, you will receive bonuses, gold, experience, cards or special equipment to upgrade weapons. Moreover, you also need to note that each hero will have different attributes, strength, combat skills or Power-up path. After being leveled up, superheroes will increase their stats accordingly. Each character will have 6 combat skills, that is 5 normal attacks and 1 ultimate.

Each hero also has different movement skills. For example, Star Lord can fly thanks to rockets at his feet. Black Widow moves in an ecstasy. Tony Stark dashes at milliseconds… And when you get money and gold, you can upgrade your hero with new skills.

MARVEL Future Revolution APK

In addition, each hero also has for himself 4 different types of equipment: Armor, Pants, Gloves and shoes. If you want to change a character’s appearance, you just need to change their equipment to create a character with a better new appearance. In addition, you can also upgrade the Hero’s Badge. There are 8 different badge levels corresponding to the power stat. And if you have 6 badges at the same time, you will get a particularly powerful skill for your character.

Download MARVEL Future Revolution Apk for Android devices

Are you ready to experience the amazing skills of superheroes in the world of the cinematic universe? Download the MARVEL Future Revolution apk to your device and experience it right away. Surely you will be impressed with the wonderful images and sounds that this game brings.


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