My Singing Monsters MOD APK 3.9.3 (No Ads)

Updated 12:07 - 01/07/2023
Package singingmonsters.full
Version 3.9.3
Publisher Big Blue Bubble Inc
Size 200M
Features No Ads
Require Android 5.0

My Sing Monsters Mod is an entertaining game genre that offers players completely new experiences. Published by Big Blue Bubble, it takes you to an island of music and songwriting possibilities. In addition, the appearance of cute animals will make you feel addicted to the game and can’t leave it. Let’s check out this game through the post below of APKDROID!

My Singing Monsters APK

About My Singing Monsters

Monster games in recent times have become more and more familiar to gamers. Some of the monster games that I have introduced in previous titles are Pokémon Quest and Neo Monsters. Today we take a look at a pretty unique monster game from Big Blue Bubble publisher called My sing Monsters. Currently, the game is compatible with many platforms including two mobile platforms, Android and iOS, and platforms such as Windows, Kindle, and Nook.

Unlike the monster games I have introduced before, in My Singing Monsters, you will also train the monsters, but not for fighting. Here the monsters you are keeping seem gentle and love to sing. The monsters in this game are very strange and extremely ugly but in a very cute way. Each has a different voice or instrument that creates a unique song on your island.

Simple and attractive gameplay

My Singing Monsters takes you to an island of peace and tranquility. Your immediate task is to make the island more lively by feeding the first monster on it with the help of in-game instructions. The aim of this game is simple: breed the monsters, feed them, and listen to them sing. 

My Singing Monsters APK

Following the instructions, you can buy your first monster in the shop. The real fun begins when you can breed two monsters yourself and create a new species. Every time you breed a new monster and place it in a new home, it can adapt immediately. That means it will create communication cues by creating songs, drums or flute to keep pace with the island’s tone. Each monster contributes its own sound, motivating you to continue breeding new monsters that can enjoy different tunes.

When your monsters are overcrowded, keep an eye on your ears as noise can seem chaotic. You can mute some monsters, but the tune of the song will change. Now you are free to choose to create amazing music. You will definitely have moments of great music enjoyment while playing this game.

Lots of cute animals

Although the game doesn’t have an in-depth storyline, it’s not quick to explore all the game’s features as there are more than 150 monsters for you to collect and upgrade. In addition, the game offers you many decorations to decorate your island. It not only adds to the aesthetics but also makes an important contribution to the development of the island. If you place your favorite decorations near monsters, they will generate more coins.

Collecting Quest

Joining My Singing Monsters Mod allows players to enter a unique and peaceful island of various exotic monsters. However, at first there will be nothing and everything is very simple. The player’s task now is to raise any monster to make the island come alive with music. Your main task in this game is to find monsters to breed, upgrade them and enjoy the wonderful sound of their voices. When you start playing, the system will guide you through simple things and you will get used to it right away.

Fix the chaotic sound

However, if the number of monsters on the island is very large and the music is varied, the mismatched chaos will make the player feel uncomfortable. To overcome this, My Singing Monsters allows the player to mute the sound of any monster that you do not feel comfortable with. This directly affects the tone of the song. Then you can let your creativity run wild and choose good tunes that are typical of the island. As an art lover, you will certainly enjoy interesting music created by yourself.

My Singing Monsters APK

Graphics & sound

The graphics of My Sing Monsters Mod are designed in sharp 3D. Along with the image quality is built very delicately and meticulously. Backdrop in a natural style with musical instruments such as trumpet, lute, drum will bring you emotions when playing. The developer has created a cartoon-style character in the form of a strange monster. But thanks to that, the player has a unique experience due to its cute shape.

Not to mention the perfect combination of sound, because this is the main factor for player participation. Musical melodies are elaborate, meticulous to the smallest detail to help players want to play more.

Download My Singing Monsters APK for Android

In general, My Singing Monsters is a highly entertaining game and suitable for all ages. The game is also a great choice for children on weekends to stimulate thinking and creativity. You can easily download the game and experience it on your phone HERE.


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