Mr Meat: Horror Escape Room MOD APK 2.0.2 (Unlocked)

Updated 05:02 - 26/02/2023
Package .psychopathhunt
Version 2.0.2
Publisher Keplerians Horror Games
Size 143M
Features Unlocked
Require Android 4.4

If you are looking for a very horror, creepy and scary game, there is no better choice than Mr Meat. This is a horror game published by Keplerian Horror Game. Through this article, we will learn together about this game and its Mod version. In addition, you can also download it completely for free. Stay tuned to our Apkdroid forum, because there will be more perfect updates along with other great apps and apk games. Now, let’s learn about the game Mr Meat.

Download Mr Meat MOD APK for Android

About Mr Meat

Mr Meat is produced and published by Keplerian Horror Game – a game publisher that is very famous for horror, dramatic, and very realistic titles. If you love this game genre, you must have played or heard of the Evil Nun and Ice Cream Series.

Mr Meat is a game that mixes action, horror, and puzzle genres. If you are looking for a game to entertain, Mr. Meat is not for you. Because it is full of drama, fear, and surprise in every minute of gameplay. Surely you will be satisfied with this heavy horror game.

The plot of Mr. Meat

Mr Meat is taking place in the context of an outbreak of the Zombie pandemic. Your city is being severely impacted, and countless people have fallen victim to this pandemic.

And Mr Meat, a butcher who lives near your house, has been infected and turned into an evil demon, a zombie. His lost soul makes him a serial killer, he kills living creatures just to satisfy his hunger. The house of Mr Meat is haunted and filled with corpses, even containing many people he kidnapped and held captive.

When there is a case related to the disappearance of a student, you follow that trail and find the house of Mr Meat. And this is also your opportunity to investigate the rumors surrounding this house when your superiors assign you a task.

Download Mr Meat MOD APK for Android

Adventure in the horror house

The whole time in this game, you will experience horror-filled adventures. And it takes place in a serial killer’s haunted house. As the plot mentioned, you will have to find the missing schoolgirl, and it is very likely that she is being held in this house.

According to the plot, Mr Meat is considered a very dangerous person, he has no soul anymore because he is infected with a terrible disease. He drinks blood and eats raw meat. Therefore, you must be very careful not to be discovered by him. If unlucky to be discovered, he will chase you and lead to unexpected results.

The context in the game also adds to the horror. The corridors are long and dark, the air is murky, and the surroundings are full of blood and raw flesh. Along with that, the old and dilapidated scenery will make you shiver.

Look for clues to save the victim

The schoolgirl kidnapped by the killer is hiding somewhere in the house. And your task is to find clues to quickly save the victim from that cruel person. The girl is detained in different places, and he changed the place of detention at a certain time. Therefore, you have to follow that trail to find the victim.

Mr Meat is not only a horror game, but it also has a puzzle element. With physics puzzles, you must have logic to find clues. For example, if you want to open a door, you will have to have a key, or when opening a tunnel or a crate, you also have to find suitable solutions.

In addition, the game also has much different content for you to explore. Look for drawers or cabinets, there will be letters, pictures, or videos with useful content or maybe new clues.

Choose to face fear?

The fear in the Mr Meat game is the old butcher, who has no soul but always tries to kill you. And throughout the game, you will have to choose between facing or running away. If you are unlucky to be caught, the butcher will chase and kill you. But you should not worry too much, because the game will provide you with guns and some other weapons for defense. However, the main purpose of the gun is not to attack Mr Meat, but to open locked doors or find shelter.

Download Mr Meat MOD APK for Android

Mr Meat’s mod apk version

Mr Meat is a game that you can download and play for free. However, it has a lot of ads that make your experience interrupted, sometimes frustrating. That’s why we created the Mr Meat mod apk version. Mr Meat mod apk version will no longer have ads, moreover, all game hints will be locked.

Download the game Mr Meat mod apk for Android

If you are looking for a heavyweight horror game to play, Mr Meat will be a perfect choice. This is a game that contains a lot of thrilling chases and fear. If you have a weak heart, you should not play this game. And if you love horror games, download Mr Meat mod apk to experience it right away.

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