Match Journey MOD APK 0.1.234 (Unlimited Hints)

Updated 02:06 - 17/06/2023
Package miniit.matchjourney
Version 0.1.234
Publisher Brightika, Inc
Size 55M
Features Fere Rewards
Require Android 4.4

Match Journey is an idle entertainment game. If you want to find a good, easy-to-join game, find out now. The latest analysis from APKDROID will bring you a lot of useful information.

About the game Match Journey

Match Journey is known as a mind game. You want to overcome hundreds of difficult puzzles to use the ability to reason and calculate. Many people have participated in this game and have had positive feedback.

After a tiring day of work, finding interesting entertainment is a must. When participating in Match Journey you will not have time to think about anything else. Because you have to devote all your focus to finding the most correct options.

Match Journey

In general, the game is suitable for many different ages. So you can find out and join early today. Hundreds of levels in Match Journey are waiting for you to explore and decode.

Your task when playing Match Journey is 3 cells with the same image, arrange them in the horizontal bar below. At this point, they will automatically disappear. You keep doing that until the playing field is empty.

Up to now, many people have downloaded this game. If you want to discover for yourself and make an objective judgment, don’t hesitate to experience it right away.

Start the quest and solve the puzzle

Joining the Match Journey is when you have to use your own observation skills. Look at the same images on the screen, and quickly arrange them in the horizontal bar below. Just find three matching photos and you have them disappear on the field.

You need to triple all the pictures until the playing field is empty. This is generally quite simple, the control is very easy. What you need to do is drag and drop to the required position.

Besides, once you have put the images in the horizontal bar below you can not reverse their position. Therefore, you need to choose correctly

Immediately after completing a level, the game quickly moves to another level. Here, you will continue to face new challenges. From there, you always find new excitement, away from the boring feeling of playing other games.

In the beginning, you will overcome the challenges easily. However, later on, the game screen becomes more difficult than ever. Therefore, you need to use many skills to complete the mission in the game.

Accumulate a lot of bonuses to use attractive features in the game

When you pass the level in the Match Journey game, you will accumulate the corresponding bonus amount. The faster you solve the puzzle, the more financial resources you will receive. At that time, you should use the coins to exchange to get hints and use rockets.

The more difficult levels you participate in, the more coins you get. This is an important rule when playing Match Journey you need to remember.

In addition, when playing the game you can get a chest. Do not hesitate to open it to receive many unexpected rewards.

Match Journey

Master the rules of the game to solve puzzles effectively

Any game has its own rules and the same goes for Match Journey. Accordingly, you can use boosters, shuffle the cells, and cancel the current move. In addition, if you find it difficult to solve the puzzle, you should use hints.

When the player uses the hint on the screen, the appropriate squares will flash. This is about showing you the most accurate and correct next move. However, you should only use this feature if you really can’t find a solution. Because you need to spend a lot of gold coins for this.

In particular, when participating in Match Journey you need to pay attention to the time. Each game screen will have a specific number of seconds and minutes that the player must complete in that time. Even if you are one second late, you will be counted as a loser.

Match Journey helps players improve intelligence, reasoning, and sporting ability. You cannot play arbitrarily, but must carefully calculate your every move.

Bright graphics, funny sounds

The plus point of Match Journey is the bright graphics. Accordingly, the squares that you need to arrange have pictures of frogs, leaves, strawberries, grapes, flowers, turtles, etc. At the same time, the colors are very prominent to help players always feel inspired. start, fun to join.

Besides, the sound is also quite funny, bringing a sense of comfort and relaxation. This once again gives you memorable experiences, which few games have.

In addition, the game developer also arranged the function keys, the title is very scientific and intuitive. From there, you don’t have to waste time searching, but everything is laid out in front of you.

Match Journey Mod APK

Match Journey also makes many people love it thanks to its flexible installation feature. Depending on your entertainment needs and personal preferences, you can adjust the sound on/off, to vibrate mode, select language, etc.

Match Journey is one of the most addictive games today. If you have never participated in a similar game, quickly download and experience it. Chances are this game will bring you more interesting things than expected.

Match Journey MOD APK – No ads/ Adfree

Match Journey is a game suitable for all ages, with simple gameplay, and many levels. Besides, you also enjoy many interesting features such as viewing hints and reversing the order of images on the game screen. However, many people find it extremely annoying when they are constantly interrupted and interrupted by ads.

If you want to fix the above situation, download the MOD version – No ads/ Adfree right away. Accordingly, the Match Journey MOD APK version will block all ads to help you join seamlessly. Match Journey MOD APK helps players aim for the most perfect experience in the game. Best of all, Match Journey MOD APK does not harm your device.

Match Journey MOD APK version has been tested on many devices, is light capacity and is easy to install. At the same time, you are completely assured of the safety of the Match Journey MOD APK.

Match Journey will bring you moments of true entertainment. Beautiful images, good sounds, and diverse game screens are waiting for you to explore. Therefore, what you should do right now is download this game right away to your device to experience it.

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