Mortician Inc – Idle Empire MOD APK 1.0.17 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Updated 01:06 - 19/06/2023
Version 1.0.17
Publisher Game Veterans
Size 59M
Features Unlimited Money/Gold
Require Android 5.0

Are you a person who likes to make money? Come to Mortician Inc. – Idle Empire, because this game will bring you interesting experiences. Here you get an idle job and can earn a lot of money from it. That is the job of providing services to the deceased. It sounds scary, but it will certainly bring you many interesting experiences. Join Apkdroid to discover Mortician Inc. – Idle Empire in this article.

Mortician Inc. - Idle Empire Mod APK

Overview of Mortician Inc. – Idle Empire

To do that, you need to have some initial capital. With the game Mortician Inc. – Idle Empire, you can make millions of dollars by human death. But don’t worry, the money you make is completely legal. Your job is to make crematoriums and services for the dead. If you don’t have enough money to do that, you can accumulate or you can also supplement your budget, but this is not necessary. Improvements and upgrades will contribute to future profitable growth. And for the work to grow even more, you need to expand the workspace. The larger the scale, the more customers you will attract. Then you will be in control of everything in your work area.

You will start your work by hiring workers, purchasing furniture, expanding funeral homes, and providing the best service to your customers. From there, you will build a reputation as a cemetery tycoon famous throughout the region.

A weird type of business

Before you become a funeral magnate, you will start with learning. The manager will show you what you need to do and where to start. You need to buy a tank to see off the corpse, then you should buy an autopsy, carry out the procedures and put the body in preservation. And finally, hire someone to take care of the burial of the dead. Although this is a job that seems sad and also has its fears, it will nevertheless pay off. It can be said that this is a business that can bring you a lot of profit, and you should not miss this opportunity to make money.

Mortician Inc. - Idle Empire Mod APK

Upgrade and develop

With your efforts, your small funeral home will gradually become large to serve customers all over the city. Mortician Inc. – Idle Empire is designed to foster the growth of new talent, allowing players to fulfill their goals and ambitions in real life. Each person will have their own knowledge and ambition in business. And it not only helps players join this game but also helps them achieve success in life.

Simple gameplay helps players relax at maximum

This is a game with a smooth combination of arcade and simulation elements. The entire operation of this economic model is controlled by simple actions, so new players can understand all the intricacies of the management in just a few minutes. However, you should not worry because this is a game that gives you free entertainment.

Players can come here for a few minutes to a few dozen minutes, whenever they want, you can earn money in this game. However, when you are not in the game, it also means that you will not earn money. Therefore, when you return, the game starts from the exact moment you left it.

Earn even when you’re out of the game

There will be paid enhancements that will allow you to earn extra income even when the app is inactive. That is, you will hire a manager by spending some real money. The criterion to evaluate the quality of the player’s work is based on the amount of income per minute. The changes are immediately visible, which in turn helps drive future work.

Mortician Inc. - Idle Empire Mod APK

What interesting features does the Mortician Inc version –  Idle Empire mod apk have?

Unlimited Money: This is the best feature that this version has to offer. You can use as much as you want and it will save you time for rapid development.

Download Mortician Inc. – Idle Empire mod apk for Android

Make a lot of money, learn management experience and how to run your business, that’s what you can learn from Mortician Inc. – Idle Empire mod apk. This is a game that will not let you get bored. Download Mortician Inc. – Idle Empire mod apk and immediately experience the attractive money-making work of this game.

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