Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery MOD APK 2.2.2 (Unlimited Hints)

Updated 01:06 - 19/06/2023
Package nordcurrent.murderisland
Version 2.2.2
Publisher Nordcurrent Games
Size 128M
Features Unlimited Hints
Require Android 5.0

Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery belongs to the adventure game genre. If you want to explore the game and understand more about the main character’s mission, read this article right away. The detailed analysis from  Apkdroid will bring you a lot of useful information.

Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery APK + MOD

About the game Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery

Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery is developed by Nordcurrent. The game opens with the context: the main character finds himself waking up on a tropical island. It contains a lot of mysteries, items, and murders. Your mission is to become a detective to find clues and find the killer.

You need to delve into the murder mystery, investigate the crime scene and uncover every detail. By answering the questions, you will soon find clues.

You will transform into the main character – a young journalist named Carla Page. You will receive a surprise new word from a billionaire named Ruben Navarro to join the party. When you set foot there, you will meet the super-rich as well as the big influence in the world.

However, on the way, the whole group encountered a bad storm. In addition to the inclement weather, you also discover a very serious murder when you set foot on the shore. From here, your journey to becoming a detective officially begins.

Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery has now amassed millions of downloads. The game has an attractive storyline to intrigue players from the first minutes of playing. To discover interesting things for yourself, do not hesitate to install them right on your device.

Start your quest to become a detective to investigate mysterious events

Do you want to catch the anonymous killer? Players need to perform a series of important tasks below:

  • Make choices that determine the direction of the story.
  • Actively investigate the crime scene and use a detective’s intuition to uncover all the secrets and important clues.
  • Search for hidden objects deep in the stunning scenery.
  • Solve mini-games and puzzles that require high intellectual reasoning.
  • Exploring the island as well as the unique and beautiful art style.

Throughout the game Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery, you must find and unlock all the secrets. Unexpected things are waiting for you ahead. In particular, you should find the culprit soon to avoid many people being wrongly killed.

Initially, you will perform a search for missing items in the living room. From there, the plot begins to bond and players gradually understand the mechanics.

Once you have found the necessary items, the story will move to another development. In addition, players will receive help to get used to the gameplay. Then you will have to do everything yourself.

Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery APK + MOD

Explore multiple game modes in the game

During the investigation of the mysterious death, you must actively search for additional items. In addition, you must actively explore the rooms to solve many other interesting puzzles. This variety has helped players always find excitement without being bored like many other games.

The game has many different modes that give you a variety of choices. As follows:

  • Game mode searches for objects and focuses on the ball.
  • Puzzle mode.
  • Duplicate find mode.

The developer has devoted a lot of effort to the game Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery. Thanks to that, what you find in this game is perfection and fun. Therefore, it will be extremely regrettable if you for any reason ignore it.

Thus, the seemingly smooth journey happened unexpectedly murder. Don’t be afraid of this, stand up to find out the truth. Believe that after participating in Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery, you will train yourself with the ultimate logical thinking and analytical ability.

The smallest objects can also become extremely important clues. Therefore, you are not allowed to skip anything.

Earn lots of points and experience

During the process of playing Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery, you will have to solve many different puzzles. If a puzzle piece is missing, the player cannot complete the mission. Therefore, you need to try to find the clues.

Initially, when playing the game, you will easily overcome the challenge. However, later on, the difficulties become more complicated. When you find the correct answer, you will receive indescribable excitement and joy.

On the other hand, when completing the task, the player will have more points and accumulate experience. This will give you a solid foundation for further investigation.

When you perform any action, you will have to spend a few energy points. To recover, you need a long time. Therefore, using the bonus will be more reasonable.

In case you can’t solve the puzzle, get help. However, to use this feature, you have to spend a lot of money.

Beautiful 3D graphics and scientific game layout

Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery makes a strong impression on players thanks to its beautiful graphics. The images are invested and meticulously designed by the developer to every detail. Typically, objects, landscapes, or 3D visual effects give a realistic look.

In addition, the layout of the game is arranged scientifically with clear headings. Thanks to that, players can easily observe and use when needed.

Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery APK + MOD

The tempo of the game is quite slow. Accordingly, you have plenty of time to think, search and slowly learn the mystery story. This is also a unique attraction that not all games bring to players.

Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery brings you many interesting things. You will gradually learn the story through the character’s dialogue. This has shown ingenuity in plot-building and revealing intriguing clues.

No one but you can find out the truth of the matter. Use even the smallest details to uncover the mystery.

Murder by Choice MOD APK version – Infinite Hints

As you know, Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery has a lot of different levels of play. You want to explore the entire game but have to complete difficult tasks. There’s another way to keep doing it without spending time playing hard.

Infinite Hints mod version – Unlocked/ Infinite Hints was born with the feature of unlocking all. As a result, you will easily access every level of the game and find an enjoyable experience. At the same time, the mysteries of the terrifying murder will gradually be revealed.

Above is the entire analysis of Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery. To discover and make an objective judgment, download the game and experience it right away. Believe you will find many interesting things in this game.

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