Monument Valley 2 MOD APK 3.3.492 (No Paid)

Updated 03:10 - 25/10/2022
Package com.ustwo.monumentvalley2
Version 3.3.492
Publisher ustwo games
Size 242M
Features No Paid
Require Android 6.0

It’s a pity if you haven’t heard of the game Monument Valley 2. Monument Valley 2 is known as one of the few games that possess a parallel artistic graphic design style.

In addition, Monument Valley 2 also has a very new and creative gameplay. Therefore, it is rated as the best intellectual and puzzle game on mobile devices.

Currently, Monument Valley 2 has captured the hearts of many professional gamers. Right now, let’s learn about this popular game with the Apkdroid!

Monument Valley 2 APK

Introduction about the game Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is built in an art direction based on the classic works of Dutch artist – Escher. In the game Monument Valley 2, you have the task of skillfully moving the cubes to find the way for the character. Surely, you will encounter many unexpected challenges that you probably never thought of.

Monument Valley 2 has been updated for both iPhone and iPad devices. When experiencing this game, you will definitely be attracted by the smooth and reasonable transitions, along with mysterious but attractive noises and sounds. It is these factors that have made Monument Valley a classic game that many young people and gamers seek.

Monument Valley 2 brings a familiar feeling to players

As mentioned, Monument Valley 2 is built in an art direction based on many famous works, so the birth of Monument Valley 2 is considered a continuation of the hit stories. Monument Valley 2 is designed with the same style as the first part, but it adds many new and interesting details. However, in terms of gameplay, both parts are almost the same. If you are someone who has tried to play Monument Valley part 1, surely Monument Valley 2 will give you a very simple and familiar feeling when experiencing.

However, if you haven’t tried part 1 yet, that’s okay. Don’t worry, if you haven’t experienced the first part, you can still join Monument Valley 2. Because Monument Valley 2 and 1 are two completely independent stories. Plus, as you work through the game, you’ll also receive a basic tutorial to help you get used to it.

Monument Valley 2 APK

Gameplay in Monument Valley 2

When you experience the world of Monument Valley 2, you will discover that life revolves around a mother named Ro and her child. In the first stages of the game, you, your mother, and your daughter will together explore ancient and magical architectures. The mother will be the center of the story, the child almost always runs behind its mother, so there is almost no point of interest.

However, you will experience the latest elements of the game soon after. At that time, Mother Ro and her child will be separated. Then your task will be to try to bring the mother and daughter together. At first, you only have the task of controlling the mother and the child that follows her. But in many different cases, there are some unexpected situations, the mother will be in the front and the child will be left behind. In later levels, you will have the task of controlling the child while its mother is watching it from afar. From then on, the game will be relatively stable, without too many breakthroughs.

Graphics in Monument Valley 2 are meticulous in every detail

The developers have polished Monument Valley 2 very meticulously, and they pay attention to every little detail of the game. Even the objects or scenes in the game are designed vividly. Every detail is so vivid that every step or movement of the character, the clothes or the hat, and the falling leaves make you feel its vividness.

The sound of Monument Valley 2 gives players a sense of peace

Referring to the factors that make up Monument Valley 2’s success, certainly, the sound has an indispensable contribution. The music of Monument Valley 2 also plays an important role in the feeling you get from the game. The music of Monument Valley 2 brings a feeling of warmth and peace, giving people the focus to solve intellectual puzzles without being too suspenseful.

Monument Valley 2 APK

Attraction features of Monument Valley 2

  •     Monument Valley 2 brings a whole new story. It is the process of discovering the development of Ro and her baby.
  •       Multi-dimensional and vivid graphics
  •       Many different levels help arouse the curiosity and intelligence of the player.
  •       Enjoy the melodious and poetic sound when playing Monument Valley 2
  •   The control functions are not too complicated, you just need to simply touch and rotate
  •     Monument Valley 2 is considered a great choice for entertainment and relaxation after stressful hours of study and work.

Monument Valley 2 MOD APK version

Currently, there is a Monument Valley 2 MOD APK version that supports unlocking the entire game (No Paid)

Above is interesting information about the game Monument Valley 2 that we have collected. We hope that through this article, you will get useful knowledge. If you have any questions, please contact for a quick and

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