NBA 2K20 MOD APK 98.0.2 (Free Shopping)

Updated 04:08 - 08/08/2022
Package com.t2ksports.nba2k20and
Version 98.0.2
Publisher 2K, Inc.
Features Free Shopping
Require Android 4.3

You love basketball, but you do not know how to play and you have no conditions to go directly to the playground. Understand that situation, in the development of online games, the publisher 2K has brought game enthusiasts a version of the ultimate basketball game. With a phone in hand, you just need to sit at home to participate in the competition at any time. Now, just one simple operation to download NBA 2K20 apk, you have an extremely interesting competitive game right away.

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 apk s gameplay

In NBA 2K20 apk, you will own your team to manage, recruit and compete. The system will organize matches between street football teams, and famous teams simulated in the game. Therefore, you can put your team PK with any team.

Unlike in actual play, in this game, you will lead your team through a control screen located below the screen. Functions such as running, moving, throwing the ball, passing the ball, and assisting… are all coded through touch control buttons.

Using touch keys to control the players will be relatively difficult for those who are not familiar with role-playing games. However, online games like basketball often use this method so that you can get used to the technology faster.

Basically, the rules of the game are simulated close to the rules of basketball that you often see in reality. From the way to calculate the score, the way to score, the way to arrange the squad, the number of members to compete … are also taken in reality. If your team wins, you will receive a character reward, this card will help you unlock the talented players of the setup system.

Unlock the players

Did you know that the core of a football team is the player? The more excellent players the team has, the more chances it has to win. Basketball legends in the world that everyone loves like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan, Wilt Chamberlain…

The publisher has included legendary characters to help you directly role-play them and compete or watch them play on the field. Not only that, you can also edit some player characteristics such as skin color, and height… through the upgrade function of the system.

But if you want these characters to join your team, you need to unlock them by paying an equivalent amount. For this game, you will earn money in various ways such as winning matches, logging into the game every day, and participating in events. The higher your level and the harder you take part in the activities, the more money you will have. This helps players level up quickly and become undefeated teams on the field.

Game mode

As an upgraded version of NBA 2K19, NBA 2K20, but this game has been updated with more game modes, and many utilities are maximized than the old version. In addition to the modes in the old version such as unlimited mode, career story mode… Up to the 2K20 upgrade, the publisher has built more street modes, multi-modal modes…

In particular, a highlight that has not appeared in any game version of the 2K publisher is running street mode. With this mode, you can bring your character to travel everywhere with 3vs3 street fights. Each mode will have different difficulty levels, game rules, and game speeds, creating something new for players to experience more new feelings.

Simulate 3D graphics

When the 2K20 mobile version was released, many people questioned that the publisher had switched from the graphics on the PC application. However, 2K is extremely dedicated when every detail of the game is meticulously designed.

By using standard 3D graphics when simulating sports games, the publisher has brought a game of high quality. With a quality 3D platform, the game is improved both in terms of graphics and game features. Therefore, a weakness of the 2K20 game that cannot be overcome is that it has a fairly large memory capacity.

Feature to connect with teammates

In order for players to be less lonely when playing alone, the publisher also updated the feature to play with friends and relatives. As long as you have a stable network connection, you can completely invite your friends to compete in the same arena or form a team together. This will bring more positive reviews to the game and improve the player’s gaming skills. Although you can play with the players of the system at any time, if you play with your friends, it will be a lot more fun.

NBA 2K20

New features in NBA 2K20 apk

It is undeniable that this 2K20 version has many extremely new and useful features. For example, the introduction of the quick connect feature will help you find opponents quickly and easily enter the game. The upgrade of auxiliary music such as T-Pain, Diplo… helps you adventure in every moment. You can also control your team, plan to recruit new players, or manage spending money.

The leaderboards in 2K20 are compiled around the world, so the missions are also more varied in terms of gameplay. Many game modes create attractive football matches, from which you can lead a dream team without limiting the number of players. Role-playing in world-famous football teams helps you have exciting experiences.

Hopefully, the information about the NBA 2K20 apk game version that we bring will help you understand more about this game. Do not hesitate anymore, let’s download this game to your device and enjoy relaxing gaming moments. Thanks for visiting Apkdroid!

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